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just went to no tv cold turkey

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One of my 4 kids whacked our LCD tv with something hard and broke the screen this evening, and nobody is willing to fess up. So, my h has decided that we will not be replacing our tv for one year. Now, we still have the one in our bedroom that is hooked up to our dish, and we have plenty of computers (but because of the oldest two trying to bully us into going to buy a new one RIGHT NOW they have also lost all computer time for a month, momma has PMS and has had a REALLY bad day with them acting up, I'll probably revise the computer ban this weekend to a shorter sentence once I cool off). So, we have decided as a couple that they can have a little tv time on Saturday mornings in our room if we don't want to get out of bed just yet, and that is IT. I've been pushing for more than 6 months now to get the tv out of our living room, and he kept fighting me on it. So now I feel a little victory over this one, and already am noticing a difference. My oldest is reading picture books to her littlest 2 sisters, my second girl is in a corner looking at her new bible she got at bible school today, and the only other sounds (except the clicking of two adults on computers) are my washer, dryer, and the a/c running. I can TOTALLY get used to this...........

Now what should I do about his griping about the loss of our 1 1/2 yr old tv that he got at a black friday sale for $400 (orig. over $1000)? He won't stop grumbling about the quiet and how it is forced because one of his *grumbling profanities I can't understand* kids broke his nice expensive tv. I told him last year when ours died that we should put this one in our room but oh no, he went and bought us a new one for there instead because he didn't want to lose the living room tv. Now he's going to move his PS3 and the kids' Wii into our room tomorrow morning, I'm going to get all the DVDs out of the drawer, and he and I are going to move the tv cabinet out of the living room. This is so liberating, I can't wait to play around with our home to find the best setup for our living area minus a television.

Oh yeah, what can I expect from the kids in terms of whining and complaining about wanting to watch tv? And how long will it take to get it out of their systems (the screen addiction)?
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Too bad about your expensive tv, but way to look at the silver lining!

I've heard other families say the whining gets less and less with each day. After about 2 weeks the transition is usually complete. You might want to have some activities waiting in the wings for this first stage when you go cold turkey.

Good luck!
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Thanks. Today we had a lot of whining and "mom can't we watch tv in YOUR room please please please?" happen, but we just kicked them out to play in the yard for a few hours and we introduced some old toys that we had confiscated long ago (for not keeping their toys picked up coincidentally). The big two set up all the stuffed animals they got back out back and hosted a safari for their little sisters, complete with safari hats and daddy's binoculars and my camera LOL Yes, I am enjoying their play a lot more now without tv. And they even did all their chores today without *too* much grumbling since there was no tv to tempt them, since we allow the radio on in their room while they clean up.
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After a while they won't know what they are missing. Start board game night(or 2). I'm lucky my dd isn't much of a tv watcher these days. Well she doesn't complain anyway. We have no cable and can't even hook up the antenna for basic channels so all tv we watch(not much) is dvds or through computer. I haven't been much of a tv watcher in my adult life. And as a single mom I never find time to watch but I did find some relief in the occasional Disney movie or what not. Especially when I was working and going to school both full time. I know my mom had her parked in front of the tv a lot.

Honestly I don't even own a tv. The tv is my brothers, we live with him.
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OK its been I think 6 days now without tv. They still ask if they can watch in our room (answer is usually no but we let them watch a show on 2 different days) but I noticed this evening while thinking back to the past few days that they are also spending less time on the computers now in addition to not having a tv to watch daily. I don't know if it may be related, but it sure is nice.................
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