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Baby U

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Ursula Marisol was born at 6:40 am on Wednesday June 23 in a midwife assisted homebirth. She is 8 lbs 10 oz. 21 inches Mommy and baby are both doing well, and her brothers and daddy are very enamored!

Our biggest baby by far!



Ok- birthstory.. so on the 22nd I woke up really hormonal.. Dh asked the boys at breakfast to be really nice to me because the baby was not here yet, and I ran upstairs and sobbed.. all day the kids were on pins and needles around me after that.

I rarely watch tv anymore, but after running a few errands, dh asked me to join him to watch America's got talent.. the two hour show.. it ended (up here anyway) at 10. The last hour to half hour of the show I had to pee CONSTANTLY.. I was up to pee every 5 minutes.. I was frustrated because I would get to the bathroom and there would barely be anything.. after the show ended, I ran back to the bathroom and again- just a trickle.. I left the bathroom and started feeling something trickling down my leg.. so now I was ticked off.. I couldn't pee in the toilet, so I had to get up and pee down my leg? but it didn't stop, it kept trickling and trickling.. then I realized my water had broken.. I called dh, he came in and told me without a doubt I had peed myself.. then some more came and I looked at him and you could see the dawn of realization slowly come to him, that yes, in fact my water had broken.

Now my midwife and emailed me earlier to cancel my checkup for the day since she was at a birth, I had ironically asked her what would happen if I went into labor that day since both me and the other mama were overdue.. she said she would not miss my birth, and she was right.. we called her to let her know my water had broken and she told me that the other mama was ready to push, so I should get some sleep while I could..

Well, I couldn't. My contractions started within the hour (about 3 minutes apart), and about an hour after that they were growing in intensity. We called her back and let her know.. In the meantime, I called my mom and my best friend who would be attending the birth, and got them on alert.

I was losing quite a lot of fluid by this point, so I decided to go downstairs and try to rest on the futon that I had set up for birth.. but I couldn't so dh got the boys in bed, and came down to snuggle with me for a while.. I took a warm shower, and had some warm milk.

About an hour after that the intensity of my contractions picked up, so we called the midwife again.. she said the first mom had still not had her baby and had stalled, so she left the other midwife with her as that mom unfortunately was going to have to transfer care and that my mw would be headed over to check on me.. (now she hadn't had any sleep since about 5 am that day and had been at the first birth that whole time, so she was exhausted but adamant that I get to have her. for my birth)..

When she got to the house, she had dh finish up filling the pool. My mother showed up soon after, and then we called my friend to come.. the contractions were consistent and firm pretty much from the start. I moved back and forth between holding people's hands and quietly concentrating.. at some point the contractions started having no breaks in between them whatsover.. I tried the pool for a while after I hit 4 cm, but the water seemed to stall my progress so I wasn't allowed to stay in there, and I would go back and forth from the pool to the futon.. When I got to the pushing stage I got quickly frustrated because I have always been a very efficient pusher, and I couldn't figure out why my pushes didn't seem to make things move along.. My midwife gave me some root drops (I don't recall the name) that tasted like iodine. Horrible stuff.. but chasing with water helped.. We tried ReCharge, to keep me hydrated, but I threw it up the one time I drank it so we didn't go back to that after that. We tried different positions during labor, and it didn't seem to make a difference until I got on my back and tucked my legs up and my chin down.. she was born quickly after that at 6:40 am the following morning. For the first time in my life, I had no tears, and needed no stitches, yet she was bigger than my next biggest baby by over a lb. My midwife and I had always assumed my birth would be pretty quick since my last son took 2 hours and 45 minutes, so we think that this birth was slowed down from that because of her difference in size. Probably also the reason why I felt my pushes weren't making any progress..

She has lots of curly hair just like dh asked for- but the jury is still out on the dimples. This was my first COMPLETELY non-medicated birth.. I don't know if my birth is a waterbirth or not, since I labored and even pushed in the pool, but actually delivered the baby on the futon.. anyone know?

Ursula loves to nurse.. she fusses quite a lot when not on a boob.
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Oh my! Look at that HAIR! She has as much as my DD did (and as much as I hope this DD has too!)

Will certainly keep her warm up there when winter comes!

Ohhhh and shes adorable but I just babies with long dark hair!!!
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What a beautiful little girl with an equally lovely name!! CONGRATS!
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Congratulations! She is adorable!
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She is beautiful!!! Congrats on the unmedicated birth as well.
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She's adorable! Congrats
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Congrats, she is beautiful!!
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Congratulations!! Way to go!
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What a beautiful girl! She matches her lovely name! Congratulations Mama!
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Omgosh! she's beautiful! I can't wait for my turn. Congrats mama!
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Congratulations P! I'm so jealous, we were due a day apart!
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Very beautiful! Congrats to you and yours!
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Thanks! I think she is lovely too!

She has all of her dad's traits and none of mine though, so I don't know what that says about me.

Dh is Filipino with dark curls and dark eyes.. she has his eyes, hair, nose, lips, and toes.

I think the only thing she has of me are my ear lobes- well, and she is a bit pinker than dh is.. but that may change yet.
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So glad it all went well! I hope you have a great babymoon!
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Congrats on a great birth and new baby!
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Awesome story momma!!
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