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The hospital vaginal birth club

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I don't recall seeing a thread for us, so I thought I'd start one. If you're planning to have a vaginal birth in a hospital (not a totallly separate birthing center), how are you feeling about things? What are your plans? Medicated, unmedicated? Have you made a birth plan? What are you worried about? Have you btdt before? What worked well and what didn't?

I'm birthing unmedicated with a CNM at a teaching hospital that is renowned for its midwifery program. They encourage natural birthing, rooming in, allow food and freedom of movement during labor, early discharge if desired, have tubs in a few rooms (though you have to get out to push), and other good stuff. I birthed with them last time and things went pretty well. I had my 35 week appointment today and finally remembered to ask about a birth plan. I'm sure I did it a bit earlier last time (though maybe not), but we've all been so relaxed about my appointments this time, I've seen them much less frequently than a first timer would, so things keep getting put off until later. I don't have another appointment until I'm 37.5 weeks, so I'm just a tiny bit worried I might have the baby before we have a plan! I'm not intending to write a novel, but there are a few things I'd do differently than last time.

I ended up with directed pushing because I was just so ready to be done. I didn't really, really feel the urge to push, but I fibbed and said I did. Pushing took 1.5 hours, which isn't terrible, I know, but I'd like less this time. And I tore. 2nd degree. I'm sure it's because I wasnt ready to push.

Also, I think I allowed the baby to be away from me too much, although she was with me for the first hour or so. And I think she got the eye goop and vit k shot. I don't want my baby being jostled or poked or smudged this time.

I'm also taking my placenta with me this time. Having it encapsulated.

Oh, and this time I am NOT allowing an entire class of medical students and every free nurse on the floor in to watch the miracle of natural childbirth. I was an inspiration last time. This time, I'm going for peace and privacy.

Other than that, I think it'll be fine.

how about you?
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I just posted about my hospital tour.

Last pg I was in Texas at a high-intervention hospital. I had my unmedicated birth but it was a bit of a fight. I was induced (just with Cervadil) at 42 wks so they insisted on continuous monitoring. Also baby was taken away to the nursery for several hours and then again the following day for Ped. evaluation or whatever.

Now I'm home in the UK. It seems like natural childbirth goes very well with socialised medicine as it costs so much less!

I would have liked a home birth but I'm staying with my in-laws who make me feel claustrophic at the best of times and I need to feel uninhibited.
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This is my third so I have been pretty relaxed, never even took the hospital tour, yikes! :-). I haven't really thought of a birth plan, though I am pushing my dr to let me out after only 24 hours and I want to avoid the eye goop, the vit k I don't have a problem with.

Besides that, I am glad I live close by, had a lot of friends have really great experiences there, many went without drugs, very pro breast feeding, so I feel good about it.
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This is interesting - we will use a birthing center within a hospital - it's really just a very nice, new, homey L&D department with big rooms - and the policies are set by the doctors/midwives, not by the hospital itself. Is that unusual? Our practice (4 obs, 1 midwife) also stay with us for as much of the labor & birth as we want them there - they don't just come in at the end.

DD was born there, and we had a great experience. Each room has at least a bathtub; one has a full tub and you can deliver in there if your doc is kosher with it (which ours are).

My doc had me laboring in the tub, and was amazing at knowing what to suggest, when, to help move labor along - they assume that every woman wants a low-intervention birth, unmedicated, unless specified otherwise! And our doctors act as advocates & run interference with sometimes-idiotic nurses.

So....I guess we're good! Ok with the Vitamin K, but no on the eye goop. Only thing I want different is to have the baby on me right away. Apparently they were very worried about my blood loss last time which is why I didn't get her - but both DH and the doctors have been instructed that unless the baby's life or mine is in danger, babe comes to mama.
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I'll join the club! This time around things are really kinda up in the air, but that's only because I am having twins. I have a really hands-off, laid-back and experienced OB who was at my last birth and was very supportive, so even tho there are a lot of variables that I have no way of knowing which way they will go, at least I am confident that my provider isn't going to push unnecessary stuff on me.
Right now I am planning on having an unmedicated, vaginal delivery. Baby A is vertex (and has been for a long time, and seems to be staying that way), B is breech. Dr says as long as A is vertex, were good to go with the vaginal delivery. B's position throws a slight curve ball, as that increases the chance of a c-sec., BUT my Dr has tons of experience w/breech birth and repositioning, so it's not a certainty by a long shot. I do plan on having an epidural in place, so if the c-sec turns out to the be necessary, I most likely won't get a general. Also, w/ my cracked tailbone, I am thinking that it might be wise to have pain meds. The relative lightness of BHs let me know that my tailbone has issues, so I am thinking that real contractions and having two babies pass over the thing is not going to be a picnic!
Anyway, that's really as far as my birth plan goes. I asked the dr if he wanted me to give him one and he said it was up to me, but he felt it unneccesary considering he already knows my preferences. And he really seems to be on the same page with me w/ alot of what are considered natural birthing practices.
Even tho I have never had a homebirth, I have wanted to have one. And since this is my last pg, it is a little sad that is looks like I will probably never have a homebirth. In fact, if I was just having one, I probably would be homebirthing this time. All things considered (having twins, my rapport w/my OB, familiarity with the facility, etc), I think this is the best choice this time.
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Me! I will be giving birth in a traditional L & D with an OB. However, my OB is very very crunchy and big on evidence based medicine, I love him to pieces. It's the same OB and hospital I had my 3 year old DS with so I'm pretty confident. The hospital is certified baby friendly, does not have a well baby nursery so rooming in is required, and all procedures except the hearing check will be done in my room, and DH was invited to go with DS for the hearing check last time. I can labor in the whirlpool tub, but unfortunately there just isn't enough space to give birth in there--it's in the bathroom which is too small to allow more than one person in there with me.

My plan is a natural birth with few interventions. I don't have a birth plan this time because honestly the hospital was wonderful and respectful last time, and my OB knows and understands my wishes. I talked to him and he said everything I want is fairly standard for his patients, and the nurses overall know what to expect from his patients, so I shouldn't have any problems. I left after 24 hours last time and hope to do so again.
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We had our hospital tour a few months ago, did our birth plan, OB is fine with it. Hoping to have an unmedicated birth if possible.

The hospital has showers but no tubs, birth balls, squatting bars, supportive of moving around during labor, rooming in and breastfeeding, and overall the impression we got was that they were pretty flexible and open-minded. Hopefully that will be the case! I also have the same impression of my OB and the others in the practice that I've met so far.
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We're planning on a hospital birth for this ds . . . same hospital we used for the birth of ds1 and ds2. It's only 5-10 minutes from our house, and our entire copay--including prenatal visits--is $100. So even though I'd prefer a homebirth, I can't really justify it! Especially since we did have good experiences there before.

I'm using Hypnobabies this time, and I'm hoping to avoid pain medication. All three of my other kids were uncomplicated vaginal births, so I don't anticipate there being any need for interventions. I've never written a birth plan before, but since I'm doing Hypnobabies this time, I may write a short directive that I'd prefer most questions be fielded by dh when possible.

We don't do Hep B or circumcision, and the hospitals around here keep moms and babies together unless baby is sick and needs to be taken to the NICU. The hospital I'm delivering at gives baby to mom right away and promotes breastfeeding, so I'm not too concerned about that. But I do want dh to be the one to give the first bath, so I think I'll stick that in the birth plan.
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We're going into our hospital's birth centre. They've got a really good rep where we live (it's where all the Sheiks of the UAE and other babies in the royal family are born ). It's all midwives and nurses and they have one or two OBs on call in the centre for emergencies/c-sections. My impression of the place is that they encourage "natural" birth (I think here, that mostly means no c-section and maybe no epi), but that they are not too familiar with other practices that often go along with it in the western world. We made a really detailed birth plan which we've gone over with our doctor and some of the midwives there, we have befriended a couple of the midwives that taught our birth class (crossing our fingers that one of them will be there at our birth), and we're going in with the best intentions but ready for anything.
Our place only has showers in some of the rooms, and no baths. They do have dimmer lights, birth balls (we're bringing our own though), floor mats, allow eating+drinking, rooming in and won't stick me on the monitor after the initial read and will stay out of our way until it's pushing time. They all think we're freaks for not wanting hep B, vit K, BCG (tb vax) and the eye gel, but will do what we want.

Generally I think we'll get everything we want, it just may take DH being very vigilant and both of us clearly telling them what NOT to do, as most people that go in there don't have any idea and they usually just stick to routine.

I'm feeling much more positive about it all than I did a while ago.
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I'm giving birth at the same hospital that I had DD in with a great CNM practice. I'm lucky to have a choice of hospitals in my area, and we're choosing to drive a bit further (20-30 min versus 5 min) to use a smaller hospital and CNM practice. It worked great last time, although DD was born at 42 weeks with a long 48 hour labor that ended with more interventions than I would have liked (I got an epidural to sleep after 40 hours of labor and more like 60 without sleep and DD had a ton of meconium which presented the need for some other interventions, but at each point, I felt like our wishes were respected and we were given a choice). Like last time, I have a doula--I'm going with an older woman this time who just radiates calm. Really hoping to go without pain relief this time and to have a bit shorter of labor. Last time, I went without a "plan." This time I have a short bullet list of preferences that the midwives have signed off on.
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I'm also returning to the L&D ward of the hospital where DS was born. My midwife works from this hospital, and it was great last time. It's not fancy/pretty...and no tubs (but showers at least). I can't believe how soon it will all be...
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we are having our third birth at the same hospital. DD#1's birth was chaotic and not so great it ended in a vacuum extract the head of high risk just happened to be the one who was on duty so I think he did his high risk thing.
For DD#2 I switched to a different OB and it couldn't have been more different it was peaceful and quiet and my OB is very hands off, once her head was delivered and the cord off from around her neck she told me to reach down and I was able to catch her. It was a truly beautiful moment.

I stuck with the same hospital because my OB is a wonderful laid back woman who was trained in VBACs, breech births etc. She doesn't believe in a woman being on "the clock" and in general left me to it. I was one of the first who had requested delayed cord clamping and she was very respectful of it and showed me the cord prior to allowing my mom to cut it to make sure I saw it wasn't pulsing.
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Planning a hospital birth with my family practitioner here.
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I am hospital VBACing with a very evidence based medicine Dr. He is our local mw/homebirth back-up and believes women should birth in the manner in which they choose. (He actually said that!)

I have hired a doula and intend to birth w/o pain meds. I hope that I can keep interventions to a minimum but being a VBAC I know they will want to be a little more watchful, even if its not necessary. I plan to labor at home for as long as possible.
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So are any of you worried, with all the super speedy labors we've been seeing in this DDC, that you might not make it to the hospital in time? That was not a problem AT ALL with my first, since I had a slow, steady, fairly easy early labor for about 20 hours before needing to head out, but with a 40 minute drive (if no traffic), I'm a little worried when I see these 45 minute start-to-finish labors coming through. I actually would like to have a homebirth, but I'm not sure about an unassisted one. I know DH would freak out. Luckily, we have two EMTs on our street should we really need some help.
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Mine is an hour drive minimum, could be much longer, so we'll try to stock the car with some supplies just in case. As a first-timer I suspect mine won't be that fast though!
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I'm planning a midwife attended hospital VBAC. My main concern isn't "not making it on time". I only live about 10 minutes away... I'm more worried about being GBS+ and having 4hrs of antibioltic time before she is born. My first birth was an induction with 4 hours of active labour before an emergency c-section, so time may be a factor (especially since I'm fairly dialated already).
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I'm only 10 minutes from the hospital, but my parents are an hour and change away (and they are planning to come up and hang out with my stepdaughter if she's around). I'm not super-worried about that, though--we do have other people we could leave her with for a few hours if need be, and if worse comes to worse, she can come to the hospital and wait for them there (and that would only be at night--she goes to camp during the day and she knows if Grandma and Grampa come to pick her up instead of her dad or me, the baby's coming).

I'm a first-timer and I don't think it'll be that fast. Heredity says about 12 hours. My husband is under strict orders NOT to call EMT unless something seems truly wrong if I do have a precipitous labor in my bathtub or something. I'd rather UC than give birth in an ambulance.
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in theory I am not worried about making in time we are only 10 minutes away. My first and second labors were textbook 18 hrs and about 8 hours. My ob has seen a bunch of 3rd time moms lately who are walking around at 5-6 cm and then have super speedy labors. The only real concern is that I want to make sure someone can come be with my girls before the baby is born on our foyer floor or something with DD acting as midwife
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I had all three of my children at the same birth center connected to hospital with choice of CNMs or OBs (though I was hoping to do homebirth-just couldn't swing it).
I have heard so many horror hospital stories so wanted to throw my positive story out here. They were wonderful - they encouraged me to eat when I arrived to keep up my strength, told me to go outside and walk around to encourage labor, checked heartbeat periodically but worked with whatever position I was in, let me deliver in the position I wanted (first hands and knees on the floor then I felt I had to move up and kneel on bed w/ upper body draped over the raised head of bed) and when baby was born dh caught baby (well half caught because I was demanding the use of 1 of his arms, so he held her head and let the body kind of drop onto the bed in a pile), I turned around picked up baby and put her right on my chest, placenta came right away, the midwife showed us the placenta and where it attached to me and how strong the sac was , showed us how the cord was through pulsing, asked who wanted to cut it, took a quick look at me and baby, asked if we wanted a little time, and when we said yes nurse and midwife left for like a half hour or so.
The nurse came in later and casually asked if we were doing eye ointment, vit k, hep B, we said no, then asked if we wanted her to bath baby or not, we said no and she left us again. Baby never even left the room and they didn't even put a bracelet on her (which I didn't realize until they gave it to us for a momento as we were leaving- I'm sure they would have if our dd had left our room for any reason) and they let us leave 6 hrs later- we had to wait for midwife to return to give us the take it easy at home talk and what to watch for, and for Rhogram test to finish and then be made and injected). Oh and we stayed in the same room the whole time- no switching to the birthing room , then the recoup room, etc.
But really there was no battles to be had and everyone was so nice and supportive.
Now I know a lot has to do with specific hospital policies which you can't change by bringing in a birthplan or by having a strong opinion, a lot depends on the nurse/midwife/ob who happens to be on call and a lot is just how your body and your birth goes. If my labor didn't kick in within the 24 or so hours of water breaking as they like to see I might have come away from the same bc with a very different story.
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