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introducing dairy at a year

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My DS is 11 months old- i plan on breastfeeding until he's at least 2 years old.... he has a milk protein intolerance ( diagnosed w-blood in stool at 5 weeks) I've been Dairy- SOY ( just in case)- EGG and PEA ( red cheeks) -free ( peanuts also to be on safe side)- for 10 months. The allergist at Children's hospital said to try giving him dairy at a year( I'M Petrified!) Is it better for ME to try dairy- since he gets less through my milk- or is it worse b/c it stays in my system for a while? I've been waiting for so long to be able to eat different things- but now - I'm scared! He had horrible colic! Any advice ( experience) would be so helpful! Thanks! I also posted before w- no responses- he got a small pimply rash about a month ago- a week after i tried some eggs( I HAVE tried eggs and peas every couple of months b/c he just gets red cheeks) He DIDN'T get red cheeks this time- HOORAY!!The rash is just on his arms and legs- very small- looks like little pimples. The allergist said it sounds like Keratis pilaris and is unrelated- i have since gone off of eggs- there's still a rash- dunno if anyone knows about this.
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They did a soy challenge at the children's hospital I was going to for DS, and when he passed (at a year old), a month later they did a milk challenge. He passed both. Caveat: at 18 months old he got a virus, and got both intolerances back, and he's had them off and on since, changing symptoms each time, so watch for ANY weirdness going on.

I thought DS "just" got red cheeks from soy, but it was doing something inside as well because it started waking him up all the time (10-12 times a night) so it's probably an indication of something.

If you have it then yes, it'll stay in your milk at least a few days so if he does have a reaction, he'll react for a few days at least. But if he has it, and hasn't had it before, he could have a reaction that's more than he had through your milk, if he still has it. Have you done any healing for either of you, or just the avoidance? I'm just curious, since I think that might have been my mistake in the first place. And I wish I'd known more then.

Also, it's an allergist that you're seeing, not a GI doctor? That seems surprising to me, since only one of the allergists I ever saw even "believed" in intolerances. Usually if it's not an "allergy", then they pass you on to someone else.
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thanks so much for your help... i have given my son and I probiotics... tried to avoid sugar..yeast etc..(it's hard!) to heal me......my doc sent me to an allergist after begging...refused to send me to GI specialist... i gave my LO yogurt everyday since tues... everything looks great so far... except his bum was red today.. the doc checked his stool for blood( blood free!) but... if he was still sensitive.. Do you know long it would take for blood to show in his stool? I'm still VERY nervous.. I'm still off of dairy b/c if he turns out to still be allergic-i don't want it to be in my system too.....
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Every time I did a reintroduction with DS, his symptoms changed. So for us it was projectile vomiting, then went to screaming/waking 10-15 times a night, then to red butt then to bedwetting, then to growing pains, etc.
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