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uum, 6 weeks pp and af back??

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what is going on? i started bleeding yesterday. my son is only 6 weeks old and i am exclusively breastfeeding him. he wakes 2-3 times a night to nurse. its like a normal period, no cramping tho. am i the only one?? booo. i was looking forward to no af for a while. ugh
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I get some bleeding discharge for 1-2 days at a time maybe every couple of weeks. If it lasts the "normal" flow time, it's possible you are one of those who begins ovulating quickly after birth. Otherwise, it could just be ending effects of your innerds getting back to normal.
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With my ds, i started AF at about 6 weeks. My midwife told me to be careful as I was a fertile mertile.

On the plus side, my cycle was about every 3 months or so. I got it back in full force at about 10 months. I felt ripped off, I nursed on demand, night nursed ect and my friends went 24+ months with out AF.
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After my first DD was born, I didn't have AF for 18 wonderful months.

Last week, I had what appeared to be spotting for 4-5 days. I was wondering if it could have been AF.
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I have always gotten mine back fast.

DS1 was 9 1/2 months (6 months actively TTC'ing to conceive DS1)
DS2 was 5 1/2 months (2 months TTC'ing then MC, then prego after 1 cycle with DS2),
DD1 was 8 weeks (got pregnant the first time with DD1)
DD2 was 5 1/2 weeks (got pregnant right away again after getting first pp cycle with DD2)
DS3 still waiting and considering I could not nurse for 3 straight days I am surprised not started yet - knock on wood) (took forever to get pregnant, tried actively for 6 months and gave up, got pregnant 4 months later with DS3).

So far nothing yet..knock on wood..
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I got AF back at 6 weeks with my first and then it was every 30 days like clockwork after that. I was so bummed because I exclusively breastfed on demand too! With ds it didn't show until he about 6 months. I'm hoping I get at least that much time with this one too, although I felt some cramping last week...
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I had a light period at around 6 weeks PP with my third. I was totally bummed. Tandem nursing 2 kids, exclusively nursing the baby, etc. It must have just been some break-through bleeding, because my baby is now 15 months old and no period yet. I did just wean my 3.5 year old, so I'm going to keep my fingers crossed that I'm not suddenly visited by AF. LOL
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Mine was back within 3 months for all three
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It was longer for me with each one, and with B it was almost a year. This time, since I'm not really nursing, but pumping every 3 hours or so and she sleeps thru the night, I keep having cramping but no AF yet (thank goodness!!!). I'm so dreading it because I don't want to be fertile AT ALL. I do NOT want more babies, but don't want something permanent for BC and DH hates the thought of condoms or pullingout.
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I bled for 5 weeks with my twins, then no AF for 6 months despite BF both babies. This time I bled for a week, then none for 2 weeks, then bled for another week, and nothing since then. Keeping fingers crossed for at least another 6 month respite - AF is such an inconvenience to me.
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I had postpartum bleeding for 6 weeks (okay, so those last two weeks were light, but still) then I had a week off, then I got AF (with absolutely no pain/no cramping/no nothing) for 8 days. We hadn't even had sex yet.

Exclusively breastfeeding, babe in co-sleeper nursing throughout the night, and pumping extra to build up a stash before I go back to work. BAH
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I've yet to actually have a period. Instead I just keep ovulating! I don't know what's going on but read in TCF that this is fairly normal. I will have very light spotting and other signs of AF but then nothing.
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I had the same thing happen around the same time and ran freaking out to my midwives. Apparently, a bit of breakthrough bleeding around 5-6 weeks pp is common and isn't considered a period until after 8 weeks pp for exclusive bf-ers. I started charting again after that vist, and so far at 11 weeks pp I am still in an annovulatory pattern and haven't had bleeding since.
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