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I just need to vent a little here.

5 months ago I became a single mother. I've needed a lot of help moving furniture around and getting rid of stbx's stuff, who has always been lazy and won't even move his own things! So out to the garage it went today.

Anyway, my brother came over today (finally - I don't mean to sound ungrateful for help but really I've needed help for ages and he never wants to come and help me out). Anyway, while he was here, his girlfriend called several times, each time angrier that he was still here. Now, I have a pretty close friendship with her and am really hurt that she would do this. I mean, hello, I need help here! I have a 6 yo, 4 yo, and an 11mo and I'm doing it all by my darn self. I can't move all of this stuff myself, and I did as much of it as I possible could on my own.

I guess I'm pretty hurt. She could have come with him and helped too, maybe he would have been done faster!
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Oh, that's so lame! She should have come, too. And both should have come sooner. Sorry you are having a rough time.
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Being a single mom is so difficult.
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Wow, that is rude. She could have helped too.

Since becoming a single mom I have gotten rid of most of my furniture that I cannot move myself. I sold a huge dresser at my last garage sale. That thing was even to heavy for the movers I hired when I was married. So, off it went. Now I have 2 smaller dressers instead.

Also got rid of the huge sectional couch that didn't fit and couldn't pick up.
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That does suck

Hopefully you won't have to move anything for a long time!

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I'm sorry you are feeling hurt. It is a pretty crummy situation when you need help and people aren't responsive. If it were me, I would tell her how I feel. It hurts us more to keep it inside. to you, mama.
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I'm sure there was something behind her anger about it that had nothing to do with you, and she probably did not realize that it was selfish to act that way.
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Originally Posted by bluebirdiemama View Post

I'm sure there was something behind her anger about it that had nothing to do with you, and she probably did not realize that it was selfish to act that way.
That's what I was thinking.

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Oh not too nice, maybe she was having a bad day.
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I can understand why you were upset. My mom lives alone and her brother helps her with stuff like that a lot, which I'm sure is a godsend for her. I can't imagine trying to do it while also caring for 3 kids!

That said, do your brother and his girlfriend have something big going on in their life right now? I ask because we recently moved, and for the 2 months prior to the move, every weekend was precious to us if we were going to be packed and ready by moving day. Well my MIL sold her deceased parents' house right around the same time, and there were a few Saturdays when she asked family to come help clear it out so that it could be ready for the new people. Totally understandable, it needed to be done, but she had my FIL and BIL helping too, so it did peeve me a bit that she also asked my DH to come help when she knew that we were working our butts off trying to get our own home ready.

That said, I had the good sense to accept my DH's decision to go help, and I wouldn't have dreamed of pestering him with increasingly angry phone calls while he was there -- that wasn't nice of your brother's GF.
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