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library & gelly, when are you testing?! both of your charts look really promising!!
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Originally Posted by wehrli View Post
library & gelly, when are you testing?! both of your charts look really promising!!
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Mornin yall!

Nice to be back, in more ways than one, how is everybody? An update on the OvaCue saliva OPK & vaginal ovulation sensor. Last month, when I was out of town for camp (It went great minus the apocalyptic flooding), my OPK's were still COMPLETELY negative, and then randomly, on the night of CD 11, the vaginal sensor confirmed ovulation. I was physically angry. One, because I normally O more towards 16-17 (when I actually get a + OPK), and 2 because I had spent so much $ on this dumb kit that had to be WAY the heck off on my ovulation, and 3 because I was 1,000 miles away from my DP and we'd have to wait another month...

Imagine my total and complete surprise at AF of cycle day 23. My shortest cycle ever (normally an even 28) but proof that the vaginal sensor was not, after all, smoking crack.

The good news is my DP is as much on board as she has ever been for this month, all of our big events are finished, and we have 1 IUI vial left of our most favorite and retired donor. I actually feel like a little of the pressure is off, even though it will be a one insemination month (which is not my preference but), I kinda feel like at this point it is fate, whether this is indeed THE donor, or whether there is someone else out there that is supposed to be our babydaddy Im on CD 5, so please send my LH good strong thoughts to be clear as a bell this month.

Happy Friday of the holiday weekend
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Wehrli-I didn't even notice it was July, thank you much for starting the lovely thread. I was watching for it, and I missed it. Even called someone for their June birthday a day late.

Esher-So sorry about your loss. You know you can get pregnant, so you can get pregnant again.

Coco-Congrats on twins!

Solejean-I missed if you had to do IUIs for a reason. I got pregnant with DD when I was nursing DS (without clomid). I'm strangely against weaning a 2 year old. LOL. I was talked into waning DD when she was 3, she wasn't ready. And neither of my kids were ever sick and suddenly she was going to the doctor once a month for random infections (pinworms and impetigo, 2 highly contageous infections that no one else got). So, yeah, not going to tell you what to do. But if your kid is like mine (alergic to everything or generally lower immune function) I wouldn't wean at 2. LOL. It also made her way clingier, which would be no fun to deal with while pregnant. Will they let you try a cycle or 2 without drugs?

5Grand-scary story. From what I've heard about babies born addicted to herion, they can have few long term effects if they're raised in a healthy, non-drug environment.

Yes, I am not pregnant. I had zero symptoms this month. I mean, I teared up at pride, but that was legit. It was the easiest TWW ever. I even cramped for the last 3 days before AF, which I have never done in my life, but it kept me from getting my hopes up. Mostly I didn't even think about being pregnant. Then, after camping, I got a flat tire and my brother (a mecahnic) looked at them and told me they were all messed up and I needed to replace all 4. So I stopped at Walmart on the way home, since they were the only place open on a Saturday night, and got 4 new tires. It took forever and we didn't make enough time to make it home for work sunday night. So I had to call off anyway. I was so grumpy, if I was going to call off, I really wanted to go to pride. So, first call off in 4 years and I get to work and see that my position is open for bid. Not just my position, all the positions on 2 units. Freaked me out big time. Looking for the most qualified, most experienced nurses with the least disciplinary actions against them. Yeah, I fall somewhere near the least experienced. So I'm really stressed about work, but I found out there was a position for 2 16 hour shifts a week. I volunteered for that if no one else wants it. She said I was the only one who showed any interest. That would put me back on dayshift and be lovely, but it would also be a $400 a month pay cut. Just about exactly what I'm putting away each month for sperm. My brother said, I'm free, get Sara knocked up instead of you. Oh yeah, while camping she was in the back of the truck talking to SIL, who volunteered my brother. LOL. Their jaws dropped when they found out how much I was paying to get pregnant. We did some math and decided that if I'd chosen to put that money toward going solar, I'd have several panels by now and would have a pretty nice grid-tied system. Rambling I am. How is Newbian? Anyone heard from her lately?

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Coco~ WoW!!!!!!!!!!! I want twins very much, you're so lucky!!! Let us know when/if you find out your boy/girl mix.

Scarlett- Good to see you back!!!

My temp went back up again~ 98.17, maybe the highest it's ever been. Do you think it could be the drugs effing with me again? I've never had this happen before, but it's also true there has been a different 'effing with me' symptom every time. I hope not. I keep having dreams about babies and being pregnant, but that's not unusual.

Sorry these are so short~ I'm at my grandma's house and don't want everyone to see what I'm writing about.

Luck and love to everyone~ more personals when I have a chance, but I'm thinking of you all xox

Happy Fourth!
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Argh!! The same thing happened today. The first test had a very very thin but for sure colored line. We could see it at one minute after dip. The second one (done about 6 minutes later) has nothing. I don't think the HCG could degrade *that* fast. But it doesn't look like a dent in the test, and it's for sure colored. But it's not a faint but wide line, it's a faint narrow line, like one pen line wide. Probably evap lines or something?
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Hi Everyone,

BunnyLullabye: How confusing! Can you get another brand of test to try?

LibraryLady: It's exciting that your temp keeps going up!

Seraf: I'm sorry about the bfn, and for the stress at work. Is using your brother something you would consider?

Miss Scarlett: How interesting that it looks like the OvaCue sensor might have been more accurate than the opks! I'm sending thoughts to your LH to be clear this cycle!

Coco: Hooray for twins!

AmandaHope: I'm glad that the trigger shot wasn't painful. Good luck with the insem tomorrow!

AmyPDX: Your 4th of July plans sound like fun!
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Hi all! I'm having a crabby day; the dogs woke me up at 3, which never happens, and then I couldn't fall back asleep, which really never happens! So now I'm a little bit sleep deprived and I have a less-than-useful 3am temp on my chart, which gives me nothing to obsess about!!!

Maybe personals will cheer me up? (ETA: these turned out to be super long: maybe I just needed an activity to keep my mind occupied?)

First of all, Coco! for your 2 . We were needing something to celebrate! I'm so glad for you and your DP.

Sarah: Welcome back. So sorry about AF. I hope you get the Clomid info that you need to make a plan for the next try. If it has to be your last try, I say go all out!

5G: I'm sorry that you and your family have to deal with this less-than-ideal situation. You're right that there really isn't an obvious good resolution, but I think it makes sense to offer what you can in support and to try to stay in the loop as things develop. We almost ended up caring for our nephew in a similar (though in some ways less dire) situation, and may end up in the same crappy situation again. Since I certainly can't control my sister-in-law's choices and decisions, it's helped me to do my best to do my own work figuring out my needs, availability, and boundaries. Because my sil seems to operate (maybe like your sister) without much foresight, and I sometimes get overwhelmed by having to make spontaneous decisions, it helps me to decide in advance what I might do, so that I'm not caught off guard. In any case, it sucks that you're having to deal with this, and that it's overshadowing your TTC process. I hope it gets resolved in the best way possible.

Escher: First of all, hooray for our shared alma matter. I guess it's not surprising that there are a few of us on these boards! Also, I wanted to respond to your concerns about your donor: after our loss, we had that same gut response, to try a new donor because we could. But during the time we took off to recover, we ended up determining that we liked knowing that the donor's sperm was compatible with my body, and also that we liked the idea of the (potential) new baby having a link with the fetus we lost. So we used the same donor this time. We may switch in the future. But I wanted to mention what went into our choice, and to validate your right to change your mind or go back and forth about the donor.

Amy: Welcome back! I hope you have a great holiday weekend.

AmandaHope: Is today an insemination day for you, following yesterday's easy trigger? Sending great vibes for perfect conception timing!

Scarlett: Welcome back! I'm visualizing super clear signs for this lucky last IUI!

Seraf: I'm sorry that you're not pregnant, but glad that you had such a clear TWW. What do you think about your brother's offer? I'd love to know more about whether you're considering it...

To my co-TWWers:

Bunny: So many symptoms, and there's still time! Keep us in the loop if you decide to test again!

Library: What a portentous dream! That HAS to be a good sign. The chart looks pretty nice, too!

Gelly: I'm joining in with all of your many chart admirers... how are you feeling?

Phew! That was epic! Thanks to you all for your support during this tedious middle part of the TWW. I can't even tell what to think of my supposed symptoms anymore, and there are days to go before I can test... on the other hand, my DP will be out of town from 8DPO (tomorrow) till 12DPO (Wednesday). And Wednesday is his birthday! So, if it does turn out to be a positive, I'm considering not telling him until he gets home on his birthday, even though we've always tested together in the past....

Happy 4th to those who celebrate it!
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I'm all sbout my brother's offer. He's a great brother. DP is excited about the idea, too, but she wants to talk to her parents first. I am leaving the ball in her court for now.
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Beastie Sorry about the animals waking you up at 3am and not being able to get back to sleep. Yuk! My (70-lb) dog repeatedly jumped onto our bed last night. At first, I thought she was freaking out because of an impending storm, but when I looked at the weather report, it was clear as a bell. She just really wanted to sleep on the bed, which we never let her do. But I had to physically get up and drag her off the bed each time, so I ended up sleeping in too late, going to the gym, and then not getting much writing done before heading back to the new house to meet yet another contractor.
Hang in there--I know the middle of the TWW is miserable. Your plan to surprise your DP with a positive on day 12 sounds perfect--what an awesome b-day present.

Sarah I'd say to go for it with the Clomid if this is your last try. You'll be monitored, right, so if you overstim, you'll know. I so hope this works for you!

Bunny Is there any way you can get a beta? I'd be going crazy with those ambiguous tests. Or how about one of the tests that says "pregnant" instead of a second line?

Seraf Your brother as a KD for your DP sounds great, but how do you feel about the possibility of stopping ttc? I know you said that in the past, you'd considered adoption, so maybe you are ok without any more pregnancy/birth and bio kids? That would be a big transition, though.
Regarding your comments to Solejean, I also did extended nursing with my DD. We had a no-more-nursing party for her when she turned 4! I almost weaned her when she was two but ended up incredibly anxious and depressed about it and just kept on going. I think she wasn't getting much milk after that, but she nursed morning and night for two more years. I loved it. She remembers it, too.

Solejean Obviously, every mom and kid are different, but if you are reticent to give up BFing, maybe you could ttc for a few cycles without the clomid.

AFM The swimmers are in the mail and will arrive tomorrow am. That should be right at 36 hours post-trigger, so off we go! Yay for my favorite day of the month: insemination day! Here's hoping...

Quick question for those who have had trigger shots: Have you gotten twinges/cramps before? I feel sudden twinges on both sides--it is strange--like I can actually feel my ovaries working. Anyone else?
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Seraf that is SO awesome about your brother offering to donate!! I wish so much my husband had a brother who could donate for us.

AmandaHope I only had trigger shots when I was doing IVF so I'm not sure if it's different. I had 31 follicles the first time and more than that the second time so my ovaries were so huge I felt like I needed a wheelbarrow to cart them around lol. I don't remember any specific twinges from the trigger shot though. If I remember right I took it in the evening so I could have slept through anything interesting though.

I wish I could get a beta but at this point I think it's kinda moot. I'd have to find someone willing to order it for me, and then with the holiday weekend I don't think I'd be able to get it done till Tuesday, and I'm fairly sure I'll either have a positive test or my period by then. It would be 16DPO, cycle day 32, and my cycles are rarely longer than 30 days.
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Bunny, stay away AF, stay away!!

AHope, i only had the trigger once... but i did feel those "twinges" afterward. i don't know if they were from the trigger or the clomid... after i've taken clomid, i can feel my ovaries working right up until O day. Happy Insemination Day!!!

sera, i think that's great about your bro... we've considered that option, DPs bros have even suggested themselves, but alas, we don't think we could live with that decision... for many, many reasons. i always think it's great when it works out for another family, though! G/L!

Beastie, i hope you are feeling better today... here's to hoping you have the BEST news for your DPs b-day!!

library, i hope you are having a great time with your family! enjoy every moment of this holiday weekend!!

scarlett, sorry you missed O last cycle! but it sounds like you have a promising new tool in O detection! FX that O is crystal clear this cycle and that 2 weeks later you'll have the best news in the world!

afm, nothin' much... waiting to O. CBE monitor still says low, opk -, O should be at least 5 days away... the time should fly though, our best friend in the wide world is here for the holiday (from washington state) and we are just soaking up quality time with her. she leaves on my CD15 (i have an u/s that morning) and then we trigger after we drop her at the airport. insem scheduled for friday (we have the day off!) !!
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Good morning ladies~

Only time for a quick reply and some extra hugs for my fellow TWWers. A cold, rainy 4th weekend, which is really unusual. Typically it's 100+ for us, but not this time!

My temp went down slightly, back to 97.90. I was having really vivid dreams and nightmares all night long, including one where my temp dropped to 92 and I woke up crying because I knew it was all over. I'd hoped it'd go up or at least stay up, but I"ll try not to freak out.

AmandaH~ Hope your insem goes flawlessly!! Can't wait to hear more!
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Originally Posted by LibraryLady View Post

My temp went down slightly, back to 97.90. I was having really vivid dreams and nightmares all night long, including one where my temp dropped to 92 and I woke up crying because I knew it was all over. I'd hoped it'd go up or at least stay up, but I"ll try not to freak out.
Every time you start freaking about a temp falling... look at our success chart... DP's temp had been going down for like 4 days straight, almost all the way down to coverline, when it shot back up at like 14 DPO...

If there is one thing I have learned from our success cycle it is NOT to give too much importance to the chart because this was the one chart we had that didn't look promising !

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Coco Regarding your Q&P post about being a bit shocked, *I'm* still reeling at your news, and *I'm* not even the pregnant one! Yikes! But it seems so wonderful, given your long hard journey to conceive and desire for more than one kid (right?).

Scarlett I meant to comment on your last post earlier. I can completely empathize with your physical anger at having missed O last time. The rage and disorientation that I feel when I realize that I either missed or mistimed O is awful. I'm so glad you're back on track now.

OH! Fed Ex is here! Time to go!
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Hi all, and thanks for your kind words during my crabby day. I'm feeling much better after dinner with friends and a full night's sleep. How are you all doing?

AmandaHope: Happy insemination day! How exciting and lucky. I hope the trigger shot did its thing, and that there's a big ripe egg just waiting for those swimmers!

Bunny: Sorry about the disappointing tests and the holiday weekend preventing your beta. I'm holding out hope that you'll get a clear BFP in the next few days!

Wehrli: Have so much fun with your BFF, and then have an easy path through the insems and into the TWW. I'm rooting for you!

Library: What a scary dream! In reality, though, those temps are still pretty freakin high. I hope looking at your chart gives you back some confidence! Will you have a beta when you get back from your trip? How does testing work when you're on progesterone?

AFM: Small temp rise this morning, so I'm feeling hopeful. Also, I almost threw up while I was taking out the trash, though likely that says more about the gross state of the garbage than it does about any symptoms on my end! DP left on his trip today, so I'm enjoying all of my secret single behaviors (mostly this involves watching bad tv and being very lazy). I hope you all are finding time to do something nurturing this weekend!
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Bunny Sorry to see the spotting on your chart today--hoping it turns out not to be AF on her way.

Beastie Glad you are feeling better today.

Library, Beastie, Gelly Those charts are looking good!

Wehrli Have a wonderful time with your friend--what a lovely visit!

AMom Hi.

Well, I had a very nice insem experience. No spills or mishaps and a nice long nap afterward. I got up early for yoga so that I'd be sleepy after the insem--and that worked out perfectly! The only thing is that although I haven't been temping much, I did take my temp this morning, and it was in my post-O range. With those twingy/crampy feelings last night, I'm a bit worried that I Od closer to 24 hours after the trigger, rather than the predicted 36. But I'm doing my best not to worry about it. My cervix was more open this morning than yesterday, and there was plenty of EWCM, so I'm trying to trust in the process. I still don't know whether to do the progesterone vag pills, though....

Who is next for insemination day? Wehrli, perhaps?
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Amandahope I'm glad to hear the insemination went well. Even if you did O a little early the egg can live 24 hours and the sperm only take like an hour or two to get up there.

I had a teeny bit of spotting around 3am just like eggwhite but brown/pink. Then nothing for several hours and last time I checked it was pink tinged creamy. And both those were when checking, not enough to see otherwise. My cervix still feels pretty firm and closed. But I just did another poas which was completely negative. I think I'm most likely out this cycle. Which is really freaking me out.

I mean I know "average' is like 20-25% pregnancy rate per cycle for fertile "couples". But I would have thought my odds would be MUCH higher. My tubes are clear, my cervical mucus was perfect, our timing was perfect, the sperm I'm sure is very fertile, I was on clomid and I know for the IVFs I had TONS of eggs even on the low dosages so I would assume I'd get at least a few with clomid. My eggs fertilize perfectly (like to the point of fertilizing even with sperm the dr was pretty sure were dead lol). My lining was great for both IVF's and this was only my second cycle on clomid (other KD backed out last minute last cycle, but that turned out perfectly). And I'm taking baby aspirin.

So yeah, I'm freaking out. Maybe I shouldn't worry so much, it's just after over 4 years it seems like it's *never* going to happen. I don't know when I should go to a dr. to see if anything's wrong, or what even COULD be wrong? I guess I probably shouldn't worry for a couple more cycles but I'm just feeling like I should have several eggs, how could NONE of them have stuck?
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Hi Everyone,

BunnyLullabye: A bit of spotting doesn't mean anything, and I hope you're going to get a terrific surprise sometime soon, but I definitely understand how frustrating and scary the process can feel.

AmandaHope: Hooray for a good insemination experience! Even if you O'd at 24 hours post trigger, you're still in good shape. How exciting!

Beastie: A temp rise and nausea sound like good signs! Thanks for your thoughts on switching or not switching donors after a loss. Your reasons for not switching definitely make sense (and are appealing) to me. I think we'll have to do some more thinking about it (and maybe give ourselves some more time to see how we feel).

LibraryLady: I completely agree with Coco that a small temp drop means absolutely nothing. I have everything crossed for you!

Wehrli: I hope you have lots of fun with your friend. It is exciting that your insem time is coming soon!

AFM: I'm finally feeling better physically--hooray!
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Originally Posted by escher12 View Post
AFM: I'm finally feeling better physically--hooray!
I'm so glad to hear that, Escher.
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