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Teaching online?

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Can anyone give me some ideas about how I can start teaching classes online? I was the Librarian at a for-profit university until last week, when my position was eliminated. I have two Master's degrees- one in Social Work, one in Library Science. This seems to be something I can do that would make sense right now. Any forums about online teaching would be helpful. Thanks!
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You know, I'm not sure how to start but my guess would be to figure out what you'd be interested in first. Once you know what area you'd like to teach then check with colleges that offer online classes and see what the requirements and openings might be. I'm sure there are some broad requirements for anywhere but my guess is that each college is going to have thier own as well.
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Here's some general information, as well as online tutoring companies that may help you get started:

Tutor Online

Also, on the same site, there's a separate section for job leads. This company was just listed there today under online tutoring:

Learner First

I've also seen jobs advertised by universities. UCLA is the most recent one that comes to mind, so you may want to check directly with a few of these.

And here are a few more tutoring companies you can try:

Smart Thinking

Florida Virtual School

Link Systems International

Nimble Mind

Finally, check with some of the homeschooling moms. They may have more resources for you. Good luck!
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