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Happy news. :)

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So because I was measuring small and hadn't gained much weight, plus I lost 10 lbs. in a couple of weeks last month, my mid-wife wanted me to do another sono. I didn't care because I wanted to get to take another peek at our babe anyway.
The cool thing is that the baby is actually measuring ahead one week!! All of the measurements looked really good and the weight was "set" at 5 lb. 13 oz. (+- 1 lb.). Also, the legs are super long and measuring almost two weeks ahead!
It was really fun to see the baby and hear how well he/she is growing. I was also very tempted to see what the sex is but I resisted. DH couldn't make it so that was sad but oh well!
So maybe, just maybe this babe will be a July baby. I feel like I'm "owed" since DD was 10 days late.
Just wanted to share!!
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That is a big healthy baby! Congrats!
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Lovely Yay!
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congrats!! Sounds like a lovely happy baby growing inside your belly!!! Hope these last few weeks are smooth for you!!
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Glad to hear you got such good news!

Measuring small here too, I'm hoping next week's u/s turns out good as well.
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