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July Dating Thread- Let the fireworks begin!

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Where is it?
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We're all waiting for you to start one
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are you serious? no june? might as well wait for the July fireworks then! I've recently broken up with my wonderful longtime sweetheart, which is really sad, and I'm putting a toe back in the dating world. How's swimming guy??
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Swimming guy and I have just celebrated our one year 'anniversary' of knowing one another. He gave me a nice silver bracelet.

I haven't really been on the 'dating' scene at all. I don't know what has happened to all the other gals here, though I bet if a July dating thread was started we'd hear some updates!! (Hint Hint!!)

Zeta, I am sorry to hear you broke up with your wonderful longtime sweetheart. I hope you will find a nice caring partner
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Well, I'm still here making an effort and coming up short. I had two dates last month, both of which went no where. I met them both online. One seemed like a very nice guy, excellent manners, reasonably nice looking, but talked about money the entire. time. As in, "I went to a wedding 18 years ago that cost XX/plate," "When I redid my bathroom 5 years ago, I got 3 plumbing estimates that ranged from $XXX-$XXX, which is outrageous," "My brother paid $XXXX for his condo in 2002, he pays $XXX for the monthly hurricane insurance" and so on and so forth. Such a shame, because he had a lot of other stuff going for him, but I was thinking, if I had to listen to this everyday, I'd off myself.

The next guy seemed promising, but I wasn't too keen on his suggestion for a first date. 9 o'clock on a Wed night at a bar/grill, that is really only men watching sports at that day & time. I had suggested a nicer place, but he didn't know it, so wanted this place. Well, he was late, so I left. I didn't wait long, but hey, I REALLY didn't like waiting there alone. There were NO other women. I looked like I was trying to pick someone up, and men were approaching me. He saw me driving away and emailed me. I agreed to try again. We went to a different place. He was at least on time. But then, it turns out he's getting divorced, not already divorced, as his profile had said. He complained bitterly about his wife for quite a while, and then acted bored the rest of the time - watching the ball game over my shoulder, and I saw him checking his watch. After I finished my glass of wine, I said I had to get home b/c my babysitter was going out. Thanks but no thanks buddy.

So, that's been it. I went to a party and was introduced to a guy who seemed really nice, but he's a youth minister, who wants to become a priest after getting married, and I don't know if I'm up for that at this point. A few of my friends have some other thoughts, but I haven't met any of them yet. We'll see!
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Well, my "dating" life can be summed up to one word: Saxman.

We've been dating each other since March and it's gone wonderfully (I was *about* to say "swimmingly" but then thought of HollyCran's man and decided not to ). We've gone to a wedding together, to the Jazz Festival together, he spents time at home with me and DD, and is always ready with a massage, cleaning up/dishes and of course, some jazz music, after I put DD to bed. I went to his album launch recently and got drilled by one of his family friends (i.e. "What are your intentions with regards to Saxman??"). Hehe, I almost answered something lewd but then thought better of it.

So it's rather quiet on this front for me since I'm only seeing Saxman.
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Hope it is okay if I crash your thread lol. I love living vicariously through all of you that are dating. Hopefully one day I can join this thread for real and have my own interesting dating stories to tell. You ladies give me hope.
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removing for privacy
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Well, I just wandered back onto match, and lo and behold, there seem to be some MUCH more appealing options! Not sure why, because I've been there for nearly 9 months, but I've gotten a few winks and messages from some interesting prospects! Exciting. Hopefully I'll have a date later next week. Right now I'm enjoying a beach getaway with the kids & my family for July 4th!
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Hi everyone. After a disappointing end to a fling a few weeks ago, things are looking much more promising. I met a lovely guy at a camping holiday 10 days ago and we have been in contact since then, and are meeting up in a week (He lives about 2 hours away by train). I'm determined to take things more slowly than I have done in the past, and to my relief he feels the same, although we are both obviously very interested in each other. I'm also still on a dating site and have been getting some promising -looking guys interested on there, but no dates as yet. Had a very disappointing date a couple weeks ago with a guy I gelled with well on email, but turned out still to be living with his ex wife and planning to continue doing that for 6 years! What!! Needless to say I told him where to get off (gently). I'm quite excited about this new phase. My ex is still interjecting his stuff all the time though, wanting to get back with me, but he's slowly starting to accept this is not going to happen.
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Sorry I've been MIA......

........I really vanished! sorry!

No news here. I guess I'm meant to be single forever!
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I actually went on my first 'date' post-divorce. My two year old threw up all over me about 2 minutes before he got there. Luckily my parents were watching the kids and were ok with me going still. He walked in and I ran for the door - cause my babe is never sick for just one night.. had a good time - dinner and chatting. Met him at a local summer festival and gave him my real phone number But really I see no future - when I asked him what makes him happy he said : his motorcycle (that one was ok) his kids (great) and hunting (I'm a life long vegetarian as are my kids)... just not enough in common I'm afraid. Ah well ~ its a good start to my dating with children life...
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I haven't been dating, broken hearted from my last relationship. Not sure I've ever let it get to me like this, but it sucks. May start dating again once I finish moving... but ugh, so tired of the online dating. I wish someone would just ask me out.

momanderson, glad to hear things are working out again with paramedic.

and good luck to all.
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I'm around. I actually have several irons in the fire, but no-one with the kind of sparks and connection I had with ATG (who has, actually and really, turned into a good friend). I'm really busy in my own life and don't really have time for sparks right now anyhow -- I've got politics covered by some people, and companionship by others, and that will do, for now....
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Question for any of you ladies who have done online dating:
How long do you talk to someone online before meeting them?

I wasn't planning on trying to meet someone. It's only been about 2 months since I broke up with my boyfriend of the last year (and there may or may not still be some feelings there.) But I set up a profile on okcupid after reading about it in another thread here. So far I've gotten messages from a lot of losers and one really interesting guy. I'm still feeling a little weird about the whole Internet thing, and I guess I'm just wondering how this sort of thing usually works.
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SamiPolizzi - I like to meet someone from online ASAP after a couple emails and perhaps a fairly brief phone call (10-15 minutes). I am absolutely not interested in a pen pal or phone call buddy, and don't want to invest time in someone I'm not going to click with in person.

JunipersMom - It's nice to at least have a "not bad" date!

As for me - it looks like I probably have a date Friday evening with a guy from online. He seems intelligent and well-educated. He is divorced with one child, whom he sees weekly. I have a pretty good feeling about him, but we'll see.

I have been talking to two other guys. One is very local (huge plus) and seems nice and looks fairly attractive (plus), but I'm a bit turned off because he recently went to the casinos for a weekend (pretty big drawback if this is something he's really into). I'm NOT a gambler, and have zero interest in going to casinos. What do you think? Worth meeting? He wants to get together next week.

The other guy is a surgeon (good - I get along with doctors) a little further away (not so good), but I got a good impression from his profile. At least "on paper" we seem to be a good match in a lot of ways. He hasn't yet proposed a meeting - we've exchanged a couple of very brief emails. We'll see where it goes with him.
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I'm joining you!

So excited!

I've joined a couple of internet sites, and have met 2 guys with whom I'm texting and speaking with on the phone.

The first one lives a few hours away but is moving a bit closer next week (he travels a lot for his job). We're going to meet halfway after he moves. This guy is the charming sort, good looking, good job, (except that I don't like the traveling part). I get a little weirded out sometimes talking to him bc the convo sometimes becomes a little risque, sorry if this is tmi, really it's nothing that bad, bc of the fact that we haven't met in person. Don't get me wrong, I'm enjoying it. I'm finding this to be a little confusing. ADVICE??? I see you're nicknaming you're guys, I'll call him JT bc he reminds me of Justin Timberlake

Ok, the other guy, he's SO SWEET. I've spoken to him on the phone once and we texted, but I didn't connect like I did with JT. I'll call this guy S. He has this innocence about him, he seems so happy-go-lucky.

It's almost as if I'm looking at a case between the good guy and the sexy bad guy!!!

Well this is going to be fun at least. I haven't dated in 10 years!!!
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So, I had a date yesterday - lunch date that lasted nearly 3 hours! I like him. He's clearly very intelligent, has two masters degrees from top notch schools and may be getting another. There was a bit of chemistry. I'm not blown away, but I'm favorably impressed enough for a second date. He's divorced, with one child and is a good age for me - 4 years older. I'll call him Mestizo. I have to say, though, I'm still comparing people to Squash Partner who moved in April to a city 3 hours away by air, and neither of us would consider long-distance.

I'm talking to a couple other prospects online...
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I met a guy at work, of all places. He's here to perform an inspection of our facility and is only in town for a few days but we CLICKED! Early days yet but...he's very nice. Divorced, one kid, working on his PhD, and gainfully employed.
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Originally Posted by Minxie View Post
I met a guy at work, of all places. He's here to perform an inspection of our facility and is only in town for a few days but we CLICKED! Early days yet but...he's very nice. Divorced, one kid, working on his PhD, and gainfully employed.
Sounds promising Minxie!

So, after having some time to think over the date, I'm starting to suspect that Mestizo is a bit of an embellisher or perhaps a fraud. His profile said that he had a masters from a particular Ivy league school and a PhD from another, non-Ivy, but prestigious school. He works for another university - a public one, and said he has serious political ambitions. A couple of times, I asked questions or made comments about his two degrees, and his answers were either vague or sort of lack luster, especially after I mentioned that a relative of mine went to the Ivy, and asked why he had joined a club other than that school's club (I was surprised that someone with his purported ambitions hadn't joined the club).

When I google him, his name comes up as a STUDENT of the public school (a business school). So, my suspicion is that he may have taken classes at the other two places, but never graduated and is currently an employee of the public school getting a graduate degree for free.

I want to make clear that NONE of this bothers me. High end degrees are certainly not necessary to date me!!! What does bother me is that I'm pretty sure he's lying about it, or at the minimum stretching the truth liberally to impress people. I'm almost positive he doesn't have a PhD. I've asked a friend who went to the Ivy to check out the alumni database to see if he's actually an alum.

So, how do I handle this? I had agreed to a second date for this week, but hadn't set up specifics. He's been very persistent about texting/calling since the first date. Do I explain why I'm not interested? I just really think he's a charming fraud, and BTDT, not interested in riding that train again.
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