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Originally Posted by expat-mama View Post
On top of this, my doctor said we have to have "the induction conversation" in case things don't happen. So we did- they want to induce me NEXT THURSDAY at 41 weeks if I'm still pregnant. I'm supposed to go in on Sunday for some time on the EFM, I don't really know what for.

But I'm so terrified of a hospital induction- it was something I never imagined I'd even have to think about.

I don't know what to do anymore...obviously the EPO, the sex, the squats/lunges/walking I've been doing have had hardly any effect on my dilation/effacement progress.
IMHO, it is ridiculous to suggest an induction if all is well at 41 wks! Especially as you're a first-timer.

I have totally BTDT.

Last pg (my first) I was so terrified of a hospital induction and lots of IRL people didn't understand why. I was convinced it was going to end in a c-sec.

I consented to a non-stress test at 41 ish wks and all was perfect. I continued with accupuncture, rrl tea etc but never got past 1-2 cms dilation.

Did your OB say how they would induce you?

42 wks was my comfort level and I went in for my induction that day. All I needed was the cervical ripener, Cervidil, to put me into labour and didn't need pitocin or pain meds. I guess the baby was ready to come. He didn't look at all post dates fwiw and was 8lbs 2oz.

I wasn't in the discomfort at 40 wks that you are now but you're not going to be pregnant forever.
No-one can force you to have an induction. It's your body and your baby
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oh expat I would take a nap/get a good night sleep and in the morning start trying the nip stim around 41 weeks. Try to just rest, because going into labor exhausted is just as hard on your body as being induced. I would just rest and relax and continue with short walks/epo/sex and maybe a bumpy car ride (this is what set me into labor, the car ride that is.)
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Over here - yesterday my mom and aunt came to help me with some housework. We decluttered the linen and utility closets, sending BAGS to donate to charity. We put up a shelf and organized some things in bins. Looks so good now. I culled my stash of queen sized bedding and did a wee bit more prep on the baby's room. The MWs had come and we discussed where I would birth, and set up space for their resus equip etc.

I am becoming aware of the ways in which these midwives are more medically minded than I expected.... however, I believe they have to do certain things based on their training and guidelines. For example, you read about babies being resus-ed while lying in mom's arms/on mom. These MWs take baby away to a flat surface (table) and work on them until stable, then return to mom. I know that this is the resus protocol taught from a First Aid/emergency services perspective.

My pdoc and I nudged my meds up just a wee bit more as a preventative measure for the postpartum. It would be so nice if I didn't have any anxiety/panic attacks afterwards! Again, she reiterated that my dh should feed the baby once in the night so I can get 5 or 6 hrs of uninterrupted sleep. I spoke with my MWs about this yesterday because I don't want to screw the bfing relationship and my supply. But this is what they encourage and support too for moms who have a history of depression/anxiety or high risk of developing a PP mood disorder. So I am trying to just release and go with the flow, and be gentle with myself, and care for myself instead of being really anal and anxious about the need to bf only. I couldn't get bfing going with dd1 and pumped for 5 mos., I had a wonderful bfing rel'ship with dd2... it would be nice to have a lovely bfing rel'ship with ds but I will just have to wait and see what happens. I'm dang well gonna try, that's for sure!!!!!!!!

Thanks for listening to my musings. Today I am sleeeeepy. It's Canada Day so we're going to my BIL for a BBQ and tonight there will be fireworks. To the other Canuks in the house -- happy Canada day!

Hope everyone is well and hanging in there.
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Sorry you are stressing about induction expat. It's just ridiculous to think that so many babies need to be induced. Your body will go into labor. You won't be pregnant forever. It's unreasonable to think otherwise. Like someone else said, you can make your own choices here. The trouble with NSTs is that monitors aren't reliable and if the monitor detects invariability or something else iffy then they use that as grounds for immediate induction- I've seen it happen. Drink lots of water and something like juice to get the baby jumping if you do go in for that.

I hear that a lot, surfacing, about realizing the midwives are more medical than you expected. Midwives who work in the hospital are medically trained. They don't/can't usually practice a true midwifery model of care. I know it gets exhausting challenging protocol. Here's hoping for no panic attacks! I think it's tricky with the husband feeding baby. That didn't work for me, I just lied there awake while he had him! But I'm a light sleeper. Happy Canada Day!

My son's teacher (Waldorf school, so he's been with her a while) had her baby on Monday. A little girl named Juniper. So cute. I'm so jealous!!!

Have had quite a week without dh, like things around the house like plumbing breaking and a window just coming out. I keep asking for a good day, for a present, or a good surprise, but these mishaps just keep happening. I feel like I could write a book about this week in my life alone!!
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s expat, hope that sweet baby is here before you know it!

Happy Canada Day to all my fellow Canadians too! I'm a US transplant from Canada! But still celebrate some of the holidays down here!

Jenny, LOVE LOVE that name Juniper, how sweet is that?!?! Hope your week settles down with your kiddos!
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I have zero family support for BFing. My mom has gone so far as to say that she will not keep the baby if I BF because she will not have enough to eat and/or she will have gastric problems. They also that it doesn't fit my lifestyle because I will be a working mom.
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My doctor assured me this wouldn't require a continuous IV (just a hep/saline lock) but I didn't really want to deal with *any* IV.
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Happy freakin July 1st! and patriotism day for people above the 49th parallel! and it's my cat's birthday.. she turns 11 today. she was my first baby, Ruby-Bear..

I'm so glad we're in July now. Soon all the babies will be coming

expat~ babies do come eventually. Sounds like he's pretty darn comfy in there, even though you are not. He doesn't think it's time to come yet, I guess. The end of pregnancy is kinda like parenting.. you just have to have patience! I've found that once you just give up, and say, well, I guess I"m going to be pregnant forever, the baby decides to mozie on out. Or schedule something really fun that you really want to do, and maybe he'll come then, too.. kids are just like that Maybe get some massage and chiropractic adjustments? I feel for ya, and hope he comes out soon!

I had the MW homevisit the other day. So nice to know that she's going to be there for me/us. I know that she has to set up the resus. equipment and everything, but I totally understand. There was recently a UC "up the lake" from us (an hour drive away), and their baby died because he/she aspirated meconium. if they had a MW there, the baby might still be alive. I had a UC with my last baby, but everything went well. You just never can tell. Granted I don't know the whole story of these people, or who they are.. but it really made me glad to have a MW available with her equipment.

I also had my chiro adjustment and massage the same day, and that was so awesome. He is a new chiro, and I really like his methods.. getting adjusted in late pregnancy feels soooooo good. I think I was moaning on the table for awhile, just so blissed out.. lol .. the massage was ok, not spectacular. I've booked appointments again for next week, on the doctors orders
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"Push that button Zachariah, mommy is done!!"

Peri appt and ultrasound today,
Today's measurements @ 36w2d... a 42+ week baby. Greater than 99th percentile!!!
Zachariah: 9lbs9oz, 35.5cm (14inch) head, lungs are developed and ready, and he is still cooking.
Mommy: xxxlbs xxoz, 58.5cm (23inch) head, 43cm fundal height 3cm, 25%, -2station. Oh, SO tired of continuous contractions, but still baking this bun.
My bp is up, swelling tons, but no protein in urine.
Blood sugars continue to be in excelent control. Both OB and dietician agree that the GD is NOT causing Zach's big-ness. My glucose readings are starting to be low, and wonky in general. Dietician said it is common as the placenta begins to age, and to keep up with the kick counts.
My negative GBS result from 31weeks timed out, so they re did it today.
I have to admit (very un crunch) I was really hoping they would just keep me and induce, I am so totally wiped out by the continuous prodromal labor and just how huge/distended my belly is. Dr thinks I'm good to deliver up to 10.5lbs...Dr has more confidence than I do! I'm hoping Zachariah presses 'eject' before he gets to that point.
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I want to cry. i woke up this morning with dull contractions went about my business this morning thinking it was the day. Had a OB appt at 10 found that I was 3cm 80% baby is at -1 had regular contrax all day to where they were painful 3 minutes apart. I decided to lay down for a little while to rest woke up and now they are still there but dull again and all over the place time wise. I was getting frustrated all day because it was like I was having the same contraction over and over they weren't getting worse. There was a shift from the morning to after the doctors appt and then another shift in pain after lunch but then they stayed at the same point. I have not experienced this before it really sucks I went from being pretty sure we were on the right track to be completely clueless. I hope things pick up again because it is such a letdown to go backwards.
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Oh sorry Tracey, it can be so frustrating! My last was like that too. It is doing something, you aren't going backwards...it's just an ebb and flow, like a wave. It's nice that it's let up so you can sleep tonight hopefully! Drink some chamomile tea tonight so you can let go of some of the anxiety and go to sleep easier. I don't think it will be long, even a few days or weeks is soon.
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Wow Joy! What a big healthy boy! Keep us updated with everything for sure!
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Happy Canada Day!

Well it's not July 1st anymore here, but I think you've all got a half hour left of it!

Surfacing- It's really nice that you have such great support and seem to be ready to handle any anxiety and depression issues that may err "surface". I'm getting a bit worried about my own anxiety lately, DH has really been trying to help me cope. I'm hoping it'll all melt away once babe is finally here.

Jenny- thanks for advice about the NST! I haven't even thought they would try to do that...eek. I'll be sure to take your advice about the water and juice. I have to go in at 9 am and the baby is usually really quiet at that time- then he pummels and pounds me with no respite all night! I have no reason to think that the baby is unhealthy or distressed at this point- they'll have a hard time convincing me, I hope they don't try. Sorry about things falling apart while your DH is gone! Perfect timing...

Loving1- Sounds like you'll need to find some outside support for BF- but you can do it! Don't listen to the nay-sayers.

Proto- SUCKS about the GBS. Sorry. I hear you about not wanting to deal with any IVs. Blech. Hopefully it won't be so bad.

Majazama- Chiro adjustments sounds sooo nice! I've never had one before. Maybe if this baby doesn't show up in the next few days I'll look for a chiro around here. As for massages, DH does a pretty good job of those.

Papayamom- I'm sorry you are going through that. I know how crappy it is especially when you feel like it's all for nothing! I hope you are getting some relief. Hang in there!

AFM- Due date has come and gone. I've moved through the big freak out session I was having- more or less... sorry about that and thanks for all the hugs and support. Moving onto the next phase of keeping my doctor and the hospital at bay and staying relaxed and healthy.
I had a long talk with my sister and she spoke with my mom before she comes here (tomorrow! ) about not stressing me out and trying to keep the atmosphere light and serene. My mom is super excited, really high energy and has a bit of an annoying (to me) sense of humour and I know she'll be a big help AFTER the baby gets here and I'm so grateful that she's coming...but I'm kind of bummed about having to deal with her now when I'm still preggers, stressed and very uncomfortable. Add to that, I'm going to have to either sequester her in the guest room when labour picks up and we're still at home or send her out somewhere, which I feel really badly about. But I was so counting on it just being me and DH around while I am labouring, just having a private time between us. I love my mom A LOT but she just doesn't have a calming effect on me and I won't feel comfortable walking around naked, moaning etc., doing what I need to do with her *right there*.
Anyway, so my sis talked to her and I talked to her after and I think she gets it... I feel bad about having to say anything, but it had to be done.

BUT it's pretty cool that she's coming to visit us- no one ever comes to visit us because we are always living in "weird" places- then all of sudden we're having a baby and everyone wants to come!

Anyway, just want to say I'm glad I have this space to come to and so thankful for you ladies. I just can't express enough how much the support and advice/wisdom and giggles has meant to me throughout this pregnancy!
It's been a long road, but we're almost there.
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chiropractic adjustment helps relieve back pain (and other pain) and helps to position the baby optimally for birth. Definitely try chiro before getting induced or something. And I'd do acupuncture before inducing as well.
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Continue your positivity about breastfeeding loving1!! Some people just don't get it. It's the natural thing, it's not harder to breastfeed and babies (usually) get enough milk even though it's not being measured.

Oh expat...the due date comes and goes. I remember with my first, I woke up sobbing the day after my due date. Once he was "late" it felt like he might take forever! I had a friend henna my hair, went to movies, ate whatever I felt like. My mom was visiting too and was hoping to be here for the birth. It was distracting having her here which was both good and bad. Good b/c otherwise what would I have been doing? and bad b/c I wasn't just home knitting and getting into that wierd spacey prelabor space. Then she left and baby still wasn't here! He was born 17 days past due, I finally took castor oil and was so grateful it worked! I had an ultrasound at 42 weeks so we knew my placenta and fluid were good. But once he was here, all the issues of waiting and being overdue and all that were over. It's so momentary, how a week or two can feel like eternity. Hang in there, it'll come : )
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40+1 today, almost +2 now. Been having noticeable cx since around 5, but they're not that painful, nor are they picking up much after a good walk & doing some housework. But they are pretty regular. We'll see.
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Hi mamas! I, too, was starting to feel like everyone had their babies already! There are still a bunch of us sitting around waiting...and will be for weeks!

Chatty, the pinched nerve might be from baby changing position - sounds like of like either pubis symphisis (I cannot spell that word!) or could be the ligaments/tendons adjusting to pressure. I've had that same feeling periodically since being pg with DD! Hope it stops bugging you.

Terrilien, sorry to hear about the swelling...ugh, heat with no relief is awful. Don't you kind of wish you could just spend the next xx days/weeks suspended in water?

expat-mama, I'm so sorry for all that you're going through, feeling physically UGH. In the end, it sounds like it will be good to have your mom there, she'll be a big help - and hopefully she will easily recognize how important it is to respect your space & needs when you start laboring. I have heard some wonderful stories about this amazing connection that can form in unexpected ways...try to stay relaxed & open, and know that all will work out.

Surfacing, it's so great that you are working now to have support/solutions in place as preventative measures against PPD - you hit the nail on the head, be gentle with yourself!

Loving1, you need to do what YOU know is best for you & your baby, not what your Mom is complaining about. I work full time and will be back at work full time after 13 weeks of leave - pumping is as important as you make time for. I hope you can find some in-real-life support.

Proto - thumbs down to GBS. But, try not to stress about it. Honestly? I was pretty happy to get a hep lock when I arrived at the hospital. I knew I needed fluids rather desperately, and given my blood pressure issues (tends to be quite low and can crash at inopportune moments of physical strain), I was comforted to know that help was that much closer. I didn't even notice it during labor.

Majazama, hooray for chiro & massage! I got a massage a couple days ago, and wished it could have gone on forever. I almost fell asleep during it. Wouldn't it be nice if we could spend the last weeks of pregnancy going back & forth between a pool and a massage?


Mataji - I'm going to pretend I didn't just read the words, "17 days past due". Hopefully that was a one-time occurrence?

Bjorker - fingers crossed!

AFM...38+4. DD was born 2 or 4 days before her EDD, so I would not complain if this one follows the same trend. I don't know why, I'm just feeling mentally/emotionally very very ready to meet this baby. Physically, not so bad.

I don't get internals, so have no idea if I'm dilated, but I am pretty sure my cervix is anterior now - which it was not 4-5 days ago. The lower ab cramps seem to have stopped. Now, I'm just tired, sore, and nauseated. Ugh, I've been nauseated all week. Very annoying.

DH & DD are heading out for story hour - I might sneak in a nap while they are out. I'm so pooped!

Busy weekend ahead, with assorted 4th of July-related activiites. Parades, picnics, fireworks, etc. I would love to be in labor on the 3rd - the birthing center has a great view of the fireworks
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ladidah ladidah...I do not want a baby for at least 6more days. LOL!
Hubby gets here the 8th and I would just love to wait till then. I know physically/emotionally that I do not feel "ready" for labor or about to go into it but I am sick of everyone freaking out. I didn't want to get an internal for that reason.
I was 3/4cm 80% effaced my last pregnancy at 36wks. and by 38 wks (the point I had my first internal this pregnancy) I was 4cm and 100% effaced and the baby was REALLY low. This time I am 3/4cm and 80% at 38 wks and everyone is freaking out that the baby is going to come. Our annoying (remember the thread about how rude/mean) sil/bil called the house last night while we were our shopping and then called our cells freaking out thinking I am in labor. They scared the crap out of my mil telling her if im "that far along" then the baby is going to "come any minute" Where is the eye roll smiley?
So yeah seriously people??? your only investment in my last birth was to make sure I did it before your wedding, this time just lay off and wait for the phone call. jesum crow.
On that note I cannot wait for the fourth! I love a good excuse for fireworks and I have to admit I have a love of independence day!
I feel like going out and walking but I also don't want to do anything to induce labor seeing as how I want to stay preggers for at least another 6/7days. hmmm I am rambling so enjoy your day ladies!
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haha, slgt! Yes, 17 days past due was my first baby. The second was a week early, the third and fourth both just a few days past their due dates.

My husband comes back tonight from his trip. We're all doing better here, thank goodness. I am pooped though, and today having nothing on my to do list, as what's left to do involves errands and I can't take my sick boys out.

I feel like something shifted for me in the last 24 hours or so, like I feel really really really ready for labor, peaceful about it, and so wanting to meet and hold my baby. I'm also ready for my babymooning space, and a break from holding everything together all the time, and from parenting!! I am ready to have my baby!!!! I'm just over 36 weeks though, so I imagine it'll still be a while.
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So glad to hear your hubs is coming back tonight Jenny. You really have had to hold it all together with all kinds of unexpected household problems and sick kids. Hope you can get a day of You Time soon.
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