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teaching alone/quiet time to twins

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I have 3 year old twin boys and I realized the other day that while we have a "quiet time" each day, either me reading to them or them watching a short video, there really is no sense of quiet, alone time for them. I know they're only 3 and so to expect them to really sit quietly doing something on their own is not very realistic for any length of time. But I realized the other day that my husband and I don't really model that for them, either - while they're up we're constantly doing, it's not until they're in bed that we eventually sit down to do something for ourselves. But I want to teach them about having quiet, alone times, because I know that's important especially as they get older. So I suppose figuring out a way to model that is one way. But it seems like it's got to be harder to teach to twins, since they've been together all the time for 3 years, and only rarely play separately. Can anyone give me some advise, or ideas of what has worked for you to teach them about playing by themselves, or doing something quietly alone like colorinig or looking through books....
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I am a very big believer in alone time. I am not one of those parents who can be "on" 24/7, so I think I model that. When DH gets home from work, he takes over, then gives the kids a bath before we both put them to bed together. Mine also watch short videos, but while they do I lie down on the couch with a book because that is definately alone time for me. I also encourage them to do stuff on thier own even they are playing next to each other - I take out the blocks and the connex and ask who wants to play with what then put them on opposite sides of the carpet. I also set up paints on the dinning room table and have them sit on opposite sides of the table so they can see each other but are playing on their own. Mine have a tendancy to look for each other or know where the other one is at most times so if they can't see each other, they won't play indipendantly/quietly which is why I set it up like I do. We also do puzzles same as the building blocks, opposite sides of the carpet but their own puzzle. While they are playing I either nurse or the baby plays next to them and I again do things that I need to do for me.

Hope this helps.
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