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May I join in and play? Pretty please? Even if there's not yet a September thread? My goal is to get through all of the various "exotic" grains sitting in my pantry.
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Did a bit of freezer digging tonight.

Found a couple of bagels for breakfast tomorrow with some eggs.

Found a bag of chicken backs for stock and a couple of bags with bits of corn and peas. I'll make it all up into shepard's pie for dinner tomorrow with the last few potatoes.

I need to start working on the quinoa next.
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we've been using up eggbeaters I got for .50 a box for the last few weeks - those, paired with WIC tortillas and shredded WIC cheese makes a nice breakfast burrito and DD loves them. I have a bunch of egg whites ones still to use - I'll crack two eggs into the carton and it's basically the same as full egg beaters.

dinner hasn't been so good - I've been to busy either we grab quick fix items from the freezer {hot dogs, corn dogs, pizza, etc} or we eat out

I need to work on making up a meal plan and putting a note right on my lesson plans {we are hsing} with what needs got out and what we're cooking that night. I've got some new cookbooks from thrifts lately to look for new recipies in too.

I need ideas to use up a bunch of flavored danimo yogurts that I got free a while back before they go bad. I was thinking of using them in some baked good, but I really don't know how to sub them at all.
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Last night we had WIC tacos.. lol. beans, veggies, tortillas from WIC, I made my own salsa with garden tomatoes, peppers, onion, and spent $1.58 on cilantro and tortilla chips.

Tonight I finally got some FS, yay! I bought some gluten free pasta and made roasted garden tomato and herb pasta (my favorite this time of year!).

Tomorrow I am planning on Gazpacho with our gigantic cucumbers, more garden tomatoes and peppers, and onion.. with polenta and beans, and probably another homemade salsa.
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Tonight's dinner is going to cost us about $1.00

We're having hamburgers (from our own meat we raised), on sale buns, with cheese (also on sale), fries (made from potatoes I was given) and corn on the cob (given again).

I love summer time!
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Turns out, we had no hamburger! So we had london broil, corn on the cob and some pasta. Still really cheap though.
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I had planned on making pizzas, but not in the mood.
So I texted DH: Moo or Oink?

So we had grilled pork chops from my freezer, grilled zuccini and a potato that I sliced up. We sliced up the zuc and tato, made a AL foil pocket, filled with olive oil, some herbs etc. Threw on the grill with the chops. Yumm.

DH also sliced up some fresh carrots.

Tonight, using up the last of the blueberries for muffins, after a huge request from DH again after he loved them last week! I also made bannana walnut muffins to use up stuff as well.

Tomorrow, DH will make fresh squeezed OJ. It will go great with the buttermilk pancakes.
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Well, trying to get through the last few days of the month. Breakfast: grits or oatmeal (depends if GF or not--a few of us have celiac); Lunch: fend for yourself or leftovers. Dinner: Sat--pizza (supposed to be Friday, but spend evening in ER w/ DD and her abscessed tooth); Sun--pinto beans and rice and tortillas; Monday--meatloaf or something with the 1.5 lbs of ground beef we have and we have plenty of veggies and stuff for sides; and Tuesday--breakfast for dinner: fried potatoes, cantelope, eggs, and sausage. I get paid Wednesday and we can go grocery shopping then.
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pancakes for breakfast with frozen blueberries.

mac and cheese with frozen peas

homemade peanut butter cookies with chocolate chips.

Almost done cleaning out the freezer and pantry. Will do a big grocery shopping soon and start cooking to refill.
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I have inventoried my freezer and can't believe some of the things in there. Why do I have 2 rabbits (one fresh, one smoked)? Who thought it would be a good idea to buy a rump roast that is no bigger than my fist? I also have 2 giant boxes of Bagel Bits for some reason - those will be shuttled off to my nephews ASAP. I also vow from this point on never to buy frozen foodstuffs that groups do as fundraisers.

I have eaten at home out of the freezer since I posted last. Tonight we are having grilled steaks, and tomorrow chicken and noodles in the crockpot. I am starting to price freezers now, and have $50+ in my change jar as seed money.
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Used up a mess of frozen spinach and kale (I think I had 8 or 9 bags with just a handful in each. Why do I do this?!?). Cooked onions, added all the greens, dumped in the last bits of cottage cheese, ricotta and some various bits of cheese and layered it into a lasagne for dinner tonight. Looks pretty good for being a real mish mash of ends and bits.

Black beans and corn tortillas for lunch. Found a few tomatoes in the garden for some fresh salsa.

Peach smoothies for a snack later.

Tomorrow, I must make quinoa to go with...I don't know....something.
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We had a very busy weekend and weren't home much so I didn't do much cooking.

Tonight we're having leftover london broil, stir fried zucchini and onions and maybe baked fries.
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