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Planning a uc-34 weeks

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We recently moved to a new area and because I'm so far along, the midwives won't allow a homebirth (what i really wanted this time!) so my husband and I are planning a uc. It will have to be a pretend "oops" as my parents were freaking over the idea of a midwife attended homebirth. Im confident in my body and my ability-and if I change my mind, the hospital is only 10 min away.

I've looked through all the posts and links and found them pretty informative. My questions are-what books are a "must have on hand"? Like for tricky situations and whatnot-I have a limited budget and a crappy library so I'd like to find the most useful 2 or 3 to buy.
Second, what equipment do I need? I know you can get by with a shoelace and tshirt-but I'd rather not. Do I just buy a premade birth kit? I don't even know what some of those things are for!
I'm in NC so if anyone has any advice on getting the BC or a great pediatrician in the Asheville area (not family to family bc they don't take insurance and I cant pay out of pocket) that would be great.

I'm planning on using hypnobabies for this birth as I did for my first.
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the two books that were recommended to me and that I got from the library (they can get books from an outside library if you request them as I did) were Emergency Childbirth by gregory white and unassisted childbirth by laura kaplan shanley..

NOt sure for the rest i'm still unsure as to what I need to get for supplies.
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Birth kit, I wouldn't get the premade ones as they have a bunch of gloves and that sort of thing you are unlikely to need.

Food and drinks, disposable dishes
Birth Ball
Pool and associated hose etc if you want to labor in one
Tennis ball, rolling pin, and/or massage tools, unscented lotion
Lotsa disposable underpads
Fetascope or Pinard horn would be nice to check the heartbeat
Something waterproof for the bed and/or rug (tablecloth, shower curtain, etc)
Receiving blankets
Bulb aspirator may be nice to have for IF baby need help clearing the airway or there's meconium.
Placenta bucket or bowl (we used an ice cream tub), large ziplock to put it away in
Trash bags
Pair of plastic cord clamps
Sharp sterile scissors for the cord (cleaned with alcohol is ok)
Arnica infusion oil (for swelling or bruising)
Shepherd's purse tincture (for PPH)
Floridix and chlorophyll (helped me stabilize after birth quite well)
Liquid bandage like newskin for minor but significant tearing
A hanging sling scale would be nice to have to weigh baby at birth and to track weight gain in the early weeks if you want. Sewing measuring tape to measure length.

Books...Emergency Childbirth, maybe Spiritual Midwifery, maybe Heart and Hands, maybe The Birth Partner. You and DH will want to have done your studying beforehand, not be looking things up in the moment. Especially if slight variations from normal come up and would make you transfer just for uncertainty. For me the hardest part of UC was to know it was ok and the birth would just happen even though labor was long and intense.

Illiana you're thinking of Laura Shanley, check her site http://www.unassistedchildbirth.com/
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I wanted to add Goldenseal powder to the Jamie's list to put on the cord stump helps dry it out faster.
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Here is a site you can get your supplies from. I have used them for my last 3 births.
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Here is the pdf so you don't have to buy it. Also check out Ina May Gaskin's websight/articles
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