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We Need Chickenpox!!

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I'm not kidding, I'll drive a few hours if that is what it takes to get my kids exposed and (hopefully) through having Cpox.

My 14yo and all the youngers have never had it. Anyone in the Fbks/Delta/Nenana/etc area who thinks I have a good chance of exposing them to a kid who has been exposed, please please let me know!!

I"m sure we can come up with enough kids for a pox party.

love, p (just outside Fbks)
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Ditto to CP exposure....

I am feeling like you. I will drive anywhere at this point.

Funny this "contagious" disease....we cannot FIND or get. I exposed the girls 3X.

I was not really aggressive with lollipops, but would if I had it to do again.

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Add my name to the list as well!
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Wow, Jenn, where did you find THREE cases of Cpox?? I can't find ONE!

The one I'm really hoping to get done with is the 14yo. She's had a titer done, and she's NOT immune. I don't want to see any of my kids hit 20 without having finished with this one.

Glad to know I"m not alone in looking for a way to do this the "old-fashioned" way!

love, p
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We're onboard too

Any pox in the NE Oklahoma/ NW AR area?

My 16 yo has had all 3 strains (yes 3-- 2 are bad, bad, one mild); my others need them, and we tried one exposure, but it was w kids who had the vax, but got a breakthrough infection anyway-- we could not catch it from them at all.

Lollipops! Great idea!
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Missed Pox Chance in WI

There was a breakout in a homeschool group in WI, and I visited the first family at the end of the CP...and had a feeling that I missed it. Another family from the Coop got it with 4 kids. So, I went once when the 3 boys had it and once when the little girl had it. The 21 days came and went with NOTHING....I was shocked. My girls built a fort in the bed of the little girl, took her blanket home, and hugged her. We REALLY should have done the popsicles or teeshirt exchange....but I did not know about this group yet, so I did not do it.

BUMMER. Now I am willing to go nearly anywhere or pay for shipping of any lollipops or teeshirts to me......

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mum4vr, you'll want to post in the Arkansas and OK tribes. I don't think the Alaska tribe will do you much good.

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