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Breastfeeding through pregnancy

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Hello Everyone! I'm a newbie here.

I just found out that I am pregnant with my third (due in March) and am still nursing my 17 month old. I also pump 6-8 ounces of milk for my 2.5 year old every day, because he is allergic to cow and goat milk and I like him getting the extra nutrition.

I was just wondering if anyone could share their experiences with nursing while pregnant. How much extra did you have to eat? How was your milk affected? Did it become painful at any point?

Thanks in advance!
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If you search threads you will find several on this subject. But I will tell you my experience.

My DS had just turned 1yo when I got pg. For the first couple months I didn't know I was pg and was wondering why my supply was low, eating oatmeal in the mornings to try to bring it up (which was making me sick to my stomach Duh lol) My supply was pretty much gone by around 20wks but DS kept "dry"
nursing. I did have tender nipples but that wasn't what got me the most, I had this weird feeling like I wanted to throw him when he was nursing, skin crawling it was so disturbing to me. I never of course let him know how I was feeling but I did find out through the book Adventures of Tandem Nursing that it is a normal feeling. We made it through the pg only to have him wean at 5wks pp.

If you have a La Leche League group by you they are great for info and support, congrats and good luck and welcome to MDC
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I nursed through my pregnancy - my son was 2 when I became pregnant - and while it was a little painful at first, it really improved by the second trimester. My milk was definitely different and he self-weaned when I was 36 weeks pregnant (he was almost 3). I had doctors tell me to stop, but my research and doula said it was fine - and I am so glad I kept nursing - there is no doubt it was right for us. Good luck!!
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I'm tandem nursing my 31 month and 5 month old boys -- it's going well so far!

I was just wondering if anyone could share their experiences with nursing while pregnant.

Mainstream everyone will tell you to stop; ignore them, do what feels right!

How much extra did you have to eat?

Not sure, I ate a TON but I didn't really keep track -- just ate to satisfy my hunger.

How was your milk affected?

Not sure what you mean by this?

Did it become painful at any point?

Nope! I've never had painful BF, though I did get my first/hopefully last bout of mastitis when DS2 was a few weeks old. I suspect it had to do with overproduction in feeding two kids and just a supply issue overall.

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