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possible reason for vaccine reaction?

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Anyone here have a child with Gilbert's Syndrome who had a severe vaccine reaction? My 16 year old has elevated biliruben levels indicative of Gilberts....He is my child that had a severe reaction to the MMR as an infant and the reason I have chosen not to vaccinate my youngest. I am now wondering if there could be a possible link to the syndrome and the reason for his reaction? With the loss of the liver's ability to eliminate a larger percentage of toxins from the body, it seems that it would indeed increase the chances of toxic overload from vaccines resulting in adverse reactions. Since Gilbert's often only shows up during puberty and goes undiagnosed for many, I'm wondering if there is any data out there showing a possible link? Thoughts anyone?
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Anyone care to share an opinion? 60+ views but no replies....anyone familiar with Gilberts syndrome?
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I don't know first-hand much about Gilbert's, but after seeing your post, I did do some research. Some research links mercury toxicity with Gilbert's syndrome (they mostly discussed mercury amalgam fillings), but also the hepatitis vaccine. It's hard to say if it was the MMR vaccine that caused this for your son (however, I don't ever totally discard vaccines as a contributng factor to almost every syndrome out there!) because there is not much in the way of data on this. Not sure if this is of much help, but it's all I could find regarding a link between the syndrome and vaccines.

What type of reaction did he have to the MMR when he was an infant?
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I read your post last night, but I didn't have time to respond.

While I know little about Gilbert Syndrome, I certainly wouldn't be surprised if there's a connection between vax adverse reaction and GS, particularly with the liver being the most significant detoxifier of the body. My DS developed a life-threatening pituitary disorder after his 7 month vax, but it's been a condition only associated with the small pox vaccine in the mid-late sixties so it's unusual but not impossible. I certainly think that liver injury would be a very good possibility post-vax.
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My mother has Gilbert's syndrome. She was vaccinated in the 50's. For her, it's just a pain in the arse because every blood test she takes comes back as positive for hepatitis. She then has to explain Gilbert's syndrome and go through more blood tests to prove that she doesn't have hep.

It seems like it may cause some problems and I read that it can cause problems with acetaminophen toxicity.
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thanks for the replies, Ladies! I'm doing as much digging as I can on the subject....not finding any info linking the two. I'm not so much worried about him having the GS now, but curious about all the kids out there who are undiagnosed and go on to have vaccinations that may be reactive. Mandy, my son had a febrile seizure post vax and measles like rash, then continued to have unexplained, outrageously high fevers for years. All blood work would come back with high WBC counts when retests would come back within normal ranges. He is a healthy kid now despite the yellow eyes....but I always had some nagging suspiscion that something would crop up later...
Since my youngest child is so genetically similiar to him, and I have learned so much since her birth, we decided to at least delay any vaxes for her. Now after learning about GS, I'm thinking about never giving her any.
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I was diagnosed with Gilberts when my 3rd child was 4.  He had jaundice for over 2 months and was vaccinated for Hep B at that time.  I breastfed him for over 2 years.  He did have visible site reactions that lasted from 2 weeks to over 2 months.  One round left him unable to bare weight on his leg for 2 days.  We delayed his vaccines by the time his last round occurred, around 20 months he lost all speech, eye contact, ability to answer his name and he began to stare at walls, caught viruses like he was glue, etc...


My husband and I were just talking about this and this is why went to Mothering to see if anyone is dealing with this.  It absolutely makes sense that this would cause an issue detoxing vaccines.  Phase 2 of liver function does a lot.  Have you done medical testing - mitochondrial dysfunction, stool analysis, Lumbar Puncture,etc?  Huge info.  I am sure you know but no Tylenol.  If I could take what I know now and not have given Tylenol prior and after vaccines with all my kids or when they were sick. 


What was his reaction?


As for vaccines given in the 50s, 60s, many were given with Immuglobulins and not as many and spaced out compared to todays over jammed packed with no safety studies schedule. 


I think Gilbert's is playing a huge roll with vaccine reactions, autism, etc...  Are you doing any supplements or additional testing? Mitochondrial Dysfunction, Thyroid, etc.... all can be affected by the liver.      I knew we were not alone.  We are going to be testing my second child as she is showing a bit of yellowing in the eyes and mitochondrial dysfunction. 

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I see you posted his reaction.   So any owel issues, weight,immune, skin or neuro issues (other than seizures)?  Are you doing a diet that requires less work from the liver - not art. dyes or preservative, sugars, etc...?


Looking forward to hearing back from yousmile.gif

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Hello oceanbluemama!

I've been wondering when I would hear from someone who thinks there could be some kind of link....how old is your child now?  And you, yourself, have GS also?  My son is 17 years old now, and Thankfully he doesn't seem to have any other obvious symptoms or issues that we know of.  I've warned him about aceteminophen and other a few other triggers like exhaust fumes.  I've been able to find very little info over the internet, but I did find some info related to military testing of certain new vaccines and how the patient with GS had more serious reactions.

WE haven't done any further testing, but I'm certain when he goes for his ROTC physical they will likely find elevated biliruben and again have his liver panel done only to find the same results.  He wants to be an AF pilot/astronaut, so I'm praying that this does not become an obstacle for him.  My fear is that he will not be able to opt out of any vaccinations or at the very least have them space apart.

We have still kept the youngest sibling vax-free and decline any boosters for the others....

gotta run for now, but I'd like to hear more of your thoughts if you'd like to share


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I believe that having Gilbert's Syndrome in our family has played a large part in the fact that my son was vaccine damaged and is now autistic. I know of other families with GS whose sons are the same. It annoys me that when you ask doctors about GS they tell you it is harmless. There should be more research on this link.
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Very interesting topic!  I have Gilbert's syndrome.  It never caused me any issues other than I always have to explain to doctors why my billirubin levels are so high when I get blood tests.  However my mother selectively vaxxed me as a child.  I did get many of the vaxxes but as an older child and in 1/2 doses (which I guess they don't do anymore.)  I don't have much to offer other than that I am very familiar with GS myself.

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Originally Posted by Motherknowsbest View Post

I believe that having Gilbert's Syndrome in our family has played a large part in the fact that my son was vaccine damaged and is now autistic. I know of other families with GS whose sons are the same. It annoys me that when you ask doctors about GS they tell you it is harmless. There should be more research on this link.

I absolutely agree that there needs to be more research done!  There is such a large percentage of the population with undiagnosed GS, it seems so obvious to me that this would play a huge role in vaccine reactions...why oh WHY isn't anyone looking at this? 

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I'm dealing with the same issues.  At 13 yrs. old, my son's bilirubin showed elevated after his yearly physical.  After an ultrasound and a trip to the Children's Gastro, he was diagnosed with Gilbert Syndrome.  It was left at that!  I was not given any information about this syndrome other than...not to worry.  The liver is healthy.  I told his pediatrician that I was not satisfied and wanted more tests done to see what was the underlying problem or how and why this elevation just showed up.  Well, everything was ok.  I did notice fatigue and his ability to have conversations without stuttering.  I thought it was a puberty thing he was going through.  Under a new insurance plan, he went in to have a physical September 2012.  It was recommended he have the HPV and Flu vaccine. I explained to the doctor that he had GS and wanted to know how the vaccines would affect his liver.  He has seasonal allergies and I've noticed over the years that when he take allergy meds, he develop jaundice.  In my mind, I'm thinking his body is trying to fight something or his liver is not working properly with the meds.  Anyway, she assured me that nothing was written about GS and the HPV.  I allowed only the HPV and not the flu.  Within 2 days, he started itching.  By the 3rd day, he developed welts on his hands, legs, and arms.  The call nurse told me to give him Benadryl.  The welts went away within minutes.  The next morning, he had knots and severe swelling all over his body, face, and his hands were so swollen he couldn't feel them.  The gave him Predisone, zantac, and benadryl.  He has been on them for 3 months now.  If he misses a dose within 6 to 8 hours, he begins to itch and swell.  Ive been to the allergist/immunologist and got the same meds and advice: it will have to pass on its own.  In the meantime, I'm thinking,,,what is all this medication doing to his liver now?  He is suppose to get 3 rounds of this vaccine but I just cant do it.  The doctors swear that this reaction did not come from the vaccine.  He has NEVER had such an event to happen like this and last this long.  I have changed insurances this year and his old pediatrician is referring him to a rheumatologist. Oh, his allergist diagnosed him with Chronic Urticaria-Hives and Angioedema.  It's considered chronic since its been over 6 weeks.

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Missyann….have you decided what you want to do about future HPV shots?  Do you want opinions?


Healing vibes to your son

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Thank you for starting this thread--I am learning a lot.


To my knowledge, nobody in our family has GS, but we have had many of the vaccine reactions you describe.  My oldest did have jaundice and an enlarged liver as an infant, but that was because of a cardiac defect.


Missyan, I know it sounds nuts, because clearly the hpv shot triggered your son's recent issues, but have you considered trying a gluten-free/casein-free/whatever-else-free diet?  I ask because my #2ds had a severe, blistering skin rash after his 4-month vaccines that lasted for over 8 months, and then gradually partly receded.  Years later, when we put him on a gluten-free diet (for other reasons), the rash disappeared. Every time we challenged him with hidden gluten, the rash came back.


I think the adjuvant in these vaccines (aluminum) can trigger very strong immune responses to other things besides the antigen in the vaccine--and they can't control which things the immune system decides to overreact to.

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My 16 mo old son and I were just diagnosed with GS, I would love to know if you all have found things that have helped you/your child! It's frustrating that medical professionals brush it off!! After reading this I am really grateful we chose not to vax him, and I am certain his food allergy issues, severe eczema/persistent itching have to do with the GS. When I entered my 20's I started to have all sorts of problems and I went to doctor after doctor trying to figure out what was wrong with me. The first naturopathic doc I saw said she thought it was my liver, go figure, she was right. Three years later I have finally figured it out.


I am way more sensitive to chemicals, foods, medications than others. The link between GS and allergies *I think* is pretty strong. It makes sense if the liver can't handle toxins as well. My little brother has it too, he's 21 now and for some reason is more often jaundiced than I am (I think boys, especially as teens have a really hard time with it!). He would get jaundiced, especially if he had alcohol or energy drinks or became dehydrated. I'm also certain my dad has the syndrome, as he will scratch his skin raw and is terribly fatigued all the time. We are all more reactive to everything!


Besides my son, we were all heavily vaxxed, and medicated as kids/teens. So far, my son and I are better off if we stay away from sugar and most all packaged/processed foods/dyes. We do best eating organic produce and meat. We also can't have gluten, dairy, soy, corn. I'm sensitive to many other things like coffee (caffeine in general), chocolate, When I eliminated these things I finally (for the first time in my life) didn't suffer environmental allergies and could be in the presence of a heavily perfumed person/yankee candle or smoker without a terrible headache following! 


In addition to diet, B12 shots have helped me, as does blessed thistle tea, lots of water and rest and dandelion greens/juicing in general. 


So sorry for the super long post, just glad to find others. What have you all found helps?! 

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