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VBAC support in SE Alaska?

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Hi. I'm Andi, I live in Juneau. I was wondering if anyone had any ideas about what I can do for the birth of my third child in February. I had a homebirth for my first and then a last-minute forced c-section for my second due to breech presentation. I really do not want another c-section. My local hospital has a 38% c-section rate!

My husband and I are preparing to visit our local birth center, which handled my first homebirth, and I was hoping to find some information on VBACs in Southeast. My guess is that there isn't really any option other than to travel or do an unassisted homebirth. I'm just worried about the logistics that might be required to leave town to have my baby in the middle of winter, or the fact that my husband might be the one delivering me with no medical training.

I feel stuck between a rock and a hard place. I guess the easy way out would be to just go along with protocol but I am so stubborn, lol! I had a hard time coming to terms with my c-section due to breech as I was a breech-born baby myself in the 70's with no intervention. Not to mention that when I got to the hospital at 8 cm the doctor was an older gentleman who commented that if the hospital didn't have a policy against vaginal delivery of a breech baby, I'd probably do just fine. As he was gearing my up for surgery! Anyway, the only bright side I can think of to that scenario is that I will stay in the hospital for as long as possible. Last time I went home as soon as I could and ended up washing and hanging laundry and diapers to dry the next day.

Any suggestions or links would be much appreciated.
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another option is to look into hiring a traveling midwife. I can give you the names and contact info of 2.
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Wow, that would be great! Thank you. I hadn't thought of that. That sounds wonderful.
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