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We are going natural as well.
I was dealing with endo and DH had a vasectomy reversed in 2008.
We have been focused on cleansing and health building this year. I am very happy to say that endo no longer wipes me out every month. I did a special 3 month cleanse and now hardly have cramps . My DH seemed to have blockage from scar tissue after the reversal, so we have done various things for him to increase sperm and open the blockage.
We are optimistic about this fall.
This website was very helpful to us as well as encouraging:
It is full of information as well as therapy options for various fertility issues.

Blessing to all of you as you embrace this journey.
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This post was started in June. Does anyone have any updates?

We really should be sharing any encouraging progress as we all know going this route is constant hard work. Certainly no less difficult than any other route, so we need to hear any good news.

It is also good to have a place for us in our unique experiences. Perhaps we should do a monthly thread for us 'naturals'? What do you ladies think? Shall we have our own monthly thread?
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Hi - just discovered the thread and thought I'd chime in....

No good news/updates for me personally (secondary infertility and rapidly pushing 40 and dh pushing 50)....however a friend had 3 miscarriages (one pretty bad one at 14 weeks), and then discovered she was gluten intolerant. All mainstream medical testing showed nothing (including colonoscopy)...but she found that some of her symptoms (upset stomach, diarrhea, brain fog) completely disappeared when she strictly eliminated gluten. Once she eliminated gluten from her diet she conceived again and that time the pregnancy held, and she now has a 3 month old dd.
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Also just found this thread! We've been TTCing naturally for almost 2 years, and have no plans to try anything more extensive. This secondary infertility caught us by surprise, as we conceived DS (now 3.5yo) on the first month we've tried. Not sure what is going on this time around - all tests come back normal. The only thing I would maybe consider is Clomid, but I don't know how it would help... For now, I'm still nursing DS, so it's not even an option. Anyways, always good to know that we're not alone! And hopefully some of us get those BFPs soon!
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We have decided for sure now that we are going to do this naturally. For a while we went back and forth on the issue because clomid has helped us in the past.
The previous post about gluten is very interesting to me. I might have to look into that.
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Thank you so much for this thread. We have been naturally trying for almost a year now and I really needed to see that I am not alone in the secondary infertility boat. I have endometriosis and had no trouble conceiving my two boys but now I am 31 and I feel too young for this to be happening.
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I'm so happy to find this board!

We've been TTC #2 for over 1 year now, #1 conceived quickly.

There's almost this society-wide energy that pushes us toward medical interventions when we hit the 1 year mark. I can't help but be skeptical of all of them, though! It's such a conflict bc I don't have the benefit of age on my side anymore (37). So we can go natural for a while longer, but at some point I might just want that other baby too bad to resist!

I'm trying to shore up all systems: have DH on cocktail of supps/vits for many months now. And I'm on B vits, zinc, fish oil. I just started Vitex this month, but even that has me worried. Maybe I shouldn't tinker?! (I have shortish LP and the RE gave me Progesterone supps, though he refuses to test P levels bc he says they are meaningless).

I had blood tests, but even the hysterosalpingogram makes me uneasy. I mean, xraying my ovaries?!?! Though, how frustrating to try MONTH after month, face the AF disappointments, all because a lousy tube might be blocked unbeknownst to me!

I've read enough on the boards to know this: tons of people do get pregnant after trying for what seems like forever.

I think for me, it's all about ocassionally re-setting my patience and being more comfortable with it taking a long time. I think it's particularly hard for me bc #1 was so quick, I assumed that was just my fertility profile. Who knew it was so variable!
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Welcome to those who recently discovered this thread.


It is a long journey, but at least we do have some natural options besides sitting around.  I hear you all on the age issue since I am 39.  However,  if we are more naturally minded and live differently than the average person, then the statistics do not have to automatically apply to us.  This is one of the benefits of DH and I being vegan.  We do not look or feel our age.

As you spend time around MDC you will find mamas well over 40, so don't let that scare you too much.


We have adjusted our plan by adding temping to my charting, continuing the saliva microcope, stopped  OPKs, and we are taking a supplement break with the exception of Maca. 


We are busy with the next building phase of our home and trying to get ready for winter, so that distracts me and helps the time pass more quickly.

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I have PCOS and irregular cycles.  I have been trying to regulate my cycles naturally for quite some time.  A few months ago, I went gluten free in an effort to help regulate myself.  I feel a lot better but haven't helped my cycles yet. :(  I keep hoping that one day I'll regulate my cycles. 

It would be so easy to take Clomid but I am so strongly against it and don't know why.

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My naturopath recommends following a phases of the moon seed chart.  From new moon to full moon have 1-2 tbsp ground flax, pumpkin or hemp seeds daily (Omega 3 to help regulate estrogen).  Then from full moon to new moon eat 1-2 tbsp ground sesame or sunflower seeds (Omega 6 to help balance progesterone).  I don't quite get the logic of following the diet with the moons, when my cycles are historically 35-36 days (before the shortened luteal phase shortened my cycles)...anyone know anything about this?  It would seem to make more sense to eat the omega 3 seeds during the follicular phase of cycle, and then switch to omega 6's during luteal phase?  I'd go back to ask her but I can't afford another visit right now.  Anyone else following this diet?

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I am so happy to find this board. I could have written many of these posts. I made the mistake of sharing that we were TTC #2 with my mom and sis and they are constantly asking me detailed questions, pressuring me to pursue other -more invasive options etc. I finally got the courage to tell them that it is none of their business and it's between me and my husband. I had all the bloodwork done. We may do SA but the HSG-xray the tubes thing really freaks me out. I was surprised the OB/GYN suggested that as a non-invasive test because it sounds so invasive to me!


Anyway, I see an accupuncturist and an Naturopathic Dr. and I feel very comfortable with them and their plans. My husband and I also conceived our first child very quickly-within the first 2months. Now it's been over a year TTC #2 so it's frustrating. But, we are at the point now where we are ok with continued trying-not going to do IUI, IVF etc......and if it wasn't meant to be that we have another then there is some reason for that beyond our control. We love our first born with all of hearts and we love our family the way it is. For us, IUI, IVF and other methods would cause stress, anxiety and I'd end up missing out on the joys in life and the wonderful experiences we have with the child who is already here.


Anyway, nice to know I'm not alone on not wanting the mainstream medical route for us.

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hello ladies, thinking of you and sending good thoughts

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