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My youngest has been requesting meat balls. So last night had some turkey meatballs I had made ahead and then I pull out of freezer and cook when needed. Along with some boiled speggetti, they were great. DH just started a new job so he is getting home a bit later plus we are still adjusting to it.
So he had some meatballs and speggetti. The pasta was topped with a bit of chopped tomato, avacado, and a fresh pepper plus basil I just retrieved from the garden. Then a bit of leftover salad dressing.

I had a huge plate of mixed greens that have taken off in my garden along with avacado, the fresh pepper sliced and some chinese noodles or crunchys on top.

Tonight we need to eat the turnip styles veggies we received last week and we took out 2 ribeyes from our freezer.
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Breakfast: DD 1 sausage ball, walnuts, applesauce, DS 6 sausage balls, applesauce, me 2 eggs, and 2 pieces toast

Lunch: grilled cheese, fruit smoothies

Dinner: red beans and yellow rice

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I asked dh to stop by the grocery store on his way home tonight. The kids are bugging for more hummus and tofu.

Breakfast-dc/dh-dip dip eggs/cukes/banana
Snack 1-apple
Lunch-peanut butter sandwich w kale chips with kale from the garden and salad(greens and herbs from the garden too) with sunflower seeds
Snack 2-raisins
Snack 3-made granola bars so they'll have those-we have so much granola in the cupboard..glad to get rid of 3 cups/some extra seeds and things I threw in
Dinner-cooking white beans for white bean/tomato/basil salad. And chopped veggies and pita w hummus and avocado
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Breakfast: me: toast (made with day-old 1/2 price artisan bread I picked up on Tues) with pb and pear-hazelnut (!) jam; DS: granola, 1/2 field roast sausage; DH: leftovers

Lunch: Me: leftover peanut sauce noodles from Tues; DS: tofurky-cheese sandwich; DH: out to lunch for work meeting

Dinner: Well last night's plan went out the window when family showed up last minute to take us out to dinner. So we'll be having VERY marinated grilled portabellos over salad tonight! DS will have leftover pasta from last night's restaurant trip.
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I asked dh to stop by the grocery store on his way home tonight. The kids are bugging for more hummus and tofu.
My son loves hummus, too. That is something I need to start making in big batches because it gets eaten up so fast here.

Thanks for the info about the eggs! I feel silly for having to ask now, LOL.
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Hummus: it's a staple around here too! I love homemade hummus so much more than store bought, and I always have the ingredients onhand. (Chickpeas, olive oil, lemon juice, garlic)

We're out of CSA veggies, but I could pick some spinach out of the garden. I do need to go to the store to get coffee creamer.. I've got $14.00 left in food money until the 15th, so I can't get anything else!
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I'm cruising Allrecipes. We need a snack for this afternoon and I have 3 very ripe bananas that want to be made into muffins.

I'd like to save one for smoothies tomorrow, but I hate for the kids to get smoothie burnout when I am actually making progress through the frozen berries in the freezer.

I'll try these, sans topping and try to healthy them up a bit.

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I would love it if ds would eat homemade hummus...but nope he HATES it. I've even gone as far as to put it in the store container and he knows and wont eat it <sigh>

So ds ate some of the granola bar for snack said mmm yummy, got half way thru and said mommy i dont like it. So Im not sure if thats a thumbs up or down lol.

I decided to cook the rest of the corn in the fridge up(3 cobs) I don't know if we'll get to to it before it goes bad if I dontcook it tonight. If its cooked then I'll be more prown to use it up by throwing it into something another day
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Huge garden meal tonight -- onions, garlic, tomatoes, eggplant, swiss chard sauteed. Fried potatoes with curry. All veggies homegrown! A chicken breast from the freezer. Feels like we are eating for free.
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Just wanted to say that you ladies are an inspiration. I haven't been posting on this thread nor have I been really strict about staying "in the pantry" for our ingredients but I am trying to use up all our stores and starting fresh. I bought a lot of staples last year in bulk and just kept buying them instead of using them up. Now I found that a lot has expired so I'm trying to make a more organized, fresh start. I'm enjoying reading what ya'll are doing here!!
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Keep me away from the store!!!

My trip to get coffee creamer cleaned me out ($5 left until the 15th)! I saw a great deal on pasta for 50¢ a pound, and some veggies with WIC, and a bag of pita bread for dinner tonight:

Baba Ganoush, hummus, (maybe) falafal, with pita.
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So far I have:
F: bake some banana muffins for breakfast, dinner: Bacon quiche
S: Sausage potato pie
Su: In Laws
M: Chicken fried rice (1 chicken breast from pack)
T: Pasta with ground beef sauce
W: Chicken (other breast from package), risotto
Th: Honey lentils on brown rice
F: Beef Enchiladas
Sa: My birthday and I'm going out with the ladies. DH can fend for himself and the children. Ha ha.

This will clean out all of our meat stores with the exception of one packet of bacon, and 4 pounds of sausage. I'm utterly out of veggies, excepting a packet of artichoke hearts (kids hate them, except in spinach dip) and a half a Costco bag of mixed frozen (will go mostly into the fried rice). I have insane quantities of brown rice and varying beans, so those are on the hit list.

I will need to make some sausage white bean gravy for toast on Saturday to knock out a lot of the white beans floating around. *ETA: Probably shouldn't make sausage pie for dinner and sausage gravy for breakfast on the same day......LOL. Will make it another day, maybe Sunday/Monday?

From grocery store: Veggies, Fruit, Eggs
Costco: butter, sugar, my RX
HFS: WW pastry flour, Hemaplex?

Groceries for the month I'm at $79.83.
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I'm visiting this thread looking for motivation/inspiration. It's 6:00pm, I haven't even thought about what to make for dinner, and I am considering ordering out.

After reading posts, I will rummage through my kitchen and come up with something - hopefully it is something my children will eat. The convenience of ordering out is not worth the $ spent on junky food.
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Eating at Chick Fil A costs us $17 a pop for the three of us (the kids and I).

I am spending $75 a week right now on groceries. So I cringe now when I think about how much food I could buy with that money, especially with things being so tight due to paying the midwife.

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I did fridge clean-out supper last night.

We made a stirfry with crumbled steam-friend noodles and wrapped it in butter lettuce. They were better than the lettuce wraps that cost $14 at Joey's
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Originally Posted by dachshundqueen View Post

Eating at Chick Fil A costs us $17 a pop for the three of us (the kids and I).

I am spending $75 a week right now on groceries. So I cringe now when I think about how much food I could buy with that money, especially with things being so tight due to paying the midwife.

You're right! I ended up making salad, pasta and sauce (from a jar) last night. I am glad I didn't order take out. However, I ruined it today because the children and I went to a Mexican Restaurant for lunch ($27). They were at a meeting with me all morning and starved. I justified it by saying we didn't order appetizers and I normally w/h spent at least the $27 for a sitter when I have a meeting. My husband's job situation is iffy and work in our area is non-existent so I am trying, not always successfully, to cut-out take-out. The worst part was, we returned home from the restaurant and both children said they were hungry.

I think the key to success for me is planning meals in advance.
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Maybe packing snacks with you would be a better short term solution. Even if they aren't the super healthiest, like pb crackers, mozzarella sticks, fruit, dried fruits, nuts, granola bars. Things to tide you over until you can make it home. That's what I've been doing. Of course, they may not eat fabulously for you when you get home after eating snacks, but at least you don't drop a bucket of cash on a meal only to add insult to injury when they are still hungry.

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So I did it, succeeding in going thru the pantry and freezer(s). We have ate up some things that just need to be used up. I used up a bunch of soup bones for beef stock and its divided out and in freezer. When that is almost used up in a few months, I will use up the bags of chicken bones in the freezer we save from cutting up chickens.

Also cooked up beef ribs, defrosted a chuck roast and DH ground it up. We made a large portion of taco meat and froze a bunch. Also sloppy joes which I just finished today. I never know what to do with these chuck roasts. Last year I donated 4 of them to a supper kitchen at a local church a friend runs. She defrosted and cut them up for a large stew night.

Then made the vegan burgers a bit better with the advice here. Those were made into patties yet again and frozen.

Tonight, we are having Chicken Pasta. Basically I defrosted a few chicken breasts. I will grill those. After, cut up into strips for the kids. Will serve with rigatoni (tunnels as dd2 refers to them) and a bit of salad dressing for dip. DH is coming home later, so I will make up a white creamy sauce with onions and mushrooms. Add the cooked chicken, raw broccoli and then cover to let the broccoli steam. After mix together and put on bed of the rigatoni.
I found a bit of broccolli in the freezer so its a perfect addtion to my pasta dish.

The kids prefer raw veggies over cooked so I will cut up a few carrots and put that on their plates.


For the year, I have been tracking what we spend on groceries. After I come home, I log in my reciepts and keep a tally for the month. At month end I add it on to the YTD tally. I add $111 dollars on to the monthly total. This is our whole pork and side of beef we purchased this year and averaged out for a monthly number. We are averaging about $485 a month for groceries for a family of 4. Its right under $125 a week. Last year we were about $550 or $575 a month average no matter what I did. I figured out what is different this year. We ALWAYS just paid for our purchases on the credit card. Granted we always pay it off each and every month in full. This year I only pay for groceries on the debit, check or cash. So that has trimmed about $65 a month or $780 a year. Its true, you spend more with the credit card and paying later. I prefer paying now.
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Tonight we're having lemony chickpea spinach pasta.. spinach from the garden, everything else from the pantry or veggies on hand.
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Tonight is Hamburger Helper with veggies - not the healthiest but we're getting ready for a yard sale and need something fast that will provide leftovers for tomorrow lunch.

And it's on sale this week for .75 a box. We got the beef a while back on a store sale cheap.
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