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Gender predictions?

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I have recently become about 99.9% certain that this baby is a boy. DH disagrees. I keep telling him that it's just because he wants a little girl, but he's insistent.

What are you guys/your SO's/your kids thinking?

ETA: We have no real preference. Boy or girl we're already head-over-heels in love with this baby. This is more a quirk of our relationship - everything is a competition, a bet - and there's fifty bucks riding on this one.
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I have zero feeling either way. I have never had any intuition about gender. With DS and DD one mintue I would think girl the next boy but was never convinced either way! My DH is the same way. When someone asks us what we think "it" is our standard answer is it's not a puppy!
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Well, I was thinking a girl, but Doc told me a boy already. I guess we will find out in another 8 weeks who is right.
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I think boy I was right with DD. Big Daddy thinks girl bc he had 3 of them and mine and he is sure he doesn't make boys.

Big Momma
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Other than the first time, I have never had any strong feeling either way in any of my pregnancies. This one I'm kind of feeling is a girl, but that's probably (hopefully!) because three of my four are girls! We'd really love to have a little boy this time around, but we'll be waiting 'til the big day to find out.
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I think it's a girl, but we're not finding out the gender so it'll be a long wait. My intuition was right with DS, fwiw. Honestly, we'd be thrilled with either!
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I think this one is a boy, but dh and all three boys think it is a girl. Of course, I'm 0 for 3 so far.
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I have a feeling we're having another girl. DH has no idea and doesn't even want to guess or think about it yet! With DD we had the OB tell us early on that it was a boy then at the 20-week u/s they told us it was a girl. It was quite an emotional roller coaster so he doesn't even want to talk about it yet.
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Peoples original predictions are listed on the roster and can be updated at any time by the way. As folk start finding out next month, please post updates thare and I will change guesses or lack there of to confirmed info.

As for me it's so strange that I ha e no opinion either way either on wants or guesses. Now that I'm having two, I guess I do have have a preference to have one of each, but only i slight preference, there is benefits of either.
These will be my only two children.
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Yeah we are starting to get a mini rush in boy info, but if you read and look at pictures of development right at this stage you can see how most of them look like a boy kinda. When I get my NT scan in two weeks I'm going to tell the doc to keep his guesses to himself, I would rather not be on that roller coaster. I'll find out at 20 weeks when it is way more likely to be accurate.
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I had a strong boy feeling with DS. In fact, I wanted a boy so badly, I cried after his 20 week ultrasound when we couldn't tell the sex.

This time, I am kinda wanting a girl, but not the same feeling as with DS.
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I have no gender preference, yet I keep feeling like it's a girl.
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No clue. Want a girl since we have boy, but would love another healthy boy. For some reason my intuition says twins...prob b/c I have felt movement since around 9 weeks. Hubby thinks I'm crazy. Guess we will know the twin thing or not in one week w/ 1st us at 12 weeks though.
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With my son, I had a niggling feeling that he was a he. Hubby kept saying "it's going to be a girl" because he really wanted a son so he was preparing for the opposite.

This time, we are hoping for a girl but will be very happy with a healthy baby of either gender. I had a teeny feeling that it is a girl once. We're not decided on whether to find out the gender or not.
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I've been thinking boy lately. But I've been wrong before.

Anna thinks it's a girl, because her BFF has three boys in his family, and apparently we're doing some sort of Seven Brides for Seven Brothers thing.
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I think girl, but time to time I feel it's a boy, daddy refuses to answer. Brother 1 says girl, brother 2 says boy, brother 3 says girl and sister is too little to answer.
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I had a strong feeling that this one is a girl up until last week when we heard the heartbeat, and suddenly I realized it might be a boy. Right now I'm not sure what I think! I waiting to dream about this baby, since all of my dreams during my pregnancy with DD were of a girl, even though I thought she was a boy for much of the pregnancy. But I assumed she was a girl at the beginning, so maybe this one is a girl... And the Chinese birth calendar predicted DD accurately, and says this one is a girl... I can't decide whether I want a boy or a girl, actually, so I think we're good to go either way.

I guess we'll find out in January!
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DDCC (but I know YOU wont complain lol)

I was convinced boy. 100% KNEW boy. Didn't particularly want a boy, I didn't actually care about if it was boy or girl at all... just KNEW it was a boy.

My jaw hit the floor when I saw the three lines on the ultrasound. I knew before she told me... GIRL.

Second ultrasound where we got to see gender (third ultrasound in all... and first one DH got to go to) http://sphotos.ak.fbcdn.net/hphotos-..._6025061_n.jpg still very much girl! (if you cant tell... thats sort of like she has her legs spread open looking up from under her butt and right above where it says girl you can see her labia!)
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Can I just say how cool it is to hear what everyone is thinking in such a . . . mass response? I think the "Olive Juice" thread from before was right - we are a particularily chatty and loved-up bunch, aren't we?

In other news, my Dad wants the baby to be a girl, my Mom thinks that it's a boy, both my brothers want a boy, and I was told my DH's grandpa that it better be a girl or I'm "in a lot of trouble, missy." When I reminded him that it's his grandson that decides that, he suddenly had to go. Ten minutes later I get a call from DH that his grandfather just got done threatening his life if the baby isn't a girl. I love that old codger.

(Please note that I didn't ask for predictions from any of the above - they were all offered spontaneously. )

Oh, and Mae?

Originally Posted by MaerynPearl View Post
DDCC (but I know YOU wont complain lol)
Feel free to crash my conversations anytime, honey.
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Don't know if this means anything but this pregnancy is totally different than my first. I am way more nauseous this time. I had zero nausea with my son. Soooooo...I am thinking and hoping girl. Of course I will be happy either way. We aren't finding out so guess we'll just have to wait. Anyone else have different symptoms in pregnancy with different genders?
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