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AngelBee, let me know how you like Vanessa. I think she's who we'll be using next time. Just can't help but love her!
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Originally Posted by AngelBee View Post
Called her Felt like I was chatting with a girlfriend Will be setting up a meeting with her and the hubby.

Thank you for the recommendation.
No problem, sorry I didnt get back to you! We just had our birth with her on 07/08
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Originally Posted by shruley View Post
AngelBee, let me know how you like Vanessa. I think she's who we'll be using next time. Just can't help but love her!
Seriously! I have referred quite a few people her way. I love her.
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* Edited to add that Health Foundations now has 2 midwives, Aszani from Wisconsin has joined the practice. I had a chance to meet her this past week and she is a WONDERFUL woman! *

There are significant differences between the two birth centers. Differences in the interior decor, staffing, appointments, etc.

MorningStar has 2 midwives (Paula and Savita), 3 birth suites that are all equipped with big bathtubs. Their backup hospital is Methodist hospital.

Health Foundations has 2 midwives (Amy & Aszani) and 2 apprenticing midwives and 1 birth assistant. They have 2 birth suites with jacuzzi tubs and huge walk in showers.
They also have on-site chiropractic care, acupuncture and Blooma prenatal and postnatal yoga classes. Their backup hospital is St. Joe's in St. Paul.

I do know that both birth centers are busy and the mamas that I know that are birthing with them LOVE them.

The cost of birthing at either place is much higher than most HB midwives AFAIK so if cost is a factor that might effect your decision. I have not heard anything about insurance payments at the birth centers vs a HB midwife.
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I have never been to either birth center, however Aszani kunkler at the first one is a PHENOMENAL lady. I birthed at the birth center she founded in Middleton wisconsin (madison birth center) and it was absolutely amazing. She is kind and knowledgeable and just generally has this wonderful relaxing aura about her.

She just recently joined that birth center to be closer to her daughter and I am greatly saddened that should I be living in the madison area again, I won't have the ability to have her as my midwife.
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I highly recommend Health Foundations! There are actually two midwives in the practice, Amy Johnson-Grass and Aszani Kunkler. In addition to being a midwife Amy is also a naturopathic doctor and nutritionist. She does a lot of diet and nutrition education and I love love love the fact that she knows so much about things like homeopathy and herbs and that she starts talking about ways to feel good in pregnancy really early in your care. I think since she is also a naturopathic doctor that she can really help with all the discomforts that can come up in pregnancy with natural approaches. Aszani is a nurse midwife so if you have something come up in pregnancy that requires a perscription she is able to prescribe instead of you having to go to another provider. Aszani also has a very natural approach and knows about things like herbs and homeopathy. Both ladies are fabulous! They are a great team. They also have two birth assistants that you get to meet during your care.

I also love the fact that they have so many other services available. Amber Moravec is the chiropractor that specializes in pregnancy and kids. I have seen her during my pregnancy and love the amount to time she spends and that I have been feeling great.

I know Health Foundations offers tours the first and third Thursdays of each month and is a great way to see the facility, meet the midwives and get to ask questions. We went to one of the tours and thought it was very helpful. Especially helpful for my husband.

As far as MorningStar, I have only had the chance to visit. I think Paula is the only midwife working there now. I have also heard that mamas have been unhappy with their care and that Paula is having a hard time traveling between the two locations.

I agree with a comment made earlier that the best thing to do would be to visit both and meet the midwives and see which one is the best fit for you
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