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All about triscuitsmom *Questions added about testing in post #3*

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OK... I'm a little overwhelmed at trying to get all of this down so please forgive me if it's long or not clear.

Immune System: I have for as long as I can remember had digestive issues and immune issues. As a child I was chronically ill... I picked up every single thing everyone ever got and got it worse. Ear and throat infections monthly... literally I never went longer than a month without antibiotics (which actually worked for me, although I know they say a lot are viral now).

I was a vaginally born baby at almost 43 weeks, good weight... but the birth was traumatic for both my mother and I and I was taken away to the NICU for meconium aspiration and put on antibiotics before I'd ever even been held by my mother let alone nursed. I was breastfed though and nursed to 18 months.

Along with the bacterial infections I had chronically I got (confirmed) cases of the chicken pox three times. First when I was a year old, then at around eight, then again when I was pregnant with my oldest (at age 19). This pregnancy they checked my titres and I appear to finally have immunity.

As an adult I got healthier. I don't catch every little thing anymore, although my immune system still isn't fabulous. I keep getting recurrent sinus infections this pregnancy

Allergies: Food wise I couldn't have dairy at all growing up although I do better now with it. I find it incredibly hard to stay gluten free so sometimes it's worth the reactions I get, but I know I'm gluten sensitive On skin allergy tests I react positive to milk, eggs and wheat (though I can't remember others I know there were more). I also get swelling around my lips, hives and have difficulty breathing with cherries, morphine and codeine. Celiac disease along with a whole host of food allergies (including ANA) and food intolerances run in my family, but with the exception of ANA stuff my family just feel it's "normal" (because it's common). Including the one family who has a confirmed case of celiac disease, he still eats gluten because he doesn't react as strongly as he did as a child so he must be cured right?

Moods/Hormones: Along with the food intolerances I currently also have wicked blood sugar crashes and all of a sudden I'm shaky and headachey and feel like crap until I eat again. I also have mood issues all over the map.

I saw my current ND for the first time in May, 2009 and at that point I was having adrenaline rushes laying in bed doing nothing. I was totally exhausted all the time and really couldn't function. She said it was probably my adrenals being totally depleted. I started taking some supplements and felt somewhat better (at least functional) after that.

Then I had a miscarriage in August of last year and developed PPD. I went back to her and she put me on another supplement which also helped. I also started taking inositol and if I don't take the inositol I cannot stay in control of my emotions.

For those who are familiar with the book The Mood Cure I fit all four profiles she talks about when I take the questionnaires (inadequate serontonin, lack of catecholamines or thyroid hormones, adrenal burnout, and endorphin deficiency). I score lower on the adrenal burnout than I did before but still high enough to be considered to have a problem according to Julia Ross' profiles.

Supplements: I'm currently taking (well actually some of them I'm slacking on because I've run out, but I have on my list of things to take, and usually do when they are here)... I'm linking to the exact ones I'm taking in case there is something that jumps out at any one:
*Inositol 2 tsps twice a day
*Phytisone 2 morning, 1 night
*Tran Q 2 morning and 2 night
*B5 complex 1 at night
*Prenatal 2 morning, 1 night
*Fish oil once a day
*Probiotic once a day

Plus I take Pulmacort for my asthma which I only need when I'm pregnant in the summer (summer is always my worst season but now as an adult my asthma only flares when I'm pregnant).

Diet: I was a vegetarian for 6.5 years from 2003 to this spring. We started adding local, grass fed meats back into our diets (never any meat other than that) and so far it's feeling pretty good. It used to be that I felt like crap if I ate meat. Our produce is local as well.

I also have reproductive issues, but I'm going to put those in the next post because this one is already long. Thank you if you've made it this far!
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My reproductive history has been a long one considering my young age so I thought I'd put it in its own post.

First I should start by saying that both my grandmother had at least one miscarriage and my mother has endometriosis and had an ectopic pregnancy resulting in the loss of a tube and at least one miscarriage. All of us have had more than adequate milk supplies.

I get pregnant easily but I have a very hard time staying pregnant. I have had 10 pregnancies:

1-conceived on BCP, ended in miscarriage at 5.5 weeks 09/03
2-chemical pregnancy 05/04
3-ended in miscarriage at 10 weeks 12/04
4-twins, heterotopic (one in my tube, one in my uterus), had a laproscopy done and my tube is still there and intact, I lost the second twin two weeks later 07/05
5-my oldest son, born at 43+2 weeks 08/06
6-chemical pregnancy 04/08
7-miscarriage at 6 weeks 05/08
8-my second son, born at 38+1 weeks 01/09
9-miscarriage at 7 weeks 08/09
10-this pregnancy... I'm due in September

I have always gotten pregnant without trying or first month trying except for this pregnancy where I got pregnant on the third cycle after the miscarriage (which I know is still not long at all). But staying pregnant has been a struggle. I had bloodwork done after I lost the twins which didn't show anything except a borderline low thyroid that nothing was done about because it was still in normal range. I don't know exactly what was run (although it occurs to me I could and probably should get the results).

I was diagnosed with endo in 2005 and I have battled with extremely painful periods forever. One of the best things of actually being childbearing now is that I don't have to deal with that since I get a break with nursing after the baby is born.

I've been lactating for almost four years now. I'm nursing both my almost four year old and my almost 1.5 year old.

OK I think that's everything... sorry for the novel

ETA: I should probably also add that I'm going to the ND on July 5th because of the mood swings and blood sugar crashes and sinus infections. If you can think of anything that I should get her to check for let me know because it's easier to get her to order stuff than my family doctor.
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I am heading to the ND today and I had a couple of questions about testing. I decided to post them here rather than a new thread in case any of the information about me helps someone make a decision.

I am wanting to get my adrenal function assessed because I'm feeling like I did a year ago again even with supplements Does it matter (accuracy wise) that I'm pregnant?

My ND uses Rocky Mountain Analytical for testing. I am thinking of getting a metals test done as well for baseline knowledge (possibly on the kids too next week at their appointment). Is this a good lab or should I be looking elsewhere?

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