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Approval for homeschooling for foodstamps??

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A friend asked me what was involved in getting 'approval' for home education by the DHS. She's in MI and I have no idea what she's talking about. Apparently on the application form are options as far as schooling - K12, public, charter, etc. and homeschooling is not listed. If you check 'other' you are required to get some sort of education approval. Does anyone know what this is about? Can the state limit your benefits if you are homeschooling and don't fall under their requirements for approval? What are there requirements for approval? Mi is a low regulation state - no reporting, so I'm wondering how they can approve anyone as far as homeschooling goes whn the state its self has no requirements...? Anyone been through this? She's afraid to apply to begin with and this is making her very cautious.
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You do NOT need any sort of approval to HS in Mi! If your children have been in PS you do need to file a letter of intent so you don' t have the school wondering where your children are. There is an option to file with the state to HS under the PS. They will try to get you to do this so they can watch you, but it is not required at all. Don't sign anything or register with the PS as a HS or you will be stuck reporting. I did not have trouble with benefits when i was on WIC, but my oldest was only in Kindergarten. Hopefully someone will reply that knows which box to check-I would personally leave blank and be firm knowing the law is that there are no regulations. She could contact HSLDA or Clonlara for firm legal advice to be more confident when going to her appt.
Good luck
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I've worked very closely with the food stamp program and it's recipients and helped many people file for food stamps. I don't work for DHS and honestly avoid them like the plague when possible. All of the people I work with are their clients though, so I've gotten a good feel for how things work, though this question is a new one to me.

First, if your friend is only applying for food stamps, does she know she can appy online at mi.gov through the helping hand link? Much simpler, and quicker, than a paper application.

Before contacting HSLDA, she should check out foodstamphelp.org. There is a VERY helpful calculator on there, to help her determine how much she should receive but more importantly the website is operated by the Center for Civil Justice and is dedicated to helping people get the food assistance they qualify for. I've referred MANY people there and they've always had wonderful results and experiences. She can call them at 1-800-481-4989.

As for WIC, they will lead you to believe they can force you to comply with their requests but THEY CANNOT. The can call DHS on you, and I personally know people they have done this to, but WIC has very little if any real power over their clients.

This just breaks my heart. No parent should have to choose between following their hearts in the education of their children and feeding them.

Please feel free to PM me if you have any questions you don't want to post.
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In Michigan, homeschooling is a "non-public" school, aka "private school". I would check that option.
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