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girls join the Legalizachain!

I forgot!! and how could i ?!
My husband and myself started an online video chain project of people from all over the world passing a joint from one to the other via pictures or video clips
It’s a symbolic act of solidarity among the cannabis legalization/decriminalization supporters world wide.

Follow these 4 simply rules and join in :1 –Receiving a joint with your left side 2 – Puffing3 – Passing the joint to the right (the right side of the frame) Kindly send us the name of the Country you’re from 4- mail it to info@legalizachain.com
we will connect it with the rest of the chain and so it will seem like people are passing a joint from one to another all over the globe

Our website: http://www.legalizachain.com

kindly join us in our world journey
Thank you for your copufferation
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maminatural-I say definitely try the vap before selling it! Ppl seem to either love or hate it. I like it, but forced myself to get used to it bc i was preggo. DH doesn't like it, but also doesn't really like eating bc he likes to smoke. I, too, like the act of smoking a bowl, it's more social. I love to unwind after DH is home and DS is in bed by sharing a bowl w/DH...it's my favorite time of day
Vaping, though, is great if you're worried about smoke in your lungs and, IMO, can get you higher if you're not used to it. After getting used to it, I get about the same high from both (maybe a little more from smoking).

I second partaria's advice to get a grinder for anyone using a vap. Actually, get one anyway. I love having the keif that's leftover to sprinkle on a bowl and get that extra high. I'm curious what temp you set your vap on, Partaria?
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such a joy to find this thread .. was wondering how many of you MJ mamas partook/partake during pregnancy or breastfeeding and in what form (smoke, vape, baked goods, all three..). would love to hear about your experiences.
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hey! boring lecture so Im here

I TOTALLY love the puff pass video idea, lol I would love to see it when its finished

plenilunio, I smoked a wee bit in pregnancy, then picked it up about 8 months after birth and I still have a near 13 month old night nurser. Vap if ya can, less toxins

anyways, miss you all, still gracefully being a solo parent, part time worker and full time student, gracefully thanks to kaya
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I used to love MJ. Then I met my current doctor and I had to stop. I have chronic pain from severe hip arthritis and lupus. He put me on morphine on the condition that I stop the MJ. I don't have a lot of pain anymore, but I do miss the relaxation aspect. I wish he wasn't so uptight, but until I can get hip surgery I have no choice but to follow doctor's orders. Bummer. I'm probably a lot older than any of you, though. I'm in my 50's.
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Illinoisgranny and Plenilunio!
Plenilunio-I am EBF my 5mo old and smoke or vap every night after bedtime. I love winding down this way and it really helps me get to sleep! I really should just vap, but DH likes to smoke, so, ya know, it's just easier .
I did all three during pregnancy, and didn't feel bad about it one bit. I would barely have been able to keep anything down the first tri w/o it, so I didn't eat it then! When we had the money, we bought a vap and I just did that for the rest of the pregnancy b/c I didn't like the idea of inhaling smoke w/the little guy in me. I think mj not only helps me be a better mama, but a better wife! DS is always in bed when I get high, but DH is home from work and I don't want to be stressed and complaining to him the whole evening! Getting high, I forget my worries (or don't worry about them) and enjoy adult time! I am a high stress, go, go, go type a personality. I've tried yoga, I knit, excercise, drink herbal teas, etc. but nothing works like mj to calm me down so I can just relax
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Hmmm, I've been considering this for some time now, for stress and chronic back pain. I have only smoked a few times in my life but I am all for legalization and I really enjoyed the movie "The Union, The Business Behind Getting High". I guess I just have a soft spot for marijuana

Anyone have an info on use while bfing? My baby is almost a year old now. What about my pain, I'm assuming it will help am I correct in my assumption? Also, does anyone grow their own? If I do decide to start smoking I have no idea where I'd get it from....
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I smoked and still do while Bf and there was no problems whatsoever
it actually helped my little charmo a lot going through the Teething period
i am most certain it can relief your back pain
theres a very interesting lecture by Dr. Dreher "Marijuana Cannabis Use In Pregnancy"


theres also information about breath feeding while using cannabis
her research is following the mothers through and after giving birth so...
and theres even more information here if you need it:



if you want to read even more then just googlize Dr.Dreher

enjoy its quite fascinating

all the rest of the mamas here!

have a look at that

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thanks! i've been a life-long MJ lover and have only love for the good herb. i am familiar with dreher's work and am nmot opposed MJ use while pregnant or bf. i actually smoked occasionally during the 2 years i nursed DS, and i felt it had no negative effect on my milk supply. i didn't partake at all during my last pg because i had no MS and felt no need, but this time around has been different (i am currently 26 wks pg and still get super queasy and nauseous almost daily). i'm scared of the smoke aspect of it, though, as i read that it can cut off oxygen to the baby. i have never tried vaping, but i just invested in a good vaporizer (ordered it online). i can't wait for the package to come so i can go home and try it out! how many of you have vaped? what is it like? my brother says it feels too "clean" and "clinical" for him; he prefers his blunts..
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Hello Ladies !! Havent been on here in FOREVER !! to everyone I see from way back when and hello to the new faces

Orro - My husband and I would love to send in a video for the chain - I saw this page once before - maybe it was adetised in High Times? Its awesome that its creator is on MDC !!! He was wondering if there were sneak peaks any where if there were any ristrictions on what you had in the background - since we are state licensed growers.

Peace Folks
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Still reading along, still no supply in sight and sparkling clean pieces that could pass for pieces of art rather than paraphernalia. I'm kind of bummed that my birthday is coming up and I'll probably be dead sober for it, but what am I going to do? Could be worse. After all, insomnia alone seems to have given me the giggles tonight.
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Originally Posted by plenilunio View Post
such a joy to find this thread .. was wondering how many of you MJ mamas partook/partake during pregnancy or breastfeeding and in what form (smoke, vape, baked goods, all three..). would love to hear about your experiences.
I'm 23 wks tomorrow and I smoke and vape. I'm still getting sick more days than not and every day its constant nausea... I'm starting to get a small sporadic appetite but most days if I don't do either I don't eat. I would love to learn about making baked goods cuz I do feel a lil guilty about smoking. It also keeps me from killing DP too
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Hi everyone.I'm having a serious problem and I hope someone can help me out with it.I'm in RI.I have a hearing for SSI coming up,Nov 9th.My lawyer thinks I am going to lose because I smoke,for fibro pain as well as for my anxiety.The SSI case is for my depression,anxiety,bipolar,and fibromyalgia.I had a former therapist who diagnosed all my problems as being from the mj.I see the drug treatment therapist she recommended and she has no problem with me smoking for medical reasons.But my dr is not too into it,so I can't get the mj card.I don't want to go dr hopping,hoping to find one to prescribe the mj for me.The judge who I'm going before is a former prosecutor,and my lawyer said is basically going to terrorize me.I know they are going to ask where I get it(I never pay,I have a close family member who does,as there is no way I can afford it and I don't want to spend my ds's SSI,which we are living off of,on it,yk?).I'm hoping if I can get the card or be in the process it will help with my case.I am so,so scared.I don't really want to leave my dr but if I can find someone better I will.She's great,but very rushed and I can't get the time to really talk to her.I've quit smoking in case the court tests me,but now I'm in pain.

Doesn't help that I have to pay my lawyer's dr $350 plus the 25% they take from my settlement.This dr,a psyciatrist,was very rude to me on the phone when he called to say I missed an appointment I never knew I had,and now I have to tell this man my life story on Monday.I am terrified.Thanks for reading,and help or advice would be greatly appriciated.
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I know how you feel. I have lupus and extreme arthritis in my hips. My new doctor said I had to stop smoking to be in his care. I am now on high dose morphine. It helps. Sometimes you have to give up because of the legal consequences. The only other thing you could do is move to a state where it's legal, like California. My heart goes out to you, but I don't know any other way.
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Need advice- help

Seeing the midwife for the first time today.

Her registration form asks if you've been "exposed" to any of the following during pregnancy, and marijuana is listed there, alongside cocaine and cigarettes...all stuff I know is "bad."

I don't know whether to be truthful with her. Yes, I have smoke during this pregnancy. Every book I read said that's bad, but oddly most medical studies I've read say it isn't....don't know what to do. I don't want to get into it with her, but should I be fibbing to the midwife??
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I didn't tell my midwife, she had the same type of question. Actually, I had two (I moved to another state at about 18w into pregnancy) and didn't tell either. I really didn't want to lie since, ya never know, maybe they're cool w/it (they are midwives, afterall). Some will refuse you care, though, thinking that you are putting your baby in danger and to them it's a liability. I didn't want to take that risk. Maybe say no until you get to know her and can feel her out to see if she's cool w/it? Or maybe you could say you did before you knew and see? I don't know, I had a hard time with it too bc I don't like to lie, especially with someone you're supposed to have a trusting relationship with .
I prob would have ended up telling my first MW, but glad I didn't w/the second. I never got close to her and she was a nurse in the army, so prob too "straight and narrow" ya know?
Let us know if you do, I'm curious her reaction!
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Hey, thanks for the response. Just an update on this-

I decided i would tick the box for it and see how it went. She said nothing. So maybe no big deal? Our first appt, though, we didn't get through the whole info sheet, so maybe that's waiting for me next time.

My strategy is- if she makes a big deal of it, i'll say i had some before i knew i was pregnant, but i don't now.

I know, I know. LIES! But eh, I've read enough studies that say it's cool that I'm find accepting the risk.
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