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d_c, good to have you...I don't know much about that stuff, except that it's synthetic, which I just never trust as much as good ole nature, but haven't heard anything...
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ok so i am on zoloft haha now wondering if i should just use MJ again. i always smoked but what else is there? eat it? any other option? also do you trust street tree? i def don't feel like i could. people are so shady and i dont think its good at all...do you guys home grow? how many plants for just one person? is there serious jail time for growing it yourself?
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You can eat it, or vapourize it... or use one of a number different means of consuming it. I don't trust people I don't know to give me good weed though, so only from a friend.
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Truthfully when it comes to street trees my greatest concern is the legal one; I don't want to get caught buying! My friends who are aware of the fact that I smoke are very understanding of this, in much the same way that they are understanding of my refusal to use my childrens' names on the internet. When the stars align just so, they're happy to procure some of the good green herb for me. One of my friends recently quit smoking (again) and said that getting some for me would be "a good test of resolve".

I definitely don't grow myself, nor do I know anyone who does (to my knowledge). We're poor, though, and most of us don't have any space we could use for that purpose. Alas! One of my dreams is to have a greenhouse with a partitioned area for Green.
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I dont know if you've had many negative personal experiences from picking up herbs off the street and not through a friend. I dont think someone (Some do) will be adding a whole bunch of cr*p to the bud. I will never smoke a pre-rolled joint from someone I wasnt with while they were rolling it, they can add cocaine or crack to either get you hooked or because they like it themselves. But when you got just straight bud in your hand, you can pick out if something isnt right.

Normally its just cheap weighting techniques or a spritz of a non-natural substance during growing/harvest that could be lingering that dealers use, and you'll know if something isnt right from your first toke. It will burn your throat more or have a bad taste (but sometimes its just low grade stuff) and you make a comment next time or dont buy from them again.

I've had a couple friends who would sell, but I get **** weed from them too sometimes, Ive never met a total stranger on the street for weed, normally its a friend of a friend kind of thing, or use some else's link for their bud. But don't let that cap your fun if its not a close friend mama's

sosurreal09 I dont see why not, give it a try in small doses and see how you feel with the combination, maybe it can help ya cut back on the zoloft, natural is better

Ok, so a couple of people were talking about cannabis while breastfeeding and adding some study links, want me to put some together? I wish we could have our own resource sticky haha
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Reading and learning here, moms. I've never used. I'm in California. Things are loosening up around here. I thumbed through a local alternative news paper lately: holy moly, there were a lot of ads for mj shops!

I'm happy to discover there are vaporizers. Sounds like something dh would try. He gets killer migraine headaches and would like to try mj to treat it, but absolutely won't inhale smoke.

Thanks for educating me.
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Journeymom, welcome.
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Article links

I love seeing new names drop in to show us some love

I think adding all the recent article links is a good idea, and because we don't get our own sticky, placing the new links on the first page with all the others is totally fine. I don't have time to do it right now, but if anyone else would like to put them together that would be great. One thing I might suggest is checking the existing links to make sure they all still work. Back to class!
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I used to have a collection of info on pregnancy/breastfeeding... but like previously mentioned, there really isn't much substantial evidence on it.

I smoked/vaporized throughout both of my pregnancies, when it felt right...here and there to quell nausea and balance mood swings. I also smoked/vaporized throughout breastfeeding years...for me I had letdown issues, and MJ was one of the few things that relaxed me enough to letdown milk, I swear there was MORE milk than a usual letdown. Both my babes and I slept better, but were also alert and happy (for the most part LOL).

I was on prozac for PPD when Ds2 was 8 months old...I gradually weaned myself off of it and found much more relief with MJ.

I go through ebbs & flows, depending on whether I have supply or not. When I do, I basically consume on a daily basis...twice or even 3 times a day sometimes. And yes, this is around my kids... not the smoke... I am outside or in another ventilated room while smoking... but yes, I am around my kids after consuming. I absolutely love it. My mind slows down, I am definitely able to pay attention to and cherish the here and now, laugh off whatever tension the day brought on, sit and giggle with my kids, take on an elaborate cleaning adventure, watch a good movie, play in the garden and really REALLY feel the earth, or what I REALLY love, is setting a spiritual intention, and then engaging in a sort of meditative/yoga dance after consuming.

I love all things plants and herbs, and cannabis sure is high on my list (pun intended lol) of favorite medicinal herbs.
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Wanted to add that I have very reliable and trustworthy high-grade organic sources...so I'm lucky that I don't have to really search around for it, though I don't think I'd be scared to if I really wanted to find some...but I'm never really that desperate, lol. So there are many times where I just don't partake for awhile, a week, a month even... I'd love to grow my own, but its not a viable option at the moment. I live with my grandma, and while I COULD do it, it would be a noticeable difference in the power bill, lol... can't grow outside around where I am, people will take it.

There's a lot of stigma around this herb. For me, the bottom line is, know yourself, know your body, know your herb.
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you are sooooo lucky shell! i dont have anyone i would consider buying from...and i know 0 people
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Originally Posted by sosurreal09 View Post
you are sooooo lucky shell! i dont have anyone i would consider buying from...and i know 0 people
whats your living situation like? as in, could you do a little mini closet grow? It can be a little tricky when you're getting the hang of it, but its pretty simple, and there are plenty of ways to keep it totally discreet (smell, lights etc). Its what I would be doing, but my living situation doesn't really allow it at the moment.
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Hello. I need some help & I thought I'd try asking here first.

Dh was in the hospital for 2 months & very sick for awhile before that. He's been home 4 weeks now, but he's still barely eating (he's lost over 100lbs in the last 3 months). A few people suggested that maybe mj would stimulate his appetite. He's willing to try it (used to smoke regularly 15+ years ago) but neither of us have any clue how to go about finding it; much less finding a safe reliable not overly expensive source.

Any suggestions of how we could find someone? It's not like I can just look it up in the Yellow pages (although that would make life SO much easier). I'm in Alberta, in case anyone has any connections here.
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'Fraid I don't know anyone in Alberta, would he qualify for a medical marijuana card? There are group that can set you up, but only if you have the card.
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Welcome, Devaskyla

I hope you find what you need. I wouldn't know either, as I'm not in Canada. MusicianDad has good advice on trying for a med card, though. Is that an option? That would probably be your best bet.
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Originally Posted by makalani View Post
I am MJ mama too! Have felt off and on guilty for using since my kids were born but now that they are a bit older ( 5 and 2) I find I like myself and the mother I am a whole lot more when I am using MJ. My hubby really enjoys me too b/c I am not so anxious and moody. I don't use daily but I do use weekly although I have considered going daily.

It's amazing how much more in tune with my children I am when smoke MJ. I enjoy every single second with them and the most simple things become so amazing. I am more patient and understanding. I really hear them when they speak and I think that they enjoy me more when I am tuned into them like that. Anyone else feel similar?

Me too!!!
I'm so glad I found this tribe!! I've been wrestling with some guilt over my smoking since I've become a mother (girls ages 4yrs and 9 months), though I'm getting better with it. Often I centre by taking a good look at our life and asking myself if I/we are a happy family, and we are! Am I ashamed of anything else that's going on - NO! For the most part, my husband and I have our 'poop in a group', our kids are happy, have lots of fun and are well taken care of. Still, that guilt sometimes.....must be the perfectionist in me. lol
My husband only feels guilty when his 15 year old son visits....I usually cut out the smoking then. We're not sure how to handle it. We're going to a bonfire with some friends on Saturday and he's coming with us. The plan is to speak to him about it and let him know we'll be sharing a joint or two after the little ones go to bed. (he knows we smoke, I know he does, it's just on the DL, which is kind of silly, his mom knows too and it doesn't bother her). Just so he knows though. Bringing him into 'the circle' would be too much for now. We don't want to do anything like that with a child who does not live with us full time. I don't think it's fair to 'give him the go ahead' so to speak, if we can't be there fully for him through his experience.
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I have an amazing book called Women and Cannabis that is full of info and was very helpful in my decision making on using during pregnancy and breastfeeding.
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sweet. yeah im renting right now so i dont think i could grow ATM.
ummm...i thought MJ was legal in Quebec?
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newbie here, so be kind w/ the following? :P how come there can't be a sticky of resources?

so happy to see actual links... i researched a long time ago and it was hard to find evidence, but i found listening to my body worked.
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