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Hi ladies I know I have been MIA for awhile. Have I posted since we got settled in Oregon? I got a MAC to use for school so am hardly on the home PC anymore where my info is stored. Let's see I am 47 now. We are not actively ttc but we use no protection. I don't really chart anymore and my wonky cycles have totally straightened out. I think maybe it was stress. I lost 30 pounds since March adn am at my (last) pre-pregnancy weight I still have about 10-15 to go to be where I want but I am feeling really good. I also gave up meat with feet. Easier than saying I am a vegetarian because I do eat seafood & fish on occasion.
Hmm what else. My grandbaby turned 1 this month. I am feeling very at peace with whatever happens from a fertility stand point. I honestly would be a bit shocked if I were to get pregnant at this point. I wouldn't be upset just shocked. I hope I can keep popping in here to check on all of you.
How is MsGB?
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MM so glad to hear from you. It sounds like you are in a very good place right now.

Give that grand baby a snuggle.

I have a question for those of you have had success getting pregnant through IVF after 40 using your own eggs. What clinic did you use, and do you know what their advertised over 40 success rates?

I was looking at a clinic in Czech republic and their over 40 rate was 5-10% and it really gave me pause to wonder if spending the money on it was just dumb. Would I be better off just continuing working on getting myself as healthy as possible and hoping for the best. But then I wondered if my chances would be better because I am using chinese medicine, supplements, and am pretty darn healthy for my advanced maternal age
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Hi everyone! I know I have been out of the loop for a few months ... I had wondered during that time whether I should keep posting on a TTC when I Oed on CD23 or 24 for 3 months in a row. I was pretty emotional and down about it. I knew I had no chance of getting PG that late and I didn't. But 3 months of maca, acupuncture and misc. supplements seem to have given me - finally - a perfect CD14 O this month. This has restored some hope though I am thinking that my temps are too flat this go around but soon, God willing, soon ...

Hope everyone is having a wonderfully fruitful summer.
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Hi All:

Good work, jenjersnap! Not that we can always control these things, but still. It takes a lot of time and energy to pursue those kinds of therapies. Here's hoping your time comes soon!

I have a thread in I'm Pregnant, though it should have been in TTC. I had my doc app't today and my ovarian cyst is still there. She is absolutely positive this is not cancer, but still says I shouldn't TTC until it disappears or is surgically removed. She is scheduling a followup u/s but said it might not be until December! That pushes me to almost 43. I love this doc, so I'm not upset with her. I just might call and ask if the TTC thing would maybe get me a faster u/s. Then again, it wouldn't make any difference unless they were going to do surgery and everyone says that's not necessary for at least a few more months. It still might go away on its own. Sigh. This might truly be the end of our TTC journey, but I hope not!
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Hi Massaginmommy! Good to see you here. I'm glad you're settled in in Oregon and being open and at peace with what happens. Sounds lovely. And congrats on losing 30 lbs. I imagine that feels wonderful! I'm pretty sure MsGB posted in the previous thread.

jenjersnap, that's awesome that you shifted your O date so much.

Hi carfreemama, YAY that the cyst isn't cancer. If your doctor understands that you are TTC and your age, it seems strange to me that she would tell you to put TTC on hold until at least December. That just doesn't add up to me. I'm thinking call and make sure she understands what you want and see what she can do to help you go for it.

AFM, I have a combo of allergies and a cold resulting in a heck of a lot of congestion. I am nearing my O time, but it just doesn't feel right in my body to ttc just now. I'm open to what happens tomorrow and the next day though . Strangely that isn't stressing me out much. If this isn't the month I think we'll have a better try next month.
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Hi Mommas! I'm still here and rereading all the posts today. Been TTC for a few months now, a couple of times I thought right at O time but with BFNs. Going to test today. My cycles have shortened too since TTC..is that weird or normal? I'm 40 and a half. My cycles are *textbook* 28 days with O day around 12-13. But, lately they've been 26 days, which is...tomorrow...fingers, toes, eyes crossed!!
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Carefreemama I would STRONGLY encourage you to seek out a TCM provider. They may be able to help you resolve your cyst issue without the need for surgery. I am repeatedly amazed at the treatment my family receives from my TCM provider. Conditions that were treated incorrectly by a great doctor. Conditions that Western Medicine says there are no cures for she has cured etc...

And December is really ridiculous for the U/S. I can't imagine why they could not do it sooner. That's absurd. At our age every month is important you don't want to waste time waiting. Good she does not think it is cancer but waiting 5 months is a long time to wait.
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hello ladies

hope you are having a beautiful saturday !

mm, so nice to see you and get a little update on you. happy birthday to your grandbaby.

kristin, you probably got your answer already, but wanted to chime in that i count spotting as blood that is on the toilet paper only, or light spots on a pad, whatever the color. light flow i would count as anything more than that.

sneezy, hi, i hope you get your bfp today or very soon !!


waturmama, feel better soon !

i'm not charting this cycle. i guess i am hoping to obsess less. we shall see, because i think i ovulated yesterday morning. let the games begin !!


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Kristin0105, would you recommend a TCM over a clinic with various therapies that is supposedly THE place to go for reproductive issues? Or would you do both? I think the wait is because it's considered "harmless;" but it's not harmless if it costs me 5 months of my fertility. I think I just need to make that clear to my doc. The problem is, if the cyst isn't gone it won't mean I can TTC any sooner. She seems to think I need to wait for it to resolve. On reading on the internet, it seems that the focus of ovarian cysts is preventing future ones, or dealing with PCOS. To my knowledge, I've never had this issue before. I don't fit the profile/symptoms for PCOS at all. I haven't been able to find much about getting rid of the cyst I already have.
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Carfreemama I can't answer that since I am not familiar with your clinic. Here is the info. I found about cysts and TCM http://triangleacupunctureclinic.com.../ovarian_cysts
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Popping in to say hello and may summer be "fruitful" I am naking right now with Bennet, born 2/28/2010 at 9 lbs 13 oz.
Here he brand new

I cannot believe 5 months have gone by!
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Originally Posted by zonapellucida View Post
Popping in to say hello and may summer be "fruitful" I am naking right now with Bennet, born 2/28/2010 at 9 lbs 13 oz.
Here he brand new

I cannot believe 5 months have gone by!
precious !!!

congratulations on your lovely boy. and thank you for the fruitful blessings.

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BHappy just wanted to thank you. That was what I was looking for.

Zona congratulations on your little one.

Yes, I think I'll take all the fruitful blessings I can get these days.
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Zona, thank you for coming by and sharing the sweet photo. Yay about the arrival of Bennet!! We have 3 thread-babies in February and 2 on 2/28!!
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I got a BFN yesterday (cd 26) so I looked at my calender...here is my cd from this year:

Jan/Feb 27
March 27
April 28
May 27
June 25
June 26

My O day is usually cd 12-13, copious CM, but seems like it's day 10-11 now. Sometimes CM is tinged with blood (tmi?) still.

Today is cd 27 so I'm waiting...I don't feel like I'm going to start and usually I would have by now, early in the morning usually. My breasts are sore this time too and they are usually NOT sore, the last few years when Pms'ing.

I don't want to hope too much though...such a rollercoaster!!
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Sex helps implantation!

Wanted to pass along this study I found today -- basically, women had higher rates of implantation with IVF when they had intercourse around the time when implantation would be happening. I would think this would apply to non-IVF situations too. Since so many of ALL pregnancies (not just over-40 pregnancies) end in very early miscarriage due to implantation problems, this info should also be good for anyone who wants to get pregnant.

"...intercourse may act to assist implantation. Animal studies reveal that exposure to seminal plasma, the fluid component of the ejaculate, is particularly important for achieving normal embryo development and implantation. Animals that become pregnant through artificial insemination or embryo transfer without being exposed to seminal plasma have substantially lower rates of implantation than those exposed to seminal plasma."

"...When the data from the two treatment centres were pooled...a significant improvement in the proportion of transferred embryos viable at 6–8 weeks gestation was seen in the intercourse group compared with the abstain group."

"...women exposed to semen via sexual intercourse exhibited a significant improvement in the proportion of transferred embryos that remained viable by 6–8 weeks gestation."

I read somewhere else that having sex in the supposedly "nonfertile" part of your cycle is helpful perhaps because it tells your body that the guy is not going to skip out on you and that it's safe to get pregnant. That actually makes sense to me....

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Hello Ladies! I'm officially trying now - we inseminated this afternoon! WaterMama, could you please move me from Getting Ready to Hopefuls?

I'm so excited to finally be joining all of you in the drama of the 2ww!
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fuller2 thanks for the information. How interesting. Something to keep in mind for sure.
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Thank you for the info, fuller2. Some many good reasons for BD!

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Thanks Fuller2, interesting stuff...makes me glad we BD'd in the TWW

Thanks for the hug waturMama and to you too

Day 28 here...some spotting today, cramps like AF, sore boobs...normally I'd be bleeding copious amounts by now..so I'm taking another test tonight or tomorrow...the test on day 26 was a BFN.
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