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Okay, burg and indigo, you're really making me feel good about my pineapple decision. It was yummy yummy and hopefully it works too. Even the core wasn't too bad, since it did have some flavor and was for a good cause. I also got out on my bike tonight (as it was less than 1000 degrees for a change). It felt good to get some exercise and I felt like I was doing a good thing for myself, but I also kept having little freak outs about whether or not I was jostling the possible zygote. This is so stressful!!

Escher~ Glad to see you back. Even when you're on a break, we love to hear from you xo

Nothing else to report. More progesterone this evening and I'm already excited to get up and temp tomorrow. TTC Nerd!!!
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Isn't it odd how you can go from devastated to end one cycle, to totally obsessed with the next cycle within a matter of hours?

We are looking at new donors, will purchase in the next two days, and Im back to my full regalia of OPK tools. Im getting more and more obsessed/superstitions/desperate with each cycle so, back to the nasty pregnancy tea (I HATE TEA OF ALL SHAPES & FLAVORS & SIZES but...), and a trip to our local herbalist tomorrow. Thinking of setting up a consultation with an acupuncturist..... oh boy...and so it begins. I suppose Ill be off to get ume plum balls & pineapple tomorrow.

nighty night y'all, Ill get straight who is what and where before next post for personals.

PS one tiny little glimmer today, my iphone 4 arrived.
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quick update before i have to run...

my last beta was 659 that's a doubling time of 41.5 hrs. we are starting to feel more and more confident but still a little scared to believe it. i just said hello in the Q&P thread, not that i'm ready to leave youse guys yet! i just want to dive in to this pg thing and start to enjoy it...

who is going to take over the thread for august?? i know Bunny offered if no one else takes it... any other volunteers????
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Burg- where did you get the ume plum balls from?
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Originally Posted by LibraryLady View Post

Nothing else to report. More progesterone this evening and I'm already excited to get up and temp tomorrow. TTC Nerd!!!

Werhli - that is so wonderful... I hear you on the not ready to leave. I think that I will have a hard time transitioning to "being pregnant" and believing it. I will probably hang out here for a while also :sheepish

AFM - Today would have been my due date from my first m/c I am handling it much better than I thought I would. It is hard realizing that I would have been holding a little one around now instead of waiting in TTW (again).
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Good morning all~ woke up with feet like ice and a temp of 97.58. I know it's only in the early days still, but any temp drop just feels devastating. I'm going to have to go and google a million articles and reassure myself.

Scarlett~ Glad you've got yourself back on track, and with a new iphone, woohoo!!!

Wehrli~ Yay for your beta numbers!!! Message me and let me know what's involved in threadkeeping and I'll see if I feel like I can do it (I'm not techno-brilliant, but maybe I can manage...)

Nothing much to report. Crazy dreams from the progesterone, but that's about it!
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Paineferia~ this must be a really tough day for you. Extra big hugs xox
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Scarlett I hear you on the tea. Have you found it to make any difference? I have some that I think is nettle and red raspberry and I'm not sure anything else. I quit drinking it for a looong time but last cycle I had it a couple times. I waited for it to cool off some, or you could put ice in it. Then I put in a little bit of raspberry Torani syrup and that helped a *lot*.

Wehrli I am so so so so excited for you!! I really think this is going to be it for you! I'm glad you're staying here with us for a bit, but I'm also excited for you to dive in on the Q&P thread. Maybe you could do both for a bit? Also if you want you can PM me as well with what's involved in thread keeping. As I understand it, it's just sort of copying the info from the first message this month, and then editing the order and stuff whenever someone updates? I think I could do that, though I'd need a quick review on the linking chart to the chart smiley.

Paineferia I'm so sorry. Tons of extra today. I haven't been through a miscarriage but I think I've had similar experiences with missed due dates with both IVF's and failed adoptions so I think I can relate. The worst is the second failed adoption. I know someone who had a baby right at that time and I keep looking at her baby and thinking I could have one the same age.

Library I know what you mean about lower temps freaking you out. Last cycle I was so calm and confident with the OPK. This cycle I'm totally freaking out about my temps. For me 97.58 would be a great improvement lol. For you, couldn't it easily be an implantation dip? That could be a great sign!!

I still can't figure out what's up with my chart. If I change it to "research" it gives me crosshairs on the 17th. But on "advanced" it's not showing anything. I couldn't have had an anovulatory cycle on clomid could I? It's bizarre to me that my temps haven't even gone up except for one day with 200mg of progesterone!
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Originally Posted by painefaria View Post
Today would have been my due date from my first m/c
My thoughts are with you....

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I'm on a plane! This is the first time I've used wifi on a plane, and it feels really odd.

Painefaria-- s for sure. I can just barely imagine the pain of seeing other newborns and thinking of your own loss and what might have been. Sigh. I hope you'll be growing a healthy, sticky little one of your own very soon.

Scarlett I love my i phone. The i phone 4 should keep you busy and distracted for a while... Enjoy!

Bunny Annovulatory on Clomid seems highly unlikely. I'd probably go with the research date.

Wehrli Yay for great betas! Keep it up, little bean!

Escher Welcome to a fresh, new cycle!

Max and Library Enjoy those wacky dreams. Are you writing them down?

Chiquittay Yay for positive opks and for starting to insem again. I may have missed it--but did your KD get his test results back?

DykeMom s for AF. Darn.

5G Are you hanging in there? Does your doc have anything useful to say?

AFM My RE appt went really well. I hadn't met this doc and thought he was great. He listened well and quickly figured out that I know a lot about this process and that I wanted to discuss details and agree on a plan, not simply bow to his wisdom. I was pleasantly surprised and quite encouraged. Even better, he had nothing but very positive things to say about my chances. All the test results look great. He thinks that I need some assistance getting a slightly stronger ovulation (Clomid) and also well-timed inseminations (we agreed on two IUIs). So the plan is 50mg Clomid, u/s monitoring, hcg trigger, two IUIs, and progesterone supplementation (if blood work indicates that I need it), followed by a beta! I'm thrilled with that plan and am very optimistic that it will do the trick before too long. He says that he would expect that it should work within four cycles; if not, he'd recommend switching to injectibles. But he said that he'd move faster or slower depending on my preferences. My thought is that I'll do three of these cycles and then probably step it up, if necessary. But I really think I'll be pregnant by Halloween . I'm hoping for August or September conception, which would be ideal for my academic schedule.

Library Wasn't True Blood just incredibly gory last week? It was almost too much for me, but I still love the show. Yikes.
Does anyone watch Mad Men?
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painefaria, for your loss. glad that you are doing better than you expected, i'm a little worried about the EDD for my first pg... thinking about you today.
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AmandaH~ We must have exactly the same taste in tv. I LOVE Mad Men!!!! I'm still totally pissed that Sal isn't on this season, but love the show anyway. Mmmmmm, Joan... And True Blood was really gorey for sure, but this season's been great so far. I died laughing at Talbot shrieking about how the vamp fight was messing up his lovely home. I'm also rooting for Lafayette and Jesus. Also, Jessica's a hottie. I do love redheads, even though (because??) I am one. Oh, and also wonderful about your RE! He sounds like a good doc, and I love your plan. Pregnant by Halloween sounds perfect!
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*sets down pineapple to type*

Health food store went well, found the bromelain, and some organic pineapples. Ran into the scary herb lady store and set up an appointment for Friday at 1:00. Her assistant inquired as to the nature of the appointment (she always starts with an iridology reading) and when I said fertility he laughed and said "OH she'll fix you right up!". (here's hoping) Couldnt find any ume plum balls, but the search continues. Any clues on the pronunciation? Is it (ooohhmeee) plum balls or (oohhmm) plum balls????

Library-- Chart stalking begins. I totally know how you feel about not shaking the zygote. I get so paranoid right after we insem everytime thinking that every little move could shake it loose (I *KNOW* this is not the case) but still. I always get a little nervous about yoga, and about the foot stomping fits that I throw on a fairly regular basis.... Hoping for some clear signs. I realized after this cycle, when I felt like I had so many pregnancy signs, that the ONLY thing I never have with AF that I do with pg is insane food cravings/aversion (smells also). So that is what Ill be looking for from now on.

Wehrli--GROW BEAN GROW!!!!!

Bunny-- I agree that anovulatory cycle with clomid would be highly unlikely, however, like Ive said before it DOES make my cycle harder to track. I don't think Ive temped regularly on a clomid cycle to give you something to compare to, but Ill check my paper charts. As for the stinky tea, I think I am going to try and ice it down...it's really not the flavor as much as Im not a fan of hot tea...some honey maybe?

Painfaria-- I know that feeling, and it's a hard day, but it will get easier, and you will have a perfect birth day soon. s

AmandaHope---WOW. Sounds like your doc is "perfect". I think your game plan sounds great, hopefully it will work cycle number one and you wont even have to *think* about the rest of them!!!

*back to the pineapple*
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Originally Posted by gellybeangrl View Post
Burg- where did you get the ume plum balls from?
None of that for me, I don't even know what that is. I was talking about pineapple juice. Good luck finding some!
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Scarlett~ Yum! I enjoyed my pineapple so much, hope yours is yummy yummy and super effective. I love your 'scary herb lady' story! I hope she does fix you right up! When I lived in San Antonio we used to go to a Santeria shop, and I wish I could go there now and buy some fertility floor wash and candles Also, my guess on the plum balls would be OO-meee, since it's likely Japanese, and that's how it'd be pronounced there. We have a huge Asian market here in OKC, I wonder if they carry them? Any Asian markets in El Paso Thanks for the chart stalking~ eager for any feedback. I'm still hoping I didn't shake they zygote, even though I know it's not likely. I guess we just can't shake the feelings.
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AmandaHope I'm so glad that your RE appointment went well. That's great news and sounds like you have an awesome plan!

I'm also a huge fan of True Blood. But I haven't watched this season yet, so please, no more spoilers! Or at least like do that thing where the font blends in and you have to hightlight it to see it lol. Mad Men I tried, but didn't really get into. I might give it another try sometime.

I wish I could say my appointment went as well as AmandaHope's. It was pretty much a fiasco. I think office managers are almost always hired just to be bullies. It's late, so I'll go further into my rant tomorrow lol.
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Library-- I LOVE THE ASIAN MARKET IN OKC! And that little Vietnamese noodle place next door, Mr. Pho, they have the best spring rolls. I have good friends that live near there and we go often when Im in town

We have some patients that go to a Curandero somewhere downtown (folk healer or shamaness as far as I can gather)....Im going to start with the herb lady before I go that route though!!!!!! LOL

OH, and I meant to ask, I have only done a CD21 progesterone level once (it was a clomid cycle) and it was off the charts high. Like *really* high, so I haven't ever done any progesterone supplements after O. Do we (by we I mean yall) think that it was SO high because I shot out a billion eggs and there were like 1000 corpus luteums? I don't feel the need to supplement since the numbers were so high, but what if it was a fluke? Should I try Progesterone anyway? Should I do another CD21 test? (but I *am* going to do another clomid cycle....)
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Bunny~ Sorry if I spoilered, I'll be more careful. But it's not spoilering to say that my fave new characters this season are Russell, the Vamp King of Mississippi and his 'consort' Talbot. Really good stuff! Mad Men I guess one likes or one doesn't, but I love it, and all the gorgeous clothes.

Scarlett~ Mmmmmm, Mr. Pho! I'm going to have to go there this weekend and get a sour mango smoothie, I LOVE those things!! As for your progesterone question, while I like the visual of shooting out a million eggs, that's not a question I feel like I can answer. Sorry babe!!

How's everyone else doing? How are my 2ww sistahs? We're 6dpo now, is it time for symptoms? I slept for crap last night~ woke up at 2, tossed and turned until 4:55 and had almost dozed off when DP's alarm went off at 5. I almost cried! I managed to sleep a bit after that but at 8 gave up and got up and will hopefully sleep well tonight. My temp went back up today, but I don't know if my reading can be entirely accurate (I temped at 6 a.m. after an hour's sleep). Still, it makes me feel a bit better, so that's good. Nothing else to report. This part of the wait is eternal...
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