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I am sort of new to TF-ing (I'm hoping thats an acceptable term!) but recently I've been doing a lot of reading and I've decided that changing my diet to whole foods is going to help my health significantly. Namely, Ive been having a problem where I will eat a full meal, or more than a full meal sometimes, and will still be achingly hungry afterwards--like my stomach is literally in pain. I'm really not sure what the deal is, but I truly think that switching to TF can only help!

The limitations are that I am at home with my parents and sister who are fairly hooked on processed foods, and also cost--I need to do this little by little because I dont really have the means to switch over 100% right now.

I work at a day camp and would really love some suggestions for some good snacks (lunches too, but snacks especially) its a long day and I end up needing at least 3 snacks and currently have been eating fig newtons and chocolate covered pretzels...I need better options! However, it can't be all fruit, because thats too expensive for my parents/me