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Congrats, Gabesgrrrl!

Sorry about AF showing, Black Orchid.

FF gave me crosshairs! I am now 4dpo. The wait begins, along with the obsessing.
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Originally Posted by Tulpen88 View Post
So the sex-fest will begin on Wednesday.

AFM: I've had 2 months with pos OPK's. First month, I started bleeding 12 days after the pos. Second month, 15 days. So tomorrow will be day 12. I'm afraid to use the bathroom today in fear of seeing some spotting. I'm a little nervous because I had some horrible fever and chills last night for a few hours. What if my baby isn't going to have arms now!!! Ah the paranoia of motherhood. I'm on the fence about testing tomorrow. I leave for a business trip early Wednesday morning through Monday. I can't imagine trying test that morning, but I think I will feel rather guilty testing while gone and away from my DH. So we'll see. At least I'll be gone with my period or while waiting to take a hpt and not while I'm ovulating!
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Sorry to all those with visiting! Hopefully it will be her last visit for a good long time.


11 DPO. BFN. My temperature dropped low on my chart, to about 2/10th above the coverline. I'm not sure how long my luteal phase is these days because it's been a while since I've charted temps.

I'm worried that I'm out this cycle.
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Philibama: Yeah for crosshairs!!!

McLisa: So did you test this morning or are you waiting for your trip? Keep us updated.

Jennabella: sorry about your temp drop and bfn.
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I tested this morning with one of my $ store tests and it was negative. I wanted to know before I left so I could tell dh in person. I need to pack tonight but I already threw in a bunch of pads in my suitcase so that will keep af away, right?

I'll be back on Monday night or Tuesday, hopefully with really good news!
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Michelle - Sorry about the BFN, but you seem to have a great attitude. I hope you get your BFP while on your trip! I hope your trip goes well. Shoot us an update if you get an opportunity.

jennabella - I hope you're not out this cycle. I know how hard it is to see those temps go down. There's always a chance they'll go back up though!

phillybama - Have fun in the 2ww! I hope it flies by!

AFM - My best friend called me yesterday and told me she's 8 weeks pregnant. I am really thrilled for her and excited in general, because she was always on the fence about having children (actually, she has 1 adopted child, but she was never sure about getting pregnant). It does make me sad that I'm not pregnant though. I hate that! I hate feeling this way. I just want it so badly! If I do get pregnant soon, it would be really neat for us to be pregnant together and have babies close in age though.

Confession - I emailed the study coordinator of the TTC research study I'm in and I asked her to send me more pregnancy tests. IDK why. I remembered that they will give up to 6 free tests (digital) and they've sent me 2 already. I used one awhile back. I feel like they "owe" me these tests since I've been participating in the study for over 6 months now. It'll be nice to have a stash of digitals to complement my cheapies.

CD10 is tomorrow, so we're beginning what I'm referring to as SexFest 2010. DH has gotten a kick out of it, and I keep reminding him about it. I think he's kind of excited about it too. Ha ha! I guess we'll see how he feels after 5-7 days.
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Tulpen88, he sent me to have my hormones checked.. there were about 10 different boxes x'd on the form. All I remember is FSH being one of them..

I have an autoimmune disease (RA) that makes conceiving hard and making it through the first trimester without MC even harder. With my son I had weekly Dr's appointments until I was 4 months along. If the disease is very active it attacks whatever body part if feels like and can inflame uterus and other very important parts! The best treatment for RA is chemo, but if I do that it means no more babies for sure, so im just sucking it up and going med free! I think so much of it is mind over body.. for me at least.

How was vacation?

I love sexfest2010

mclisa, good luck! I hope you have wonderful news for us!

im CD 45, 11 DPO.... BFN on the test yesterday, but I have a really good feeling (I hope im not convincing myself only to be dissapointed).
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Serena - Did you test today? for you!!! I never knew that RA is an autoimmune disease! I knew a guy who had RA and it was awful for him. It must be tough to deal with that much pain.

Dee - Where are you? I haven't seen you around recently. Any updates? I keep checking your chart!

AFM - I went to see Eclipse with my mom last night, and it was a great movie to get me ready for SexFest 2010. Is it wrong to drool over young boys like that? Sometimes I find Edward hot and other times I don't, but the chemistry between Edward and Bella does make me . And who can complain about Jacob's body? Mmm, mmm, mmm! Now I just need to get caught up on True Blood too. What can I say? I guess I've always had a thing for vampires, starting with the Vampire Lestat back in high school.
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Just checking in quick...

I'm 13 DPO. After two days of lower temps (.2 above coverline), my temperature went way way up. I took TWO different hpts this morning and they are both BFN. Seriously?? I didn't even think my LP was that long.

Is it normal to be ticked off at a pregnancy test?
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Callie: Oh, I so hope you can be prego with your best friend. How great would that be... happy sexfest 2010!!

Serena: Good luck with the testing. Keep us posted!

Jennabella: Yeah for high temps and YES totally normal to want to throw a stick against the wall!

AFM: cd3, I started exercising last week, and I've keep it up all last week and this week. I'm really excited about it. Now if I can get back to eating well, if all these summer parties would stop.
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Callie - Hope Sexfest 2010 is legendary for you .

jennabella - do you have a link to your chart? I'd love to see it!

Kat - we're practically cycle buddies! Great job on the exercise!

AFM - I'm CD4 today. Started Clomid yesterday. Not much else going on.
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Hi Callie Im still here. Mostly just lurking now. Been backing way off of TTC. This will probably be my last natural cycle before I start exploring IUI or IVF. With unexplained infertility it's really frustrating. I could just let things be but my eggs aren't getting any fresher here. Since we are fortunate enough to have DH benefits cover IUI/IVF I just may go for it!

Still rooting for all you ladies though!

PS Those Anne Rice novels got me so turned on to all things vampire. Love ,love, love me some Lestat!
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Callie and Kat, BFN and a few hours later
Ill be on CD 6 on Monday when I have my dr's appointment so I should be able to start meds that day (assuming it will be Clomid again - I started it a bit late last time as well).
I totally appreciate all your support
RA is pretty painful and exhausting , I loved the break that I had from it while I was pregnant, it was nice to feel normal.

Eclipse.. we saw it on Sunday. Normally im all Edward and Bella but in this movie I really noticed the chemistry between Alice and Jasper, I thought it was wonderful!
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Okay, so, I have no idea what's going on.
I've been on vacation, so everything's been a little crazy anyway. I don't know if anyone has been watching me change my chart around...here's a timeline:
7/5 start spotting a little (I'm bummed)
7/6 flow gets a bit heavier (and clotty), so I enter it on FF as CD1 & put in the Diva Cup
7/7 flow completely stops
7/9 start spotting again (put in the Diva, just in case)
7/10 spotting stops
7/13 sharp pains in lower abdomen and spotting (I figure I caught an egg...but it didn't quite stick)
7/14 no spotting

What the hell???

Yes, I know, common logic would lead me to test. However, I chickened out this morning because I was afraid that if I DID conceive and yesterday I lost it, I might still get a BFP.

I'm at a loss. Suggestions? I should probably test tomorrow, huh?

This vacation has been SO crazy and I've been SO stressed, that I honestly fear that I've already made my baby crazy (although, pregnancy would explain a lot of my crankiness and anxiety over the past week )

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Serena, bummer!

Dee, That's awesome that your DH has such good benefits to cover infertility. My sister got PG on her first attempt at IVF, and had twins!

Kat, Oh, I so know what you mean about summer parties. I can tell I've gained some weight since summer started. Last summer I gained 10lbs in 2 1/2 months. Good for you keeping up with the exercise. I TRY to walk at night with DH after the little ones go to bed (and oldest DD is home with them) but a lot of the time we are just too exhausted! Sorry AF arrived.

jennabella, Yeah for temp jumps I will have to check in as soon as I can tomorrow to see if you have great news to share!

phillybama, we are cycle buddies, so we can obsess together I am 6dpo today, and AF is due next Tues or Wed. When is AF due for you, and when do you plan on testing?

Michelle, sorry about the BFN, but hoping you come back with all your unused pads.

Callie, welcome back!!! Thanks for checking my chart Yeah, I've been doing really good at temping around the same time each morning (except for CD 15) I want my chart to be as accurate as possible! I really, really hope the every day BDing does the trick for you!!!! (along with the progesterone) It just HAS to work! And how cool would that be to be PG with your friend. I've ALWAYS wanted to be PG with someone I knew, but it's just never worked out that way!
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Jessica, I was still typing when you posted. If i were you, I wouldn't test tomorrow. I'd test TODAY!!
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I would, but I'm at work until midnight
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Originally Posted by milosmomma View Post
I would, but I'm at work until midnight
Darn! I suppose tomorrow will have to do then!
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Oh man, I am out of the loop! We have had a crazy week here - poor DD ended up in the ER three nights ago with a staph infection/fever. They had to sedate her with Ketamine and try to drain the abscess. Soooo not fun. Anyhow, I haven't caught up on everybody yet, but I will!

AFM-- I almost ALWAYS O on cd 14/15. I use a CBFM so I know pretty precisely what is going on. Well, this cycle my monitor gave me "high" readings on CD10 and 11 and then "peak/O" readings on CD 12/13 (today is CD13 btw). Somehow the stress of life caused me to ovulate early? Wha?? I don't know exactly what it all means, but we did manage to dtd on CD11 and 12 (CD10 was ER night -- that wasn't going to happen!). We might skip tonight and try to go with tomorrow since my OB told me today that it really IS best to go 48hrs between BDing. She said it has to do with how long it takes a man to produce a "full charge" of sperm. She said there are still sperm in 24hrs, but you want the millions that come after waiting 48. She also wants to check my thyroid and progesterone on on CD 21, so I might know a little early if this month was successful. Is it weird that I am a little sad that I can't have the anticipation of peeing on a stick from 8 dpo on? There is something promising about waiting those 5 minutes for the color to spread across the panel.

Ok, I'm going to read up on the last few days! Hoping for some bfp's in the next few weeks!
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Originally Posted by milosmomma View Post
I would, but I'm at work until midnight
I would totally keep a few hpts in my desk for just this occasion.
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