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Ah.......alone time? Ha ha. Never lately. And I mean....never. Unless taking a shower with the baby seated in the bathroom and not the actual tub means alone.......
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I don't get much time to myself, but last week when DH was off I went to see Eclipse and ran some errands, today he is off and I locked myself in our room and took a much needed nap. Sometimes just running out for 30 minutes is enough of a refresher for me. I am lucky to have an understanding DH who knows that being with a 2 yr old and 3 yr old 24/7 is not easy!
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Originally Posted by alaskaberry View Post
I'd like to go get a pedicure someday, but I never seem to deem it worthy enough for my free time!
Oh it's so worth it!! Very relaxing, you should try it out at least once! If I don't go with a friend, I bring something to read, and kill two birds with one stone.
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If I'm at home, I sleep or take a bath!

I might have an hour when DH can watch the baby so I might run to a store without her. I haven't had any excursions yet that aren't immediate-need-based. At the end of this month I plan on going to a yoga class by myself (my studio has a great end-of-month class I haven't attended since early in my pregnancy). We can work out our schedules so this will happen. I just hope I feel like I can do it...and not decide to nap instead!
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If I'm home with some time to myself, I either play some music or read. Sometimes I clean, but I usually try to devote any me time to something fun- I only clean if the house is so messy I couldn't enjoy the me time without cleaning first When I'm out and about on my own it's usually to run errands, but I do go to a Mom's Night Out once a month. It felt really wierd at first to out at night by myself, I almost felt like I was sneaking out or something! It gets easier, though, and now I don't think I could maintain my sanity without those mom's nights!

Originally Posted by limabean View Post
But I don't have the guilt thing -- we equally prioritize family time, one-on-one parent/kid time, couple time, and alone time. They're all important, and none are considered selfish in our family -- in fact, we consider it a success when we devote time to each of those things in a week.
I totally agree, all of those are so important!! As parents, it's so easy to forget to take that time to yourself, but I think everyone in the family is happier and healthier if all relationships (including and especially your relationship with yourself!) are nurtured!
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Well what I usually do is read books. Or I go to the gym for some me time and if I'm on the bike or treadmill I read there too! But when I have lots of time I like to get my hair done. But last time I did that it was awful. I was stressed about the baby and my hair suffered for it.

So I just stick to books and exercise, I always feel so much better about everything. I do hear you though about floundering when you actually have a minute. There are so many things I would love to do sans kids, but it all flies out my head when I get the go ahead- which rarely happens anyway.

Is it sad that I really love going to the grocery store without kids. I rather do that than get a pedicure- I suck LOL
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Originally Posted by ilovemygirl View Post
I totally get the not knowing what to do with yourself thing. I often feel lost on the rare occasion I go out without dd. It's not a guilt thing it's more that because I'm so used to having her with me that I sort of don't remember how to be my own adult person. It's gotten better as time goes by but still there are times that I'll insist I need me time, go out for an hour to shop or have a coffee and spend the whole time kind of scattered. I don't know if that makes any sense .. it's hard to explain.
Anyway, I do like to read and relax and do nothing for alone time. It's nice to just have some quiet and uninterrupted time to sit with my own thoughts now and again.
I agree with you 100% I also feel like I am who I am because of my kids but with a 2.5 DS and 6month DD and no ALONE time I have started demanding it and then when I get it I don't know what to do and feel like I look so frumpy I want my kids with me so people know I look this was because I have two small kids. I still have 10 pounds to lose from DD and I am very self conscious even though I am small to begin with but I just feel like they make me now also feels like a little bit of PPD, because when I am with them I wish I wasn't but without them I am lost...argh motherhood!
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Originally Posted by Happiestever View Post

Is it sad that I really love going to the grocery store without kids. I rather do that than get a pedicure- I suck LOL
me too! me too! me too!
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I mow. I put on my ear plugs and just mow. No one can come near me, lol. I watch for one of the older kids on one of our 5 porches giving me the emergency sign if the lo is freaking out or something. That doesn't usually happen, though, so I just mow. If it's winter I rake the barn or something. Or read, or browse recipes, get on MDC, gab on the phone w/a girlfriend, or even take a nap sometimes.

Speaking of mowing, now that I'm cooled down I'll go start on the front (we live in the country, so it takes awhile, and I'm way behind so it's taking way longer).
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I was thinking of this thread the other day because I did have some time to myself (my MIL took the kids out for the afternoon). I got a juicy gourmet burger from a local restaurant, watched a DVRed episode of The Soup, worked on some sewing projects, played the Nintendo DS, and took a nap. It was all kinds of awesome.

But having time to yourself at home is different than having time to yourself outside the house, which is the perspective my earlier post was coming from. I loved hanging out at home by myself!!!
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It usually involves wine. Either the tasting of or shopping for.

And I third the sentiment about grocery shopping solo. I consider that more of a luxury than a massage.
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My DH has been working out of town lately, so any time to myself is rare. It's the kids and just me 24/7 until he gets home.

He's home this weekend, so I'm meeting a girlfriend for a movie and shopping.

Otherwise, it's time on the computer, reading, writing on my blogs, watching TV (evenings), go for a walk on my own when DH can watch them (love it!)...I'm also learning to knit but I suck at it...oh well...
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I get my alone time at night when I take my bath and read. Sometimes I spend all night in there.
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