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Originally Posted by LibraryLady View Post
Hey ladies~

Thanks for the encouraging words and the not giving up. I don't know what to think except I'm going to continue to assume it's neg but test again tomorrow anyway, or at least if my temp goes up again. Is it possible to have implantation at 12 dpo?
I've read that it is possible from days 7-14, though implantation usually occurs by day 10. So I think that day 13 is certainly possible, if not exactly common. No one said you have to be "normal," right? Hang in there.
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Good morning~

Up with the sun today because I was too freaky to sleep well. My temp went up again today to 97.90 but another BFN. It's 14 dpo now, despite what my chart says~ my temp was WAY high just before the O due to an incredible heat wave and a malfunctioning fan, so it says I o'd early, but the Ultrasound showed me follies so I know otherwise. What I don't know is wtf is going on now. I guess I'll just keep looking for AF and peeing on things until something definitive happens. So frustrating.
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Library UGH! I couldn't sleep well either, obsessed as I was with the 400 decisions we're having to make about the house that we close on on Monday. There is just so much money involved, and as much as I'm looking forward to owning the house (after the remodel), I fear losing the freedom we have now as renters and carrying the huge debt of a mortgage... Sigh.

But I was also thinking of you, hoping that you'd get surprise good news this morning. Your temp going up again really is good news, in a way, but the BFN is maddening. Is there any way you can get a beta? At 14dpo, it would be definitive. Would your regular doc or ob order it? I'd be going nuts if I were you. But I'm glad you are still sane (mostly, right? )

Beastie Holy temp spike, batman! Are you sick?! Maybe you are preggers *and* sick? Did you test this morning? Don't leave us hanging!
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Hi all, and sorry to leave you in such suspense!

I'll have time a bit later today to respond in more detail and do some personals, but for now I just wanted to thank you all for your thoughts and to say that, other than my freakishly high temp (I don't feel sick, but could be coming down with something; it's also a heatwave here, and, now that DP is back, I sleep next to a human radiator-- did you know that testosterone makes you warmer?), things are pretty much the same!

I am now consistently getting faint positives of FRERs (and I read online that the brand is often faint), but I haven't gotten a strong positive or tried for one on a digital. I'm feeling cautiously optimistic, but just not sure. AF should be due today or tomorrow, so I guess that'll be one way to find out. I'm just going to keep testing till I feel confident one or or another... hopefully soon!

Library, I hope you get some clarity soon, too! And I hope that the clarity is a BFP!!!

Wehrli, how did the insem go? Woohoo for your swimteam, and happy conception day!!!

There's so much more to say, but I have to run off to a meeting. I'll be back in a bit with proper personals. (and maybe more news?)
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Wehrli Happy insemination and conception day!

Beastie Thanks for the update. Faint positives are really encouraging, and hopefully you'll get a clear positive soon. Stay away, AF!
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Thread Starter 

Conception Day!!

Beastie, i'm waiting with bated breathe... stick, little one, stick!!!

AHope, try and relax about the house... everything will be alright! we just bought our first Feb 09, and despite the $$ we've had to put into it to fix her up some, it's been wonderful...

library, so sorry for your bfn... i hope AF stays far, far away!!! enjoy your weekend...

scarlett, how are you? found that elusive LH surge, yet? can't wait for you to join me in the TWW... and then get our BFPs together!!!

afm, insem went well... i felt the catheter this time (ouch!), no cramps though... we went to breakfast at our favorite little cafe afterward (yumm-o) and are at home packing for our weekend out at the faire... well, jen's packing... i'm having a bit of cramping so she is having me rest. oh, and also felt a "flutter" in the vicinity of my left ovary (which is where the follie was) around 10:40a. i looked back at my notes and i had the very same fluttering feeling in march (bfp cycle) at 10:30a. (both march and july insems were at 8am).
we will be gone until sunday and unless i can pick-up someone's WiFi, i won't be able to do updates until sunday night... so please post all updates in bold, i don't want to miss anyone. i really hope to see some BFPs when i get home... i'll have my pom-poms out all weekend
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Argh!!! My stupid doctor has "summer hours" which means they just randomly leave whenever they don't have patients scheduled. So they've been gone since Wednesday afternoon, and the doctor never returned my cell message.

Finally I called back this morning around 9:30. The doctor says he needs to see me in person because there are "dozens" of different hormone tests and he needs to talk to me to decide which to do. He JUST saw me 3 weeks ago, and he's been treating me for almost 4 years. It's not like he doesn't know me, or what my symptoms and concerns are! And if it's such a mystery isn't that something HE should have thought of at my last appointment (or like anytime within the last 4 years?). I have an appointment next week to follow up on the other tests he ordered (c-peptide and thyroid). I can't imagine he's going to let me off the hook for that appointment.

I don't drive and it's almost a 2 hour bus trip each way! I honestly think he just doesn't have enough patients and wants to charge another office consult. I mean he gets paid at least a couple hundred dollars for 15 minutes work.

But I may have to do it. I don't want to wait another whole cycle and possibly have our whole stupid expensive trip be for nothing if my hormones are all screwed up.

Why does dealing with doctors always have to be so difficult?
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Omg SO love/hate my doctor's office lol. She talked to the doctor again and faxed in the tests I asked for. AND she gave me a standing order so I can retest any time I want for the next year!!!
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Glad your bloodwork worked out, Bunny. Two hours each way on buses sounds miserable. I hope you find out useful information!

How is everyone else doing today?

Scarlett? I so sympathized with your confusion about when to do the insemination and with your frustration at having only one vial. How is it working out?
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Bunny-- SO GLAD your doc complied (no wrath like a TTC-er scorned), hoping they give you the information you are looking for.

Werhli-- HAPPY BABY MAKING DAY! Keep envisioning that little bean sticking. I have NO CLUE when we will inseminate, but trust me, yall will be the first to know

Beastie-- Youre killin me smalls!!!!!! CANT WAIT FOR YOUR GOOD NEWS!

Library--Im proud of you for staying so reasonable. Praying that your efforts at being calmly optimistic will pay off in the best way.

AmandaHope-- I honestly feel like growling...outload. RAWR.

AFM: Hard day . Ill try to make this the abridged version.

So with the Ovacue saliva monitor, it pretty much tells you by day 4-5 of your cycle when your expected peak fertility days will be, and then doesnt change much after that. Like Ive mentioned before, I think I usually ovulate around day 15 or 16, but last month was a way short cycle and I o'd on CD 11 (confirmed by vaginal sensor). This cycle right away my OvaCue it said that today (CD 12) was my peak fertitlity, UNTIL THIS MORNING , when it moved my peak fertility to Monday. The sperm came yesterday, and we've been checking my cervix since Wednesday, which looked increasingly fertile UNTIL TODAY , where it looked less round and more slit-ish. I have tested with the vaginal sensor for positive ovulation since CD 4 with all negative, still show "low" fertility on my CBE monitor, and have all neg smileys (twice a day). So judging by everything but my cervix, Im still a ways a way from ovulation, but if I JUST had to go by my cervix, I'd say I already missed it.

I feel like crawling in a hole . We have not inseminated since January (2 months taking a break, or out of town when O'd, and two months where I held off because I had no LH surge, and felt like we missed O) I pretty much feel like strangling someone.


I am feeling so bitter towards hetero couples with unlimited supplies of sperm, and unlimited "trying" opportunities a month.
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Digital BFP! I tested midafternoon on a FR Digital, and got a clear positive, so I think this is for real!!!!! You can now officially celebrate what I hope is the first of a string of BFPs on the thread!

I'm feeling validated (because I've felt pregnant for much of the TWW), excited (because we did it), scared (because of our last loss, and because so much is unknown), overwhelmed (because I really didn't think this would happen on our second time trying ever-- we have a perfect 2 for 2 rate of conception-- and now I'm due a month earlier than would be ideal at my work), and hopeful (that this will be a sticky embryo, and we'll finally get our baby in March!!!). Please help me to celebrate and send me good sticky vibes for a healthy embryo that wants to stick around for the long haul.

If it's ok with you all, I'd like to stick around on the thread at least for a while; I'm not ready yet to join Queer and Pregnant or my DDC, and I want to see you all get your BFPs!

So, catching up on personals!

Bunny: I'm so glad that your doctor's office redeemed itself, and that you'll be able to get all of the testing that you want and need. Based on your posts here, I can tell what a good advocate you are for yourself, and also how well informed you are about this whole process. I hope you get the answers that you need.

DykeMom: Good luck on these last few days gearing up to insemination!! Can I ask how you pick the date to go for it, since you don't chart? Do you use your CM (cervical mucus) as an indicator, or just make a guess based on the length of your cycle? It's so interesting to hear how everyone approaches this process. Along those lines, do you mind my asking why you decided to use the meds that you're on? I don't think I've heard of Metformin or Dexamethasone on these boards, and I'd be interested to know more. In any case, I hope you have healthy, easy days leading up to this next try!

Library: Cycle buddy, I hope you'll join me asap on the BFP bandwagon. I hope you have safe travels to Dallas, which sounds like the perfect spot to find out that you're pregnant! Not great for avoiding the heat, though. I hope your staying cool and as sane as possible for someone whose TWW is creeping into week 3!

AHope: Sorry that house details are keeping you up at night. But it might be marginally better than just obsessing while you wait. Speaking of which, and symptoms? How are you feeling? I'm rooting for you to get your BFP this cycle, just so you can flaunt it when you tell your RE that his/her services won't be needed next month after all!

Wehrli: What a promising insemination story! I think that the 10.30 twinge is an especially good sign. I was really glad to have a BFP cycle to look back at during this TWW, even when there were differences. I hope you have the same experience, and that it leads to a BFP! Have a great, relaxing, weekend away...sounds like the perfect setting for implantation!

Sweet Scarlett: I'm sorry for your crappy day, and for the fact that the signs aren't lining up in a clear way. How frustrating and unfair! I don't have any real advice, other than my usual rant about how I never trust OPKs alone, but you already know that, and you are using every available sign! Maybe you can try today or tomorrow, sort of splitting the difference between what your cervix seems to say and what the monitor and OPKs predict? That way you have the chance that some swimmers make it through your cervix just under the wire and/or the possibility that some swimmers are alive and waiting if you ovulate on Sunday or Monday? Ugh. I'm so sorry that you're in this position, and I hope that you get some clarity soon.

I think that I'm caught up now, but sorry if I missed you. I'm off to try to adjust to my new big news...
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Congrats Beastie!!!

Stick little bean, stick!
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Beastie! All manner of congratulations, sticky vibes, and healthy babe vibes to you. This is fantastic!!!!

:carro t:bro c

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Beastie: Congratulations!

Library: Big for you!

Miss Scarlett: Good luck with the insem!

Wehrli: It all sounds very promising!

5G: I ordered some of my meds online. You may be able to find your injectibles. I will let you know bc I am ordering mine soon.

AFM- I just bought my Femara today, and I found a coupon online so I got it from my drug store for $10! woo hoo!
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Beastie! Congratulations!

Wowza, you are one fertile gal. I'm so happy for you and equally hopeful that this time, you'll have a very sticky bean who matures perfectly into healthy embryo and a happy baby. I'll be thinking of you, and I'm sure you are also thinking of your first little bean right now.

Please *do* stay with us on this thread for a little while (or however long you like!). Not only do we like you , but you clearly have some excellent intuition about ttc. Would you mind summarizing your successful cycle for us? And what were your TWW sympoms--I know you had some nausea--what else? How are you feeling now?

You asked if I had any symptoms. At 7dpo, I'd say no. The only possible symptom is occasional and barely noticeable breast tingling sensation. But I had that one other BFN cycle, too. Truthfully, I really don't feel pregnant at all. But I didn't feel any different when I was preggers with my DP until about 9 weeks (when the morning sickness and fatigue hit). But I'm not feeling down about it. I have so much going on with the house, and I feel like I'm really making progress with ttc during this first month working with the RE. Even if the time isn't quite right yet, I'm confident that it will happen relatively soon. I'll probably feel very differently toward the middle of the week when I'll be testing (on Wed 7/14 if AF hasn't shown by then). But for now, I'm feeling good, if not pregnant exactly. Thanks for asking.
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Whoohoo Beastie !!!!!!

Congrats !

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Yay Beastie! Stick Beastie Jr.!

I got nothing on the TTC front. We are hoping to do 1 IUI next month and maybe 1 ICI. Would love some insight on at home IUIs.

My kids are cute, asking about when we'll have another baby. (also, the other we were talking about taxes and I said some of they money collected is to fix things and DS said, "like to stop the war?" It made me LOL and I had to tell him that we're spending millions to fund the war. Embarassing.)

Anyway, it's really hot here. DD had a fever so I bought another thermometer, but I haven't started using it yet. It looks like, depending on when my next cycle starts, I'll only be able to afford 1 vial. I was planning 3, but it's been a big money summer, I guess. My job is cutting me back to 32 hours a week, and I'll lose my $2 hr shift dif. I'm basically going to lose all my spending and sperm money. C'est la vie. If I don't get pregnant this next try, I'll just give it up, or start up again tax time.

My fingers are crossed for all of you.
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BEASTIE!!!!!! how wonderful for you and your dp!!!! i can't tell you how happy i am about your bfp. stick to the pole little one.

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Yay Beastie! I, too, would live to hear your success story in full--you're clearly got a knack for this!

Originally Posted by seraf View Post
Would love some insight on at home IUIs.
Anything in particular you'd like to know? We've got 3 DIY-IUIs under our belt, and all went smoothly. Happy to share more...

LibraryLady, Wehrli, AHope--I hope you all follow in Beastie's footsteps very shortly!

Scarlett--how frustrating! Trust your gut on this one, and know it's the best you can do.

AFM: CD 11 (I think? It's been a long week.) we nearly ordered swimmers to arrive tomorrow, anticipating O to happen sometime next week. But my early signs are especially elusive this month, so I held off. Downside is things may change quickly, and I may need to manufacture a midweek excuse for working at home one morning while I wait for the fedex truck. I hope my timing is more in line with swim team landing next Saturday. What I wouldn't give for a somewhat predictable cycle!

In other news, PDX is experiencing a heatwave! Which for us means low 90s--quite hilarious for this Midwest-bred gal. I'm loving the sun!
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I just spent like two hours reading a lesbian ttc blog by some folks (Megan and Sasha) who are now pregnant with #2 and on the Q&P board. Wow.

Beastie Still so thrilled for you and thinking sticky, sticky, healthy thoughts!

Library Here's my theory: late implantation (with the dip), which would mean that home preg tests aren't working yet, because your hcg doesn't start going up until a few days after implantation. Here's hoping...

Amy I hear you on wanting a more predictable cycle. I hope this one turns out nice and clear eventually!

Seraf Bad news about your hours being cut and struggling to find ttc money. I hope your next try does the trick.

Max Wow--$10 meds--nice going!

Scarlett I know that bitter feeling well and really feel for you right now. Ambiguity about when to insem has been the very hardest part of this process for me, and I really hope that this is the last time you have to struggle with it.

Wehrli Fingers crossed!

AFM DP and I had an argument tonight about cabinets...and my mom. Don't ask how those two very different dicey issues managed to converge, but it wasn't pretty. We're fine now (we don't really fight, exactly, just have painful discussions) but still not feeling very close. So much for my hopes for a cozy night. Tomorrow, we're going into Chicago to have dinner and to see the new movie about the two lesbian moms ("The Kids are All Right"). I'm happy about that. It will be a great break from the renovation planning. We close on the house on Monday morning! The house has been a great distraction from the tww...but I really don't think I'm pregnant.
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