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Thanks everyone for the . I only "almost cried" once yesterday, so not too bad.

Library - I hear you with the sleeping like crap. I am on call for work, so that doesn't help and DS has been getting up ready to go at 3am for the last few days. This morning I got him back to sleep just in time to get DP off to work(4am), and as I was falling asleep it started raining and I had to get clothes of the laundry line . Anyway, I fell back to sleep just in time for DS to wake up again 6:15... oh well

Amanda sounds llike a good plan. It is always great when the Dr's actually listen.

Bunny- I think that you Ovulated on day 17. I would "discard" day 19 and see if you get better crosshairs. Either way you have excellent coverage

Gelly/max- where are you? How are you doing?

AFM - another day of up, up, up temps and DP remarked about how cranky I was and then said "oh yeah, why don't I remember that this is what happens, we have only been through this 3 times". I don't know if this is a good thing or not
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Painefaria~ Ugh, sounds like you're in the sleep-misery too. I'm extra sorry about that 3 a.m. thing, though this morning at 3 I'd have been glad of the company! Sorry you're cranky, too, but glad of your rising temps!! Fingers crossed!!

Okay, totally unrelated question: How do you get the little photo avatar thing? I can't figure out where to do that.
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Library- I had insomnia too on 6dpo. I'm not sure what that was about. Last night I had some vivid baby dreams. Here's hoping. I'm having lots of gas an abdominal cramps, but I don't know of that is good or bad.
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Originally Posted by LibraryLady View Post
Okay, totally unrelated question: How do you get the little photo avatar thing? I can't figure out where to do that.
go to user control panel (top left) and click. On the left hand side there is a change avatar link. Go there and it is a simple attach. Good luck
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Hey everybody!

So... I can officially be moved to "taking a break." I got laid off last week and had two negative betas this week. That's 7 IUIs, 2 of them medicated, and still no pregnancy. We also found out that our insurance doesn't cover IVF, and we simply can't afford it, knowing it's not 100 percent. We are both devastated and angry, but we are moving forward!

Our tentative date to try again is in November. In the interim, I hope to lose some weight, cut out caffiene (for REAL this time), and just generally get myself as healthy as possible. There is nothing wrong with me: I ovulate, I have fairly regular cycles, no PCOS, no endo... our sperm was not perfect but it's very good. We'll pick new sperm soon, and hopefully with different sperm and some
healthy changes, it won't take us long once we start up again. I might even start temping again...but to be honest, the beat part of not being pregnant is no more OBSESSING- no more shots! I should post a pic of the very nasty bruise I've developed from the PIO shots.

Also, I'm on standby to take care of my niece, who is currently residing in the uterus of my heroin-addicted sister. She got arrested last week, which is good news, but I'm sure they will order her to rehab, at which point she'll probably leave AGAIN (she's left 3 rehabs). If she or the baby tests positive for heroin, the county will take the baby from her, and the wife and I are ready and willing to take care of her.

Good luck to everyone! I'll pop in every once in a while. Thanks for all of the support!

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Hi Everyone,

FGB: I'm sorry. This process can be so unfair. I hope this break is healing and restful and exactly what your body needs.

TWWers: Interesting symptoms you all are having!

Scarlett: If your progesterone was high last time you checked, and you're going to take clomid again, then it seems to me like it should still be ok now. I don't think taking progesterone supplements will help if your progesterone is already good. I'm envious of your fabulous progesterone levels! I've always heard ume pronounced oo-may.

Team Amanda: Go team!
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5G I am so sorry to hear about your negatives, layoff and that you need to take a break. We went through all of that too, before we switched to KDS. Maybe you could find a new job that did have infertility coverage? I believe there's subforums with lists of companies that have infertility coverage over at fertilethoughts and maybe ivfconnections. I hope everything goes OK for your sister's baby and that she ends up in a safe loving home. And I hope that home is yours, if that's what you want. Is there any chance your sister would voluntarily make an adoption plan?

Painefaria I really hope cranky is a symptom, cause I've been cranky too hehe. Thanks for the advice on my chart. I tried discarding day 19 but it didn't make any difference. I'm just sticking with "research" detection for now. Also about the Avatar thing, is it possible that's for supporting members only or something? That's what I always thought, and when I went to User CP I didn't see any Avatar option.

Library sorry to hear about your sleep schedule. I know how frustrating that can be. I haven't had trouble sleeping but i"ve been up to pee about 6 times a night lol. Also would it be possible to just not talk about details of TV shows at all on this thread? Those *were* spoilers to me, and you're one of my favorite posters so I'd really hate to have to stop reading your posts!

Scarlett I'm also thinking that if your progesterone was high, you probably don't need supplements. Though if you wanted to, I don't think progesterone can hurt aside from postponing your period (at least that's what my RE told me).

*Rant mode* Why is it that if you are TTC *every single* medical condition becomes "infertility"? At the doctors yesterday they tried to insist that if I am TTC AT ALL they bill everything as infertility, even if I'm not there to talk about TTC at all! It was a huge fight with the office manager. But I've had that at other doctors offices too. I am NOT infertile! (at least not that I've had reason to be diagnosed so far). Infertility is such a weird thing, where someone *else's* medical condition can require me to go through procedures. But that doesn't mean *I* have the medical condition. What if I got a divorce or had an affair with some guy who had fertile sperm and accidentally got pregnant 4 times lol. Would doctors still code me as infertility because I've been through IVF because of my husband's sperm? And would they code, say, a heart condition, as infertility? Because you know, your heart needs to be beating in order to get pregnant lol. That makes just as much sense to me as coding thyroid or menstrual pain or insulin resistance or any other independant medical condition making me unhealthy as infertility!

But I think they do that just because they can make more money doing so. If you have to cash-pay everything they can charge whatever they want vs. the reduced rate insurance agrees to pay. I swear almost all RE's are just about profit and not at all about actually helping anyone. That's part of why we traveled to go to the RE we did for IVF - he charges a reasonable rate and has great stats because he has ethics and believes it's deplorable how doctors try to capitolize on people's desperation and grief. So at least there are *some* good caring doctors out there. I just wish they weren't so hard to find!
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5G~ Biggest hugs. That's so awful all the way around. Laid off is just insult to injury, and the constant battle and constant failure is so debilitating. I'm very glad to hear you guys are in line to receive your sister's baby. Do keep us posted on everything and we'll keep you in our thoughts xoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxo

Paineferia~ I looked for the 'change avatar' button but didn't find it. I'll look again, I'm not always tech savvy

Bunny~ I'll do my best not to reveal plot points. Sorry.

Escher~ Thanks for your Amanda Power~ I hope it works its Amanda magic!!!
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escher12- Sorry for you BFN.

5G- It sounds like you two are really going through a lot right now. I know the stress is really doubled when you have other life changes going on too.

AFM- We found out we may be getting a house we bid on! We should know by next week for sure! I'm excited and nervous, similar to TTC! My temps are still high and I'm still having wacky dreams. They aren't the kind of dreams I want to remember, so I am NOT writing them down. I haven't heard of the ume (U-me) balls before so I will check it out. It's CD19, and 6DPO. Hmm... I have a little pineapple left in the fridge, should I eat it? Now I'm scared because of the "stopping by 5DPO".
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5G--Ugh. Talk about getting kicked while you were down. I know how disappointing it is when you are JUST SURE this HAS to be it. Im hoping for some peace for you in the next couple of months. Maybe your home & hearts needed to be open for your little niece?

Bunny-- There are lots of medical professionals out there that are faced with burnout, medicare cuts, over work, over paperwork, frustration, and loss of empathy. It's sad, and really hard to avoid, even for the best ones. However, there ARE doctors, nurses, nurse practitioners, midwives, etc that really *do* care, and try to meet the patients needs as well as their own personal and business needs. I sure hope you can find one of those, and feel like they are on your team instead of playing against you.

Escher-- THANKS that's what I thought too...We have had one consult with a OB/GYN friend of my DP's and he was pretty surprised at the numbers, but thought I had done too high a dose of the clomid... (100mg day 3-7) So I stepped it down to 50mg.

AFM--I pulled my labwork from my chart to look at the Progesterone level again. It actually kind of funny. I had the progesterone level of a woman in her second trimester of pregnancy

Reference Ranges for Luteal phase are 3.3 -- 25.6

Mine was 70.5 heheheeee

I can't remember for sure, but I think that was one of the cycles that we *COULD NOT* pinpoint ovulation AT ALL and had to send the samples back....maybe a good thing, I probably would have had a litter....
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Max~ I'm having wacky dreams too! Last night I dreamt my dad was organizing a music festival and he and I were driving around having conferences with different musicians. WTH!?!?! I've always remembered my dreams (I'm a really light sleeper) but it's true the progesterone dreams are the kraziest!!!

Scarlett~ Gracious sakes!! It does sound like you might have had a litter! Hopefully it will work in your favor very soon. I'm going up to the city this weekend~ I'll go to Super Cao Nguyen and report back on the Ume balls.
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Thanks Library. Maybe I'm just weird about spoilers but I hate knowing *anything* about a show before I watch it. To me it's just like knowing the outcome of a sporting event before watching it. I hate knowing what to expect at all, even small things. I avoid watching the preview commercials and snippets at the end of shows too.

I did some reading on the Avatar thing. It looks like it's a paid member only feature. But you can access it and a bunch of other things for $5 a year! I'm kind of considering it.

Scarlett that does sound like a crazy high progesterone level! I wonder what would happen if you did 100mg day 5-9 rather than 3-7? Maybe you'd get less eggs but better quality? That's what I'm trying right now. If this doesn't work I may go back to splitting the difference and doing day 4-8 next cycle.

The one thing I did "learn" from the Dr. yesterday is that I was right (yet again lol) that I shouldn't be taking progesterone all cycle as my usual doctor suggested. It isn't a problem for health issues in general, but can screw up the lining while TTC. Plus as I learned recently (was that here or somewhere else?) that the progesterone from the corpus luteum prevents multiple ovulations usually, I'm thinking it could possibly even prevent ovulation at all if it's taken during the first half of the cycle!

Is anyone else doing prometrium as a suppository? I'm switching to that vs. oral. The doctor said "They don't even make a suppository version of Prometrium" which as far as I understand it is completely incorrect, cause I had suppository progesterone with my last IVF! But now I'm just using the gel caps as suppositories instead of orally. TMI lol but I can't believe the mess it makes, it's so annoying. And I always wonder if I'm absorbing enough. But I guess it's the same issue with taking it orally, you just don't *see* that you might not be absorbing it.
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Morning all~ 7dpo and nothing much to report. My temp went down very slightly this morning, which always just makes me despair, but it's way too early to actually freak out, so I'll try and keep that in perspective. I had a long weird dream about walking a dog on a ridiculously long leash, while teenage boys followed me around insisting I sing Simon and Garfunkel songs. Oh progesterone, you so krazy!
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Originally Posted by LibraryLady View Post
Morning all~ 7dpo and nothing much to report. My temp went down very slightly this morning, which always just makes me despair, but it's way too early to actually freak out, so I'll try and keep that in perspective. I had a long weird dream about walking a dog on a ridiculously long leash, while teenage boys followed me around insisting I sing Simon and Garfunkel songs. Oh progesterone, you so krazy!
Ok, this just cracks me up. Keep the crazy dreams coming.

5G I'm so sorry about the layoff and also the having to wait to keep ttc. I hope your sister's baby is ok...and that if it is what you want, she can join your family and find a safe, nurturing home with you and DP. s

Max Exciting about the house! Good luck!

TWWers--good luck! I'm excited for some more BFPs around here in the next week or so.

AFM I'm enjoying being in the NW. I feel guilty about leaving my DP in the house-under-construction-chaos, but I'm also deeply grateful to be free from it for now. I love it here. I can see Mount Rainier from my parents' deck. I actually climbed it (to the top!) with my brother and dad in 2000 (I wouldn't make it 10% of the way up now, but that is another issue). I learned to ski on it as a kid. It represents home to me. I struggle with feeling sad and torn that I live out in the midwest--especially as we're really putting down roots there with the house--while I still feel that home is out here. As for ttc, I'm pretty sure I Oed on day 14 (on Wed), which means that I could have inseminated this cycle...but I'm still enjoying the break and am really looking forward to getting pregnant after I get back!
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Library--Sounds like a Mrs. Robinson moment to me!!!
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BunnyLullabye- Yes I am taking Prometrium 200mg as a vag suppository. Ask your doctor again and tell him you know it exists. Sheesh!

No news is good news, I guess. My temps are still up above 98.0, but no side effects. I thought the progesterone would give me more side effects than just crazy dreams. 7DPO and hopeful.
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AmandaH~ I'll hope for more fun tonight and report in the morning. I'm glad you're enjoying your break, even if it does mean leaving DP in the chaos. We need these times of peace for certain.

Scarlett~ What can I say? I am a rock, I am an island.

Max~ yay for high temps!! I hope mine goes up again tomorrow.

Afternoon update~ twinges! I've been feeling, or at least imagining that I've had a twingy crampiness in a promising location. At first I thought it was really having to pee, but then I peed and the twinge was still there. Cross those fingers!
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Bunny - it is a paid member option... Sorry. It was cheap maybe $5-$10 no more ads. I think that it is worth it for the large amount of time that I am on mdc .

THE DREAMS - wow I hear you on that. I have been having some of the most interesting dreams... not as interesting as library

5G- Sometimes things happen for a reason... I am hoping that you will be helping that little girl when she is born

Amanda - I have always wanted to visit the pacific northwest. I am so envious.

Congrats Max on the house

AFM - things still look positive around here
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Thread Starter 

5 weeks!

alright ladies... i've been bad about personals, i know... sorry.

i am handing the torch to Bunny for the August Threadkeeper.

Please note: I've made an "MIA" cateragory for those who have been waiting to O for more than a month. if you have an update as to your status, please post in bold so our gracious threadkeeper can move you to the proper place. if i've moved you by mistake, i'm very sorry.

i'm off for the weekend...
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Have a great weekend Wehrli!

Max what do your suppositories look like? I know I had white foil wrapped ones for the last IVF but I can't remember if they were Prometrium brand. I now have the oral kind that is a small round pink/salmon colored gel pill. I'm actually fine taking these and last night they weren't near as messy. So I'm fine with that, I don't know if the efficacy differs. Mostly I just thought it was odd that someone who is supposedly a specialist isn't aware that a commonly prescribed medication exists.

Painefaria I'm sort of thinking the $5 might be worth it too. The ads didn't used to be so bad but now they're full page and make every page take forever to load. I don't mind the side ones but the popups and full pages are getting hard to take.

AFM - 7DPO also and not really feeling anything either way. Last cycle my symptoms were so strong, but this cycle everything seems fairly normal. I'm trying not to get my hopes up as much, but mostly I'm just really dreading if we have to make that trip again, let alone several more times. I wish our donor lived closer or we knew someone to use locally!
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