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Hello everyone,

I'm posting from my phone again...so personal will be short.

Wow, it looks like we have 6 - 7 braving the tww. That is so cool.

Bunny- I am wondering the same thing about clomid re: temp and giving + opk's still after "O". Yesterday morning I got up to go to the bathroom @ 5:20...I took my temp and it was way low, but I had to go so I didn't retake it. I crawled back into bed n didn't get up till about 9:30... I then took my temp again n it was more than a degree higher. So I wrote down both temps n put them both in ff. The low temp throws everything off...but the higher one still gives me my "O" day. My bedroom is like a freezer n I think that I fell back to sleep w/my mouth open the 1st time I took my temp. I've also been really, REALLY, ReAlLy crabby too, my poor DW.

Dykemom- so sorry about your bfn. I hope AF is not being too hard on you.

Library- I had the same thing this morning...with the eggycm. I'm not sure what is going on. The clomid has me all over the place. I don't know if I'm coming r going.

Welcome mamamismo! Hope that you stay is short n sweet!

AFM- like I said earlier....i am all over the place. My hormones are gong crazy. I think that my temps have evened out. This cycle is looking pretty good. I just really hope our timing worked and everything is ok.
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This is going to be an eventful TWW with so many testing.

Bunny: Sounds frustrating. I hope things clear up soon.

Dykemom: sorry about your bfn.

Welcome Back mamamismo! I was here last time when you were TTC. Hopefully we're both here for a short time.

AFM: Just waiting... impatiently. But the last two months I've O'd on CD 20 so I'm guessing that might be the case this month. But with the BF who knows. I will start using OPKs sometime this week and hope for a positive.
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Gelly, Painefaria, Bunny, Mujer, 2happy, Sarah, LibraryLady, and me- I believe these are the ones I counted on the TWW. Woo Hoo! It’s nice to be in such lovely company during this grueling waiting period. Is anyone else on Progesterone?

Millet- I believe with the trigger shot it can make you O sooner but it can not keep you from Oing if you were going to.

Dykemom- s, sorry about AF coming

AFM- We inseminated Friday with two DIY IUI’s.They were wonderful, my DP is really becoming quite an expert. They are never uncomfortable. DP said the first one just slid right in and I was very open. We think that one was the closest. My temp had just dropped. We are very excited and hopeful about this cycle! Tonight will be my second night on the Progesterone. So far no side effect.
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Gelly it's nice to know I'm not alone, though I wish you weren't going through similar frustrations!

MMM welcome back and I hope your stay is short.

Max I'm supposed to be on progesterone after O, but I haven't gone on yet. I think I will either tonight or tomorrow. I've been on it all cycle for like a year, so I'm pretty used to it, though now I'll be on twice the dosage.

I also realized I've been sleeping with the AC on and I usually throw all the covers off. Though I do take my temp vaginally so I'm not sure exactly how much difference it makes.
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hello everyone!

i think i updated everyone but if i missed you please post in bold!

welcome back, MujerMamaMismo!!

sorry for the lack of personals... i've been quite busy! i should be back later to respond to some of your questions...

afm, we got results back from the second beta... it was 198! that's 2.66x what it was 48hrs before... we are feeling very optimistic!! i go for a 3rd beta this morning... which is why i have to run... have a good day!
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Good morning all~ 3 dpo here, and looking for symptoms Actually, though I do not really look for symptoms this early, I always have fun googling and reading about women who are sure they can already feel the zygote kicking, etc. I'm about to start my progesterone (this evening) and that will screw everything up for sure, but at least I'm rational rather than delusional.

6 of us in the wait~ it's going to be an eventful two weeks!

Wehrli~ Congrats to you! This really does sound like it's doing what it should. SO happy and fingers crossed!!

Scarlett~ Any news? Is no news sad news? Come and give us an update.
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Yay werhli That is wonderful

Library - we are actually on the exact same schedule. I am 3dpo. When are you planning to test?
Max - Awesome timing I hope that you continue to have no progesterone side effects.
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Paineferia~ I think we're testing Friday the 6th. Some people are frequent stick-peeers, but I always wait until at least 14 dpo. I can't stand to look at the negatives. Indeed, if it weren't a question of whether or not to continue with the progesterone I wouldn't test at all, just wait to see if my period started. I just put my temp on ff from this morning and it gave me perfect IUI-day crosshairs. It's been up up up~ let's hope it continues for the both of us!
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Library - awesome on the timing. We are feeling really good about our timing also. AF always comes 12dpo that will be 8/4/10. I will am planning to wait until 8/4/10 or if I can stand it 8/5/10 but really if I don't get AF by then it is pretty much a BFP anyway
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I'd just like to point out to the universe that August 2 is my birthday, and there's REALLY ONLY ONE THING I WANT!!! Fingers crossed for us both!
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sounds like the best birthday present ever
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3DPO My second night on progesterone and so far no side effects. Woo! I hope it stays like this! I def test early, I'm not sure I can wait till 14 DPO but I will try to get as close as I can. Keeping fingers crossed for everyone!
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Library- that sounds like a wonderful birthday gift! I've got my fingers crossed for you!

I'm also on protesterone...since 3dpo. I haven't had any symptoms as of yet. Things r going well!

Does anyone know if clomid can cause you to "O" for more than one day? I had slight ovary tugging and cramping on cd 15, but on cd 16 it was much worse, was on both sides and was for 3-4 hrs. FF put my "O" day as cd 15.

Have a great day...hope the tww flies by!
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So let me get this right - Library, Max, Gelly, and myself are all 3dpo?!?
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Hey yall

It's going to be a busy two weeks for our little TWWaiters! Hoping for pages & pages of dancing veggies.

AFM-- Temp dropping steadily x 4 days, and today it's below the coverline. Just waiting for AF to hurry up so I can start the next cycle. I can't believe I broke the streak (actually I can, because that seems to be how things are rolling) but all we can do it move forward right? I was trying to explain to DP all of the levels of failure I feel every time we try and it doesn't work, and I know this has to be how most feel during these difficult times. Failure as a woman, as a mother, as a partner, as a planner...... Im trying to trust that it will happen when it is supposed to, and when the time is right, but what if that is never?

Even though in the past clomid has made my O terribly hard to track, I have some on hand, and since my tracking has gotten better with my new arsenal of tools, Im thinking of trying it again. We are in the process of picking a new donor which breaks my heart and makes me think I will always be disappointed that we didnt get "the one"...... No choice though.

A quick poll, I seem to find about equal accounts of clomid timing, half for starting on day 3 and half for day 5, can I take a poll of start dates from yall please? I have always done day three in the past. 50 mg a day.

Sorry to be debby downer, I had been resisting posting because I knew this is what would come out, but here it is. Ill post to be moved once AF finally gets here.

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Scarlett I'm really sorry if this cycle didn't work for you. I know *exactly* what you mean about all the feelings of failure. My whole life has been turned upside down by infertility. Even though til now we've been working with almost no sperm, it still has made me feel like a complete failure and like I don't even know who I am. I've been scared to try donor sperm that I might find out I have problems too, and take away even one more hope. Even though it's only been one failed cycle, I feel like I've already given up hope that it can work.

As far as clomid timing, from everything I've read day 3 is for quantity of eggs, and day 5 is for quality. We'd LOVE to have twins or even triplets and make up for some lost time (praying they're all healthy of course) so I've usually been splitting the difference and starting on day 4, though this cycle I spaced it and didn't start til day 5.

I started my progesterone last night, and my temp is up a bit today. It's probably do to the progesterone and not a real therman shift, but if I put in another similar temp tomorrow, FF gives me crosshairs on the 23rd, which seems fairly plausible given my CM, cervix etc. So I may well be 3DPO too rofl.

Gelly I've been wondering that about clomid too, especially with my chart this cycle. I mean you're likely to make more than one egg, so would they all pop at once? Now I've been doing so much research that I can't remember what I read where, and I may have even read this on our thread here lol, but what I read is that usually the corpus luteum of the first egg secreting progesterone will stop ovulation of future eggs past a day or two I think. But if you have low progesterone or are on clomid or something, I think you may have more time to pop the rest of the eggs. Maybe someone who has done a monitored cycle without a trigger shot would know more?
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Quick post:

Friday's beta was negative. That was 11DPO. I spotted that morning and the morning of 12DPO, but nothing since. My primary care physician, who ordered the beta, thinks I should have another one, just to be sure. I probably won't get in until TOMORROW, which means I won't know until
Wednesday. If it's negative, I'll stop progesterone and AF will arrive just in time for our vacation.

Seriously? 8 follicles and no baby? WTF? Can I change my handle to 12grandNoBaby?
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5G I am sooo sorry I know exactly how that feels! I don't know how many follies I had last cycle but I know I O on my own and respond really well to stim meds, so I felt a lot the way you do. I felt that way too when we did IVF and the first time we put back 3 babies, and 4 the second time, and non stuck. Still, maybe there's a chance you'll get good news on your second beta. It's still pretty early, someone could have implanted late, especially with the spotting.
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Miss Scarlett and 5G: I'm gonna keep my fingers crossed just in case you both have some late good news. I am sending you big s if you are feeling down.
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Scarlett~ I'm so sorry! Biggest hugs and I totally understand the feeling of failure. You're not a failure, it's just bad timing and all those other million variable factors that seem to all go wrong at the wrongest time. But it's NOT YOU! Biggest hugs xoxoxo

5G~ Biggest hugs to you too. 8 follies and no baby is such a crappy feeling. Like, what else can we do? I'm sorry but I laughed at your 12GnoBaby handle. It's a bitter truth, which is what makes it funny.

Forward is the only way we can go xo
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