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manifestation (or, I need a happy thread!)

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I've been a little down lately, and I ran across a blog post the other day about manifestation. Basically, it talked about the idea of putting what you want in life down in (very specific) words so the universe and whatever powers-that-be are out there can't miss it. Love it!

And I could really use a happy, fun thread...so does anyone else want to play, too?

Here is mine, for hopefully sometime in the near future:

I want a safe, happy, cozy home of our own for DS and I. Not big, but not too small...with little nooks to curl up in and a great kitchen with tons of storage. There will be lots of light, color, and laughter. There will be a large, fenced backyard with plenty of safe space for DS to roam. I have a lovely, if small, space of my own for crafting, writing, or just being. Finances may be tight, but we are secure and want for nothing. DS is continuing to bloom under much love and attention from everyone in his life, and has proven very adaptable to transitioning back and forth between two homes. STBX is a good father and an amicable co-parent.

May as well shoot for the stars!
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I will play! Great idea.
Funny... I have reopened this thread several times, thinking it would be good for me to post, but then going and doing something else instead. I think I am almost afraid to put out there what I want. Or maybe I'm not even sure what I want...

I want to feel strong, secure in myself, capable and joyful and to manifest those qualities and I want the same for my son. I want DS (and me too!) to feel surrounded by love and warmth and laughter. I want DS to feel happy and secure at both his father's house and mine and to transition with comfort and ease between the two. I want DS to always feel my unconditional love and acceptance and feel free to express himself freely and fully with me. I want DS to feel confident interacting with other children and to enjoy doing that and to treat others with kindness, sensitivity and respect. I would like to smoothly juggle the demands of my work and my home and single parenthood and excel in each of those areas while maintaining a healthy balance among them. I would like my current romantic relationship to continue to grow deeper and stronger, and for the joy that it brings to continue and for the security and confidence in each of us to grow and gradually bring our lives together harmoniously.

I could keep going. But that took a lot out of me! I think it was a good exercise.

Yes, Simplemama... let's shoot for the starts!
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woah mama GREAT IDEA.

i was actually thinking about this this morning, as i do treasure mapping. there is a thread in spirituality about it. it happens in april. if you wanted to know more about it.

my dd is almost 8 so i find my 'dreams' are different than when she was younger.

what my soul cries out for is working with indigenous people.

i want to move on with my education. i want it to happen with ease - that i can financially support myself through school without my dd paying the price for it.

i cannot stop. i have to go on.

right now i want a job. i want a job that works with Native Americans so that i get a feel for their issues rather than having only an academic understanding.

i want a job serving indigenous people wherever they are from. and i want that job to walk up to me and tap me on my shoulder and say 'would you like to work for me?' i have no idea how to even find such a job.

EVERYTHING else i can handle. i dont care how we live.

i HAVE to do this for myself. and my dd. she is finding herself watching me trying to find my answers. she has a great understanding about conservation and how indigenous people can truly contribute to that.
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great idea. I was just feeling in a bit of a negative frame of mind, but I've been reading 'law of attraction' stuff a lot lately and so it's not a coincedance in my mind that I came across this thread

I want to live in a community that supports, nourishes and loves me and my son, where we can share reciprocal childcare, and where we live close to the land and in harmony with nature, away from the city but close enough to get there easily.

I want a partner who loves, respects, and cherishes me and my son, who shares my spiritual values, and who I really fancy (and fancies me), is financially solvent and moving towards his dreams steadily, and can support my dreams

Oh, and I want a reliable, cheap to run car and a Hoover that works well!
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Just what I needed but didn't know it yet.

I want to peacefully separate from my partner and cause the least amount of trauma to my son possible. I want to find a job that I enjoy that supports all of my needs and gives me ample time and money to be with my son. I want my STBX to accept and work with me during this difficult transition. I want to heal my wounds and recover from my addictions. I want to feel peace and joy at I strive to rediscover my power and innate wisdom. I want my son to thrive and grow healthy and happy with now two homes/parents that love and cherish him. I want my own little place that is clean, quiet, safe, sunny, affordable, and close to nature. I want to continue my education and make progress towards goals of self-improvement and peaceful living. Last but not least, I want to..not right now but eventually, find and connect with one true love.

Thanks for the reminder. I now release control and let the universe take over.
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I love manifestation! I'm just subbing for now and will be back later. I will add that I am extremely grateful for my most recent successful manifestation of an increase in my income! I got exactly what I wanted! Thank you, thank you, thank you!!!
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Yea, I'll play too, why not.

I wish to have a manageable and enjoyable time in college and university and to attain a successful and prosperous teaching career. I would like my son's father to mature into suitable father figure for my son, and my son to keep his passion for learning and exploring. I would like to be financially independent if needed but meet the best match I deserve who is emotional mature enough to deal with a mother and her baby and shares the same goals and values. And most importantly to keep my passion for true happiness alive.
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Wow. I'm almost embarrassed to post what I'm going to manifest (see how positive I can be!) but here it goes:

My kids and I live in a place where we are surrounded by beauty. Our home is comfortable, organized, airy, full of light and color and style. It's a place where everyone feels welcome, where friends, family and neighbors naturally gather. Laughter, passion, love, creativity and joy live with us. The yard is fun and quirky and colorful as well.

I can easily afford to pay for all of our needs and our wants. We can travel wherever we like, explore and enjoy ourselves without financial worry. We never worry about money. We have enough so that we are able to give it away to anyone in need. We are generous with all of our gifts.

My children are loved, supported and encouraged by a fantastic extended family. My XH is a stable and loving father. My children THRIVE and come to know in their hearts that although their parents are no longer married, life goes on... and even gets BETTER. My kids have faith and strength and humor and confidence. They know they are forever cherished and unique and necessary here on this earth. They are optimistic. They are not overly hard on themselves... realizing that there are no "mistakes" just chances to learn and so they can roll with life.

I am creative. Divinely inspired. And I have the time and resources and skill to bring my ideas to life. I share this creativity with others and feel fulfilled. I am successful beyond what I can imagine.

My family and I are all strong and healthy. We life a healthy lifestyle and those choices come easily. We exercise and eat well. Our bodies are improving every day. We are learning everyday.

My kids and I have lots of valuable friendships. Or connections with others. Deep and true... not superficial. We build an amazing community.

I am a good mom. The perfect mom for my kids. They know they are loved, that I'm always there for them, rooting for them and seeing the best in them. I am able to let them be free enough to experience their own life journey. I am a positive role model. I'm freakishly patient and also fun.

And last but not least... my man... I have one. I am in a committed relationship with my life partner. He is hot, sexy and passionate. I feel passion for him. I enjoy being with him. He is strong, kind, funny, healthy, wealthy, honest, loving, sensitive, smart, adventurous, patient, reliable, and makes family a priority. He comes from a family that I also love. He is creative, athletic (ideally a runner), and energetic and inspired. Handy... did I mention that he should be handy too? With him I feel safe, loved, energized, funny, smart and sexy. We support each other, share our dreams, play jokes, laugh, get wild, have great sex, talk, challenge each other and become better people.

I am confident, strong, beautiful, talented, kind, generous, honest, smart, healthy, hilarious, humble, thankful, positive, joyful, inspired and just all around AWESOME and I deserve all of this!!!!!!!

whew... I think I'm done (for now)
Thank you! I am pumped now.
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Hi everyone, OP here...I wish I'd been able to check in sooner, but I've been sick with a nasty stomach bug...anyway, you know how it goes...

But **WOW**...I am so inspired by all of you!

I feel like knowing, very specifically, what you want and need out of life really helps you get there. That concept been proven to me over and over again throughout my own life...I just have to keep remembering it during the harder times, and learn to gracefully accept that rain along with the sun is necessary for full bloom.
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