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UWS vs Park Slope?

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I am moving to NY end of September and have narrowed it down to these two areas as great areas for a mom and a little guy to be while dad works insane hours at a law firm in midtown. I am drawn to the convenience of the UWS as far as getting out and meeting other moms and families and I kind of feel somewhat safer with a high rise and doorman. However, we really like the Park Slope area and it seems like it might have all of the convenience with a lot more square footage. Am I right in my interpretation? I do worry about not feeling as safe at home alone at night in a smaller apartment complex or townhouse.
So, any advice you might have on what area would be best for a new mom and little guy who have a daddy that works in midtown that they would like to see every now and then Any and all input is welcome. Educate me!
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I lived on the border of the UWS/Morningsifde Heights for about a year and I've lived in Park Slope for 10 years and LOVE it... there are definitely doormen buildings here if you want that. Definitely will get more space for your $ (even though you will still be paying a lot ) and there are lots of ways to meet other families.

The commute isn't bad, depending on which trains are closest - 2/3 is express and gets you to midtown (west side) pretty quickly. I have taken the F and transferred to the B/D to get to Grand Central in about 35 minutes during rush hour. It's all pretty doable.

It's also quieter here.

I never thought I would actually like Brooklyn when I moved here, but now I really love it and am okay without living in Manhattan!
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look into Sunnyside, Queens--closer to midtown than Park Slope & it's teeming with families.
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