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Queer Conceptions - July

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Lets make those babies!

Waiting to O :

* AmyPDX
* chiquitayy
* solejean
* dykemom
* Miss Scarlet

Waiting to Know... Braving the 2WW :

* sarahcecile
* painefaria
* gellybeangrl
* LibraryLady
* MaxK
* BunnyLullabye
* MujerMamaMismo
* 2HappyMamas (IVF w/ DW's eggs)

Waiting for AF :

Working on IVF :

* Shadow22 with DP's eggs

Taking a Break/Figuring Things Out/Waiting to be Ready :

* FiveGrandBaby (starting back around November 2010)
* AmandaHope
* vannienicole (starting ICI in September 2010)
* escher12 (hoping to start back in August/September)
* AmandaMom
* seraf
* Newbian Mama
* giggleblue & DP
* Astro & DP Fozziebear
* katherinerose
* SPCD & Dp
* bttrflygypsy
* Hoping2bMoms
* Joyseattle
* Cejae (gettin' ready for IVF in the spring!)
* Milletpuff (taking a break until sept or oct)


* kkearney1982
* lauren726
* j_on_planet
* Tigerlily1

:2010 Graduates!

July BFPs

* Beastie
* gumshoegirl007
* wehrli - 4-1-11

June BFPs

* Coco & DP (twins) - 2-14-11

May BFPs

* burg
* korey - 2-1-11

April BFPs

* calimeow
* mtnlisa - 12-9-10
* kimlyn - 12-12-10

February BFPs

* Mistral - 10-17-10
* Quasar & smartycat - 10-26-10
* Monarchgrrl - 10-31-10
* erthe_mama & DP - 11-04-10

January BFPs

* lyndzies - 10-4-10
* FtMpapa - 10-10-10

:2009 Graduates!

December BFPs

* osker
* megan sacha
* mkpgoddess

November BFPs October BFPs

* JJNoho
* Mommies 2 Be
* megincl & ktcl

September BFPs

* elismum1908
* KSDoulaMama
* pleasantlyfurious

August BFPs

* chicagoml
* wishin'&hopin'

July BFPs

* hbog
* kimlyn32

May BFPs

* indigoscot's dp

April BFPs

* Kelmendi
* whoabethy
* carmen

March BFPs

* scalpel
* katwomyn4

February BFP

* deny_zoo29

January BFP

* jodybird511

:2008 Graduates!

December BFPs

* DM630
* raene
* wazzmum

October BFPs

* JennM1021
* lexbeach's DP

September BFP

* Ellie74

August BFPs

* heart-n-bones
* Love My Family

July BFPs

* giggleblue
* pranava
* MamaCaveBear
* quasar (and DP smartycat)

June BFPs

* starling&diesel
* PiGirl
* Erica12009

April BFPs

* tigermiep
* MujerMamaMismo
* tiggerkong22
* simcon
* 2happymamas

March BFPs

* JenInMpls
* mahrens77

January BFP

* cookie70

:2007 Graduates!

December BFP

* Scalpel

November BFPs

* mamimapster
* AngelaM
* solejean
* lmh222
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i hope no one minds that i posted july's new thread... i realized that i posted in june's thread this morning and it is indeed july!
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Thanks for doing this, Wehrli! I hope it brings you threadkeeper's luck and a BFP in July.

Would you add a link to my chart in the first post? It's http://www.fertilityfriend.com/home/251486 and I can use all the thread staking available!

Also, it seems like we've sort of stopped using the "marinating" section. Maybe we should erase that or combine it with "waiting to know"?


ETA: I posted one super long post in the June thread this morning. It's full of personals, so check it out before making the leap to July!
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Ooops - posted this in June so cut and paste:

AHope: Everything sounds like it's lining up nicely for this cycle. Good luck!

Bunny: Keeping my fingers crossed that you see a BFP.

Indigo: Thanks for sharing your knowledge.

AmandaMom: Congratulations on your marriage! I tried to talk my DP into doing it when it legal in CA for a second, but she said she wanted to wait for federal recognition. It's gonna be a while. LOL But we are DP's here in California which is just about marriage without the name. It's funny - my DP is very pro meds. She just wants to up our chances and get pregnant as quick as possible whatever it takes. I would be willing to try without anything, but quick is good since we only have 2 vials left of our DS's donor.

Wehrli: Good luck with this cycle!

Library: Enjoy your break and the baking sounds yummy! No boating, but horseback riding and swimming if the water is too cold.

Gelly: Those symptoms sound a lot like what I had going on when pregnant with my DS.

Beastie: Good luck!

AFM: RE was ok - the NP seemed uncomforable and not exceedingly friendly. My DP picked up on it too. Luckily she's at the clinic where I'm not likely to go regularly. She told me to call on the first day of my cycle after my DS is weaned so we can do the Clomid challenge. Why is that always their first step - same thing when TTC my DS. I have no evidence of infertility, but they jump right to clomid. It worked with my DS, but I don't know why that's their go to. I could try without clomid and not have to wean. But like I said earlier my DP is very pro clomid since it worked the first time. And it's hard to argue since it led to a BFP, but I have no evidence that I couldn't do that without Clomid since we've never tried. I probably will go the route recommended. My DS is almost 2 so I think he would be ok if I weaned, but I will miss the nursing. But he needs a sibling so whatever it takes. Sorry I'm writing a book...

QOTD: When I know I've o'd - at least now when I'm not sure.
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anyone else want me to add their chart??

is everybody in the correct place? if not, let me know, i will make sure it's corrected...

TTWers: want me to add test dates?
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Just popping in - can I be added to Waiting to O please? I went in for my beta this morning and asked to have a urine test as well, since I wasn't certain that they'd have the results back in time tomorrow. The pee test was negative and I am 14 days post IUI, so I am just waiting for the beta to confirm that on Monday, so I can start the next cycle. I am feeling like a big mess. This is our last cycle coming up, and I'm just ugh. I should avoid the board since I am Captain downer right now. Sorry

We're going to try clomid I think. I So need encouraging info about Clomid - I do ovulate, I make 2 eggs (at least these last 2 cycles) on my own. Tell me clomid will somehow work anyway.

Escher - I am so incredibly sorry. I have been there, and my heart hurts for you. Big big hugs.

- Sarah
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sarah, sorry i have to move you... as for clomid, i'm pretty sure that even if you O, the clomid helps you follies/eggies be bigger and stronger... which equals healthier. FX that clomid does the trick!
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I've been totally MIA lately. I'm way behind on personals but wanted to say:

Happy birthday to AmandaHope!! Hope it was a great one.

And escher, I was so sad to read of your loss. There's nothing anyone can say or do - but I've been thinking about you for the past few days.

The news of my sister's pregnancy threw me into a whirlwind of emotions. I was stunned at first, and then sad, and then ANGRY - soooo angry - and now I'm looking at the situation more realistically. Did I mention she's homeless? She crashes with friends. I'm sure she's still using, and she told my mom flat out she's still smoking. It's no longer about how-in-the-world-did-she-get-pregnant-before-me... it's now - is there any way the baby will be born healthy? How will she take care of it? She has a felony conviction that she's running from - as soon as the police catch her, she's off to prison. The wife and I immediately agreed that we would take the baby if the county takes the baby away from her, but in order for that to happen, she has to test positive for heroin in the hospital, or the baby has to test positive. Or the police need to find her before the baby is born. Man, it's so messed up. I'm terrified the baby will be born and go "home" with her - from there, so many bad things can happen. The worst thing would be for her to be in charge of a baby. I don't even think she eats regularly. She told my mom she "thinks" she's 4 months pregnant, but she also told her she's due in October, which would make her 6 months pregnant - SHE DOESN'T EVEN KNOW HOW PREGNANT SHE IS. I'm just terrified for that baby. And if something happens to that kid because of some negligence on the part of my sister, my sister will never, ever forgive herself. There's nothing good about this. My mom's first grandkid.... wow. It's still surreal to me, especially since I haven't seen my sister since last fall.

We're currently on CD6 (it's flying by!), and RE is being more aggressive with the drugs this time. This is our last shot with KD. With the news of my sister, it's a very real possibility we'll be caring for an infant by October. (This isn't something I'm excited or happy about.) It is highly unlikely she will manage to maintain custody of that baby. But we're still moving on with TTC, and I'm hoping we get a bunch of healthy eggs and 1 or 2 manage to stick.

Good luck to everyone - hopefully with the new thread I can keep up on personals.
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Hi Everyone,

I just posted this in June--oops! So here it is again in July, with a few things added.

Fivegrandbaby: What a challenge with your sister and her pregnancy. I hope somehow she is able to keep the baby safe and healthy while she is pregnant, and that it ends up in the best place for it after it is born.

Sarahcecile: I'm sorry. What a disappointment. I hope that clomid is exactly what you need.

BunnyLullabye: Exciting symptoms! I can never figure out what the percentages about hpts on FF mean, so I tend to look more at the percentages at http://www.countdowntopregnancy.com/pregnancytest/. I'm never sure if FMU is the best choice or not. When I got a pos test at 10dpo, I used random afternoon urine. Good luck if you do decide to test!

Solejean: That's a tough choice about clomid. On the one hand, I definitely understand wanting to just do what worked last time, but I can also understand wanting to see what your body can do on its own. Good luck figuring that out!

Beastie and Gellybeangrl: You have exciting symptoms too! When do you think you might want to test? Beastie--I went to college in Northampton too!

Wehrli: I bet you're safe waiting to start poas--it seems like you pretty consistently ovulate around day 17. Even if you were a few days early this cycle, you still wouldn't need to be testing yet. Thanks for starting and taking care of the new thread!

LibraryLady: Go team!

AmandaHope: I'm sorry your insurance won't cover the trigger shot, but I'm glad you're using it. I hope it is exactly what you need! My experience with progesterone was that it didn't give me any big side effects, but I'm not convinced it did anything for me (it didn't increase the progesterone levels in my blood tests) and it was one more thing for me to worry about. But I know for some people it makes them worry less!

QOTD: I think probably the most peaceful times of each cycle are CD3-7 (when I'm over the BFN but still not stressing about O timing) and 3-6dpo (when I've over stressing about O timing but not yet stressing about when to test).

AmandaMom: Taking a break is hard, but it sounds like that makes sense for you with the timing of your trip. I hope the trip is great! Maybe we'll end up insemming around the same time in August!

AFM: We're trying to choose a new donor. We almost want to just use the same donor we have been using (we've grown fond of him, and his sperm did get me pregnant, and it probably wasn't his sperm's fault that I miscarried), but on the off chance that there was something wrong with his sperm we think it is probably best to choose someone new. We're hoping to stick with TSBC. Hopefully we can find another great donor there!
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SarahCecile - Personally, I skipped Clomid because my NP thought my estrogen was on the low side of normal, and Clomid actually suppresses estrogen. Also, my RE basically said that injectibles have a higher success rate and take control over all of the hormones, which I liked. I ovulate as well, very regularly, but my cycle is looooong. In any case, even if you are ovulating already, Clomid will help your eggs become healthier, and if your cycle is long, it will probably allow you to ovulate earlier (which is a good thing). It's a good choice for A LOT of women!
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Fivegrandbaby I don't blame you for being mad and worried! I wonder if maybe jail would be the best place to keep the baby safe, though I guess people can always get access to drugs in there too. I'm sorry that's such a horrible and stressful situation for you and your family.

Escher thanks for the link and sharing your experience. I'm going to go check it out. Maybe I'll POAS again this afternoon when my husband is home for lunch.

Wehrli thanks for starting the thead for us! If you want you can add me to "Waiting to know" and even though I'm not temping I'm keeping track of everything so my chart link is http://www.fertilityfriend.com/home/2f89e0
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Escher that site is so interesting! According to this: http://www.countdowntopregnancy.com/...ine_sample.php it's looking to me like afternoon may be the best time to test.

And I have a couple syptoms I didn't realize were symptoms lol. My urethra feels a little weird, not quite like UTI but sort of irritated, and my pee smells stronger lol.

I'm worried all these symptoms are just going to make it more difficult to handle if I'm not pregnant.
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Hey Ladies~ Only a moment so I can't do personals today except to say WOW and YIKES to 5G's story. I'd be so angry too. I hope the baby is born healthy and comes to the best place for it to live. I know you could give it that home, for certain.

The pies turned out well. My dad's already eaten several helpings of the cobbler..

Temp went down slightly today but not TOO much. The cats woke me really early so I had lots of time to fret about it. I also had lots of dreams about babies. In one of them, my mom and my aunt were in my bedroom and they had lots of red haired babies with them and they kept handing them to me. Hopefully it's a good sign!

Love to you all~ will write more later x
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Lol Library that's a funny dream. I've had a bunch but they're all "I *might* be pregnant" none are for sure. Though a couple months ago I had two half-lucid dreams that I was going into labor on March 9th.

I tested. One had a colored line but looks like a dent. So I took another and don't see anything :-(
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Seraf I see you moved to waiting to be ready. I assume that nasty AF showed up and am really sorry if that's the case. Bummer. s

Beastie and Library and Gelly Your charts are looking good! I'm so ready for another rash of BFPs on this board--you go!

5G Wow--your sister's situation is really heartbreaking. As I mentioned, I have a cousin who sounds very similarly messed up; she couldn't take care of her baby at all and still barely acknowledges her when she sees her. It is so sad. As tough as it is, I'd try to move through the anger at your sister; you are more likely to be helpful if you can support her, and if she feels supported, she is more likely to be able to consider the health and welfare of the baby and to make some level-headed decisions. I will say (again, I think), that the daughter of my heroin/methadone-addicted cousin, miraculously, is a very healthy and developmentally normal preschooler, now. Would you really consider adopting her/him? What a huge commitment...and possible lifesaver, too. Gulp.

Bunny Sorry about the negative afternoon test. Hold on--it is still early. Hang in there for a few more days, and you'll know, one way or the other (hopefully the RIGHT way!).

Beastie Thanks for your ripe follicle thoughts today. Your comments were really sweet and encouraging. Your chart looks so great, and your symptoms sound promising, too. I'm really pulling for you!

Escher, Wehrli, and others Thanks for your feedback about the progesterone. I'll probably just take it; my midwife says that the pills in the hoo-ha don't give too many side effects (as you all have also said) and that you don't have to stay on them the whole first trimester, as I'd feared. But I do kind of hate to risk the nasty d/c during the AF-free week when my DD will be out of town, IYKWIM.

AFM My baby is gone! Ok--not a baby--and only gone for 10 days, but still! I felt sad after she left; rather than working (sigh), I took a nap. Blah. I'm so excited for her and know she'll have wonderful adventures in Colorado--but I'm sad not to be there with her and to share those adventures with her. She is really growing up--having her adventures away from us. I know this is a good thing, but I'm still sad. And it makes me want a baby more than ever! I'm not done with being a mommy of a little one. I love my big girl so much, but I'm not ready to move out of the little one stage of my life. So pregnancy, here I come!

Trigger shot tonight! Wehrli, since you asked, I'm supposed to do it in my belly chub (hmm...good thing I have plenty reserved for this purpose ), and I'll do it myself. DP gets nervous about hurting me, and I have no problem with it. It is Ovidrel 250mcg in a .5ml syringe. I haven't taken it out and looked at it--hope the syringe isn't too huge! I'll do it at 11pm, and we'll do the insem around 10-11am on Saturday. Yay! My KD is on notice and ready to go for a shipment tomorrow afternoon. This time, he should have the FedEx logistics under control.

QOTD This post turned into a manuscript, sorry. My most peaceful time is on insemination day(s). I am peaceful and hopeful on those days, as I visualize the journey of the egg and the swimmers and conception.
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I've been MIA - and am way behind on personals. Apologies!

Escher - so sorry about your loss. Hang in there!

LibraryLady - I may have missed it, but when do you think you'll test?

Gelly - your chart looks great!

5G - gah! your sister! that's insanity!

Wehrli - great to see you at the helm of this month's thread. Could you move me to Waiting to O?

AFM, I'm so behind, it's already CD5! I tend to do the head-in-the-sand thing when I see that temp drop (this cycle, that was two days before AF - so I'm just now emerging from about a week of laying low). DP and I have also been out of town most of the week, away from reliable internet connections. It was good to have a nice break, and now we're back at home, and I'm taking an inventory of babymaking supplies, and gearing up for this cycle. This part of my cycle is pretty zen - I'm in control of the prep work, but don't have to deal with the obsessing about timing quite yet.

What are you all planning for the holiday weekend? I love 4th of July - secular holidays are my favorite, because everyone gets to be a part of it. We have enough berry picking, pie-making, BBQs, and fireworks-watching plan to make the next four days fly by. Then, back to obsessing!
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Coco --you are still lurking here, right? Well, congrats on the TWINS! OMG! So happy for you that you have two beautiful beating hearts.

AFM Trigger shot was a breeze. Maybe it is my extra belly chub, but I didn't even feel it!
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Originally Posted by sarahcecile View Post
We're going to try clomid I think. I So need encouraging info about Clomid - I do ovulate, I make 2 eggs (at least these last 2 cycles) on my own. Tell me clomid will somehow work anyway.

- Sarah
Clomid definitely helped for us. DP ovulated on her own but after 8 months worth of tries, we tried clomid and it worked on the second cycle ! The Doc thinks it helped mature her eggs. I would try it if I were you but just make sure you are well monitored with ultrasounds... You dont want to pull a Jon & Kate ;-) (Oh yeah, those sextuplets ? that was clomid !)

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Originally Posted by AmandaHope View Post
Coco --you are still lurking here, right? Well, congrats on the TWINS! OMG! So happy for you that you have two beautiful beating hearts.
Of course I am still lurking

And thanks We are very very happy about having twins I made a fool of myself during the ultrasound but I really didnt care... those two beating hearts were a sight to see ! My heart simply melted... and all the rest of me too ! It was the same rush finding out that we are having two than it was seeing the bfp... and less scary because seeing the hearts is a good sign !

I am wishing this same thrill for each of you !

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Originally Posted by Coco99 View Post
Of course I am still lurking

And thanks We are very very happy about having twins I made a fool of myself during the ultrasound but I really didnt care... those two beating hearts were a sight to see ! My heart simply melted... and all the rest of me too ! It was the same rush finding out that we are having two than it was seeing the bfp... and less scary because seeing the hearts is a good sign !

I am wishing this same thrill for each of you !

COCO... I'M SO INCREDIBLY HAPPY FOR YOU AND YOUR DP!!! CONGRATULATIONS!!! i saw a pic of the ultrasound in the Q&P thread... simply beautiful! enjoy every moment, mama.
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