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I think we might have chicken pox!

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My 3 1/2 year old DS was exposed to my father, who had shingles, before we knew he had them. This was about two weeks ago. Yesterday and this morning he was very grumpy and I just noticed some spots on his face. I'll keep everyone updated!
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Bring the POX to the midwest please

We have none that I see after this last bout in our homeschool community.....bring it HERE please!
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Good luck! I'll be asking around for them again in about a year!
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Good Luck! I've been half looking for someone with them for the past few months!
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Are you looking to share them? If so text me, I'll pm you my number...
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Let us know how it goes and if you're willing to share - we would definitely be interested
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Sorry to get everyone's hopes up. Not totally sure if it was or wasn't, but he only got those few spots and nothing more. The doc at urgent care said it wasn't, but he didn't seem especially helpful.
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Looks like we have chicken pox here. I am willing to share. Should no for sure for sure by tomorrow, but what I thought was mosquito bites are now becoming fluid filled and she has been cranky and no herself all day.
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