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8dpo~ I'm doing good today as well. I have had some really strong and vivid dreams, but I can't really remember them. Besides that and being a little gassy...I don't have too many other symptoms.

Werhli~ Have a great weekend....thanks for being the thread keeper. We hope to be joining you in prego thread soon!

I'm calling it a night...see you all tomorrow.
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Originally Posted by wehrli View Post
Please note: I've made an "MIA" cateragory for those who have been waiting to O for more than a month. if you have an update as to your status, please post in bold so our gracious threadkeeper can move you to the proper place. if i've moved you by mistake, i'm very sorry.
Just popping in to say I'm still waiting to O, even though I've been MIA here for the past two weeks. Partly because I'm super frustrated with this cycle (hello, CD 34 and nothing to show for it!), and partly because work's been extra busy (which, fortunately, helps distract from the nutty cycle). *sigh* I'll be more active again soon, I hope!
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Morning all (and welcome back Amy!) Feeling frustrated today. Even though my temp went back up to 97.90, that's my default post-O temp. 96.8 before, 97.9 after, with a few fluctuations, so I feel like if I'm stuck at that temp, this whole thing's going nowhere, so I'm feeling kinda beat today. I realize it's only 8 dpo, but I also feel like I'm getting better at realizing what's real and what isn't, and if my temp isn't going up, nothing is real. Ugh. I don't even remember very much of my dreams last night, though I do recall a talking pig, a board game based on the major world religions, and a fight in a vintage clothing store, so it really must have been something.

Hope everyone has a good Saturday!
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I will be taking more time off than I expected. Hopefully I'll be back with DP TTC in September. I think her folks will talk her out of it, tho. I quit my job, without having a new one lined up. It was stressing me out. I'm going to work 2/3 of my August schedule at my current job and then go to call in only. So I hope to work in a city 60 miles away on weekends and open a home daycare. Then drop the weekends when I can afford life here. So yeah, not pregnant, not TTC, no where close.

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Seraf~ Ugh, I don't even know what to say except I hope things go your way asap. Take strength in running your own life~ don't bend to others' pressure. We'll be here when you need us xoxo
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Seraf I'm so sorry to hear things are so crazy for you. Good for you for doing what you feel you need to though! I hope things work out soon.

Amy glad to know you're with us, though sorry to hear your cycle is being so frustrating!

I started the August thread. It's my first time being threadkeeper so hopefully I'll get the job done ok hehe. Here is the link:

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