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OOh! i just remembered what i wanted to ask all you mommas of dec. babies...

what toys are you on at this point? lots of books (baby and one cat both eat them)? educational toys? active toys? what kinds? does anyone have a hobby horse they are waiting for a couple months to use? my baby loves to rock HARD, so i'm thinking about getting one of those.

i need suggestions badly, samson's bored with his "younger" toys and the in-laws are asking what to buy for him when they come for thanksgiving.

btw, we're kind of anti-battery operated toys at this point. plenty of time for that when he's much older.

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My LO loves pushing things/pulling things. So something like this walker. might be good.

He loves to empty things--so I fill his little basket with wash cloths, play silks (which are the best toy, ever!) and he empties it. Same with our basket of socks.

You can't go wrong with high quality blocks.

Mount a mirror on the wall where baby can see himself when he pulls to standing.

A soft ball to roll.

Things that make sound/music when you bang them (but not batteries). (a metal bowl and wooden egg are what we use).

A blanket to make a tent, or crawling tube.

If I were to buy toys now I would buy something he will play with forever, (play silks, blocks, walker, something like this ) or this (my big kids still love this toy.

Otherwise I would just save the money to see what he is actually interested in. For some toddlers it is dolls, others vehicles, little kitchen, etc.
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Wooden blocks, wooden shape puzzles, stuffed/cloth animal friends galore (he has special sounds he only uses with them), tons of musical instruments, tons of books (I lucked out...he's always been far more interested in reading the books than eating/destroying them), stacking cups/stackers...and then an assortment of noisy plastic battery-powered ones courtesy of my mom.

Here are some favorites:
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GREAT suggestions! thanks so much. i'd never even heard of play silks!

love the wooden toys you suggested too.
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here is a great source of play silks:


their rainbow one is lovely.
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My kids has been so clingy! Serious separation anxiety. Poor little guy. But he is walking very well these days, and that is so cute to see.

So who is planning a birthday party already?
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Originally Posted by carmel23 View Post

So who is planning a birthday party already?
i just got the halloween costume! (very hungry caterpillar)

but i'll be lurking, watching birthday ideas. i know i want a low-key one, with just immediate family, and there have to be chocolate cupcakes for the photo op. other than that, i need ideas, mamas!
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I hope everyone had a happy all hallows eve. We went through 2 haunted houses in the neighborhood, and had a lot of fun. My lo was a sweet bumble bee

Now we are getting ready for a thanksgiving road trip.... and of course

the first birthday!

My lo is *running* now. So crazy. He learns a new word almost each day, and is speaking more and more. Some of it is true words, some is excellent mimicking, and some is just that special 'baby language.' One is just around the corner!
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Should we bounce over to toddlers? 

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yeah, ive been reading the toddlers forum since about a month ago... R is displaying toddler like behavior.

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