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I just posted in the weekly chat thread, but I thought I'd put a word of encouragement in here. I just had a midwife appointment and after all this crazy prodromal stuff, I am sitting pretty at 6-7cm 95%effaced and baby is +1 station. So my body has been working on things! Woo.

I hope that all the cramping and pinching and contracting has done something for you too if you've had to put up with the on and off 'false' labour stuff.

Come on OUT babies!! (if you are in fact cooked!)
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I'm so sympathetic!
mamakaikai that is awful that you were up all night!

expat-mama just remember it's not a waste of time walking the baby out, you're getting work done on it even if it doesn't end in real labour.

So this is weird- last night i was going over my music list for labour, and decided to have a nice hot bath while i listened to it. I was having some cramps and contrax, of course, lol and DH was home so he could take Lizzy down to the playroom so i could be alone.

So i'm in the bath, have my MamaGoddess OIl (smells soooo relaxing) comfortably propped up with a towel, in the dark, with my meditation music.
I remembered how before transition with DD i was able to nearly stop the pain of contrax by pushing the pain/energy down to my cervix and visualizing it opening.

So i did that, not that i was even really in pain, but just practicing- but it made me start getting strong contrax and here is the WEIRDEST thing, a few times i involuntarily had to push! Awful! It's like a gag reflex. Now, i know my cervix is high and posterior, but a lot was going on down there. (I never had any urge to push with DD, i lied and said i did so i could speed things up since i was being threatened with a c-sec, and it was directed pushing for hours and hours.)

I got out of the bath because, honestly, i didn't want the pushing reflex thing anymore. I guess my body remembers doing it last time and was just doing it on it's own, i couldn't stop it! I don't know if it's harmful, it didn't seem right, I mean, it was as intense as when i was pushing out DD.

Had a great sleep and this morning, normal BH and a bit of spotting.
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megviolet - wow, really crazy with the pushing urge!

I saw my mw's backup today and she checked my cervix for me. It's still high, but it's soft, effacing somewhat and 1 cm open already. Baby's head is also really well engaged - no idea what station though. All I can say is YEAH!!!!! and keep going. I really like not having to do anything while my body just does it's thing. Of course, I wish I could sleep. But if this means an easier, faster labor then I'm happy to oblige.
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I'm so glad all these experiences are being posted! I had a very short bout of cramping the other night down low (very short, like a minute or 2). DP said 'is that normal' and I replied, I think so lol I like reading all of these and getting an idea of what I might expect (due the 20th) so I'm not taken by surprise. Bring on the wine!

As for me, still just tired, no nesting energy here! Baby is pretty active, a LOT of stretching. Starting to feel *something* in my hips/pelvic area, I suppose it could be called pressure. It feels somewhat sore when I walk. Walking 2 blocks from work to the store and 2 blocks back this afternoon made me pretty tired! Appetite seems to have decreased slightly, but that could be the heat. Physically I'm done (I'm a baby lol) but in every other way - please please baby don't come early! Of course, my EDD is based on my last period, so can't be sure how accurate that is, though the MW says I'm measuring right on target.
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Originally Posted by mamakaikai View Post
I just posted in the weekly chat thread, but I thought I'd put a word of encouragement in here. I just had a midwife appointment and after all this crazy prodromal stuff, I am sitting pretty at 6-7cm 95%effaced and baby is +1 station. So my body has been working on things! Woo.

I hope that all the cramping and pinching and contracting has done something for you too if you've had to put up with the on and off 'false' labour stuff.

Come on OUT babies!! (if you are in fact cooked!)
WOW on the progress!! Look out when that baby does decide to come. He/she is just gonna fly outta there. Now you are probably wondering what the hold up is!

I haven't been checked since my 36wk check-up, and I was 3cm 50% effaced. (38+1 today) I know I have someone's head really low because of all the rectal pressure. At 36wk c/u I had gained only a pound from the week before (I usually do 3-5 ), and then last week I lost a pound, so I know I have entered the end of things. Also, TMI, I am having frequent BMs, which I tend to get a week or so before things take off.
Thankfully (and *knock on wood*), I haven't had that pesky prodromal stuff. I get BH's that are pretty intense now and then, but that's all. The only wacky thing is when my body is like this, it tends to just slam me into labor out of the blue. Suddenly I'll go from no ctrx to ctrx 5mins apart and intense and quickly progress. Or my water will break and on come the ctrx. Then about 2 hrs later, baby (or babies this time!). Of course, I could have a curveball and who knows how it will all go down. These babies seem so comfortable in there, they will probably just hang out until they are evicted on July 5th, when I am scheduled to be induced.
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Oh it's so nice to see others in the same boat... I'm not due until the 9th, but the other night had contrax that went from 10-5-3 minutes apart, and stayed that way for several hours. They were painful enough that I was unable to walk with them... Thought for sure it was time - was 2 cm and 60% effaced, but then 2 hours later, at 6:30am, they stopped... Now I'm just frustrated. I made dw come home from a party she had been looking forward to, because I thought for sure it was time. We woke up MIL and dropped ds off. And all for nothing. I told her, next time, we wait until either my water breaks, or I can feel/see the head!!!
Every evening, I have another episode of contrax, not painful like the other night, but uncomfortable. And nothing. Now I don't have any patience - I just want her OUT, so I can hold her!!!
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Groan grumble complain.

I am definitely feeling early labour type stuff right now. I can't sleep. The cramping and discomfort is too great. Just when I doze off then something wakes me again and bugs me. BH are intense. Lots of cramps. Lots of yuckyness. But things are irregular so I know it's prodromal. Groan grumble complain.

Go away so I can get some sleep please! Tomorrow I have to see my pill lady and therapist, I have errands to run. I can't lie in bed napping all day!
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Wow MamaKaiKai!!! It sounds like baby is well on its way OUT!
I'm hoping to hear some good news tomorrow at my appt. Yes, that's right- the appointment that was not even scheduled because the doc said this baby was coming WELL before Wednesday. I'm just going to show up at my usual time. I'm thinking of asking him to do a stretch and sweep, maybe that will help things along. I just want this baby out before my mom gets here on Saturday.

Overall I'm doing much better with everything lately. Still getting some contractions and definitely still some cramping, but weirdly they seem to be less frequent AND less intense than they were over the weekend, maybe because I've been tempering them with hot showers and baths . I honestly don't know whether to be happy or upset about that. I'm going to choose to think positive and be relieved that I'm getting a break.

Here's hoping we'll soon see some babies emerging from all this drama!
Hang in there mamas, it won't be long...
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Having some "real" contrax!! They're not super-regular (4-7 min apart) right now, but are definitely the "real thing" vs. the Braxton-Hix that I've been having a lot of recently. These actually started with somewhat-regular (again 5-10 min apart) Brax-Hix (not really painful) while I was vegging infront of the TV this evening, but I had a kinda feeling. Then I woke just before 2 with these. I'm waiting to call anyone since it's such an odd hour, and traditionally I have really long labors.

Maybe this is it!! Maybe this babe will break the cycle of 2 weeks late!! They do say for the third one all bets are off. Here's hoping!
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I got woken up too...Regular intense ctx at 7 min apart with tons of cervical stretch sensations...but still not convinced yet. Not wanting to encourage it and wear my self out only to have it stop come morning, but they are definately too intense to sleep through/between.
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Still waiting over here, too. I bought some ingredients for more foodstuffs to prepare, so either that means the baby is about to come NOW because I made other plans, or... I'll have something to distract me for a few more days. Due date is TOMORROW!

Lots of cramping and pelvic pain, etc, but that's par for the course these days. Nothing new, otherwise.
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all these impending labors... i'm sooo excited for you all!

lots of prodromal labor over here, too. last night was really the first night that i thought, "nooooooo! i need to get some sleep before i really go into labor!!" and so i went to bed at 10:30, and played solitaire on my phone and waited for either my water to break, or the every 3-4 minute contrax to peter out. and here i am at 5am, wide awake again.

went to the peri yesterday, and was measuring way ahead again~ i am currently 37 weeks, and measuring 45 weeks. baby's activity level has been great, bp and weight gain are super, but holy katz! this one is going to be even bigger than the last one!! i NEED to go soon for my pelvis' sake!!

no pelvic exam, though, to see where i currently am. i my peri (never thought that would happen!!) he said he won't do an internal unless i specifically ask for one because there's not a compelling reason: one, i don't seem to dilate early (my last pregnancy went from 2 cm dilated to delivery in 3.5 hours ) two, he won't stop the labor anyway at this point, and three, so why possibly introduce an infection?

and so, the contrax that yesterday were consistent and insistent from 3 o'clock on? who knows what that did as far as labor goes. these were stop and focus and yowch! that's what a twingy cervix feels like!

so ready for a good night's sleep and real labor to get underway. they're both close... i just can't seem to grab them!!!
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I played spider solitare for a few hours and then decided to try sleeping again. Managed to get a bit of rest in. Ctx picked up the moment I would roll over or sit up. Back up to fairly intense, up my back, and down my thighs...Maybe today...If not by 4pm, DH and I are driving 2 hours out to Studio City to get "The Salad"!! Looks really yummy, even if nothing else happens.
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I had a lot of cramping and BH's for the past 2 weeks or so and today... nothing. nothing at all. My head cold that I THOUGHT was going away feels like its coming back though. blah I was hoping to feel better by now. Anyway, not really "tired" of being pregnant yeeet.... just kinda anxious because I know it can be any day now....
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I'm doing a LOT better. I felt like crap last week, tons of contrax and no sleep, so honestly I am okay with being late now that I'm not so miserable. I was thinking *maybe* today because he dropped, but he's super squirmy and I don't feel labor-ish. So at least another day or two! My doctor will "let" me go a full 2 weeks, and then possibly a little longer if the NST looks good. So he *should* be born by the 12th at least.
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Had a MW appointment yesterday AM and was contracting a bit. Had some show in the AM. I ok'd a check, and was 3-4cm, soft and thin. Babe was hanging out at around +2. Contractions were coming every 6 minutes lasting 30-45 seconds. These continued for... 14 hours. They even became closer and stronger (to the point they were 3 minutes apart and a minute long) - I wasn't able to walk or talk through them. All of a sudden at 9pm they stopped... Had a great night sleep last night, feel energized and refreshed today. Not really sure what to think.
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Yaliina, 2sweetboysmom, odduck you all sound really close! Hopefully the next update is that you have your little babies!!

contrax and BH have let up since my weird involuntary push thing the other night... but pelvic pressure OH my goodness. I really am at the point where i have to keep my legs open while I walk, totally bone on bone... i don't think i'll be going grocery shopping or anything again. Oh God, please dont' let me go 3 wks over again, please! lol
MW appointment tomorrow, and tomorrow is DH's birthday... and hey, today is my EDD based on ovulation!!
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Had a lot of ouchies last night...couldn't get comfortable on the couch watching a movie with husband no matter what I did...just went to bed and felt crampy and twingy all night.

Felt the same this morning. Went shopping and to library with the kiddos and we took some bumpy roads...still feeling twingy but it's lessening as the day goes on.

New pregnancy symptom I didn't have with my other two...the restless leg thing at night. My legs have a mind of their own...so annoying!!!
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Yep it sounds like some of us are about to pop! Here's hoping we see some more babies SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOON.

Tomorrow is my EDD. I know exactly when I ovulated, know within 3 days when we conceived... 40 weeks is NOW. Yeah, I know babies can take 42+ weeks, I'm just saying that this baby is OFFICIALLY cooked.

Going in an hour for a stretch and sweep- I'm going to tell the doctor to really stretch and sweep like he's never stretched or swept before!

I had high hopes for the full moon, but now I've set my sights on July 1st, Canada Day, my baby's birthday dammit!
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ExpatMama, Hope things get going for you soon so you can meet your baby!
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