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Dentist in bucks/montco PA?

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DS has a congenital dental issue (supernumerary permanent tooth that has to be monitored as it may erupt into his sinus cavity. Lucky us!) that will eventually require oral surgery in the next year or so roughly.

We recently relocated back to the area and I'd like to find a good dentist around Lansdale, Hatfield, Souderton, Quakertown, would consider maybe going as far as Doylestown, etc. Looking for gentle care, hopefully someone who doesn't use metal amalgams (if we ever end up needing a cavity filled), doesn't balk at parents in the exam room or parents who decline fluoride.

Any recommendations? We were seeing a pediatric dentist in NC but I would be open to a non pediatric dentist as well. Looking for gentle, patient, etc. overall, whether a ped dentist or not.

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our dentist, fits the bill, almost to a T. the only thing i can say bad about him is that he recommended i have something done & i did no research nor asked questions. it turned out fine but i wish i'd handled it differently. he;s cool w/ no xrays, no flouride, watch-&-see on potential issues, really wants my children to be comfortable, etc.

dr. h. govani (pronounced GO-vani) 215 822 9600 in lansdale/colmar 2 min. off rt. 309 at broad st.

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