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My unplanned (but amazing) HOME birth!!!

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Well, it certainly was not the birth we had expected, but it was the most amazing, awesome experience!

I’d been getting braxton hicks every hour at night for weeks so it didn’t surprise me when I had them at 2 am and 2:30 am on Friday June 25 (5 days past due.) But then they started getting intense in a way that let me know it was serious. By 3:23 I was timing them but they seemed way too close together (between 1-5 minutes) to be real. They ranged from 15 to 60 seconds.

I woke up DH at 4 a.m. and had one so strong I immediately had to start vocalizing VERY loudly through it. I called the doctor and he said to come in ASAP. I called our doula and told her we were on the way. DH called our neighbors to watch DD and then dashed over to bang on their door.

At this point I have a cx so hard that I drop to my knees and I’m leaning over the couch, moaning so loudly I think I’m going to shake the house _ and I feel the amniotic sac bulging out (felt it just tehre and then reached with my hand!) I know there is no way we’re leaving.

DH runs back inside and I tell him about the sac, “Do you want me to call 911,” I say yes because it makes sense at the time. He calls the doula and tells her we’re staying, the doula tells him to get me on my side, which feels a lot better.

In about 10 minutes, the EMTs arrive, the neighbors arrive and my doula makes it, which made me cry with joy. At one point I was scream-moaning “I WANT HIM OUT!!!!” which cracks me up now. One push and the water broke, which felt awesome, one push and the head came out, one push and the rest of his body was born on the living room floor. It was the most incredible experience of my life. (DD never woke up, despite my yelling and the 9 EMTs in my living room and kitchen.)

Start to finish, maybe 90 minutes!

I had a pretty bad external tear but internally – not so much. We had to go to the hospital to deliver the placenta, but that was OK. After an aggravating 2-day stay where I shooed the nurses out every chance I got, we are both now fantastic – he’s nursing contantly and sleeping actually very well and the most gorgeous boy I’ve ever seen.

Thank you all so much for you ladies who have previously posted your stoires. You’ll never know how much they inspired me. And to the ladies who have yet to tell their birth day stories – YOU CAN DO IT!
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Congratulations on your wonderful birth and your beautiful baby. Isn't it amazing what our bodies are capable of doing? Wonderful. Enjoy your babymoon.
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Awesome story! Congratulations!
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wonderful story! Congrats mama!
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That's awesome, congratulations!
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How amazing!! Congratulations!!
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What a great story!!! Congrats and happy babymooning!
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Awww your birth story gave me goose bumps! Way to go and congrats! Enjoy your baby moon!
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Congratulations! (And can I selfishly hope that the same thing happens to me soon too)
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Wow! How amazing! Your birth story is my pipe-dream .
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That is awesome! Congrats...if you have another and it happens again just have your doula call a hb midwife to come and finish the placenta and immediate post partum and newborn exam...it might be worth paying her a few hundrend to do it instead of going off to the hospital. ...just a thought. So cool you have a daughter and son now!!! They are all so wonderful no matter what!
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Congratulations! Your Baby just wanted to stay at home!!!
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Wow, that is a great story! Next time you will have to plan the home birth, because it doesn't sound like you'll have time to get anywhere! I hope your recovery has been smooth.
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thanks all! And to all you other home birthers - we have absolutely become home birth advocates. We have NOOOOOO plans for a 3rd but in an alternate universe if we did have another - it would DEFINITELY be at home!
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