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What is this rash on 3 year old??

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This all started about 3 weeks ago. Back then, we noticed what looked like a few small mosquito bites. The pink raised bumps were ONLY on his legs, maybe about 6-7 in number, we had be outside in the humidity and during peak mosquito times. The bump was a little raised and eventually got a white tip. As with any mosquito bite, we just let nature try to take care of it and didn't bring attention to it. As they started to fade, 3 of the same type of bumps formed in a line on his leg and 1 or 2 formed on the other leg.
This time, I treated it with some zinc oxide and searched his room for red ants which we had a problem with last summer- nothing was found.
Over the next few days, they faded but 1 or 2 more would appear (again on his legs and 1 or 2 on his arms). He did not itch them, he doesn't complain they hurt but he has been a little more whiney.
NOTHING on his back or chest or face was seem up to this point. The bumps never opened and they never crusted or did anything weird. We went a few days without any new bumps.. NOW...............

He has about 5-6 new bumps on his legs (again look like mosquito bites) AND now he has a flesh colored mini pin-point rash on his back only. The rash on his back is 100% different than his legs. The one one his back covers his entire back and looks almost like goosebumps- a little smaller than a goosebump (and I know that wasn't there before).
We were just at a weekend bbq in the middle of a park for about 5 hrs so I don't know what to think. It is possible he got that many bites but I find it odd at this point. He has been exposed to kids of all ages at a mall playground. No new foods or detergents.

Any ideas? I'm about to take him to the Dr.

Also, because of his extra behavior outbursts these days, I think he is getting sick and DH agrees. DH thinks he is getting a low grade fever tonight which he did not have previously!
Blah... this doesn't help I'm 9 months pregnant!
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I don't know about the bug bites, they may well just be bug bites.

The little goosepimply rash on his back, after 5 hours in the heat, I bet is a sweat rash/heat rash/prickly heat

I've had it before, and for me it's a rash of tiny blisters where the sweat gets trapped under the skin. I found it itches a bit. There are different staqes of it though. It looks exactly like tiny goosebumps.


Make sure he's cool now and hydrated, the fact that he feels hot and seems unwell could be a minor heat stroke

Maybe a visit to the Dr wouldn't be the worst idea in the circumstances if you're worried.
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our mosquito bites don't get little white tips. Have you looked at pictures of folliculitis? When DD2 had it, they would go away and new ones would appear. Do they itch? My DD2's happened to be a food intolerance reaction, but for some people it's a staph infection (I think that's the kind, don't quote me on it). So you might want to get it checked out. The other rash sounds like something else though.
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Hmm...we had staph recently, and this doesn't sound the way my son's staph infection looked. Sorry I have no ideas about what it *could* be.
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