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Chiropractor - Baltimore area

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Can anyone recommend a chiropractor in the Baltimore area who has experience working with women during pregnancy?

Thank you!
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What area of Baltimore?
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Dr. Mike Martin 410-288-1800. WONDERFUL! He and his wife had 2 home births. I have seen him during my last few pregnancies. As a family we have been seeing him for a little over 5 years. VERY family friendly practice. BTW- If the parents are patients kids get adjusted free.
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I am willing to consider any area of Baltimore, and I live/work on the West side.
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Thank you!

Anyone else have recommendations? Always good to have a few options...!
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I actually had a few people recommend Tracy Ball to me, she is Ellicott City.

Unfortunately I have no clue how she is because I called and left messages and no one called back, so I don't know if I dialed a wrong number or what happened.

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I saw Tracy Ball for my last pregnancy and this one as well. She's good and I've never had a problem with her calling me back, hopefully it was just a fluke! She does have odd office hours, but she has a young kiddo and has a second office somewhere else as well.
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Marlene Mahipat at 410-655-8900. She was a life saver when I was pregnant and she saved my son from some serious misalignment when he was an infant. Plus, she's really sweet! She is in randallstown right by northwest hospital.
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Dr Chalyse Shaw. 410 357 4889. I was recommeded to see her by a doula with the ICAN of Baltimore. Ive seen her twice now and will continue to see her until the baby is born. She is on York Rd, not far from Monkton/Hereford area. It may even be considered Parkton too. Good luck!
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