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St. Francis in Indiana?

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I am planning on a natural childbirth at the Mooresville campus. Does anybody have any experience at all birthing there? I am getting more and more worried that my choices will be frowned upon and fought the whole way through. I plan on having a doula and I also wondered how the hospital felt about doulas. We have a tour of their L&D facility, Cherished Beginnings, coming up soon but I was hoping to get some feedback from people who have been there.
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I can only tell you about St. Francis, South Campus - and they're horrid. They really don't know what to do with naturally-minded women. Any chance you could birth at Community South?
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I haven't been to the mooresville campus either. However, I had my eldest, who is now 14, at the Beech Grove campus. Not very naturally minded there either, did quite a bit without even asking me, but they didn't force anything if I said no-no epidural, no epsiotomy etc.
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Thank you for the info, I am doing a tour of L&D tonight and hopefully I can make an educated decision after that. I may look into Community South, I've heard of it but don't know where it is.
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Community South is in Greenwood, right up the street from the mall. I've birthed 4 children there, and will be going back there for #5.

Did I mention they have new birthing rooms, and do waterbirths? and free weekly breastfeeding support group meetings (with the IBCLC)?

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Community South is on County Line, just north west of the mall. I haven't been there.

Are you actually in Mooresville? How far is Moorseville from Avon? I had my last one and will be having this one at Clarian West in Avon. I have nothing but good things to say abou them. They do no do water births, but they do have rooms with labor tubs in them and have a tub for anyone to use, first come/first serve. They are great about getting up and moving around, intermittent monitoring etc. The only issue I have is the required hep-lock.
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No I'm not in Mooresville, I'm actually in Martinsville but St. Francis was recommended by a neighbor (as we're new to the area). Community South sounds wonderful, at the beginning of this we weren't sure if we would go to Greenwood or Mooresville, since it's about the same trip from Martinsville. But, we have decided to stick with St. Francis. I thought about switching, but I actually found a doula who has assisted a birth at St. Francis in Mooresville and said the natural birth and her presence were both received very well there. Thought I'd pass that along in case anyone else had questions about that particular hospital. Thanks for all the info ladies!
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I know this is an old thread but thought I'd still comment :). St. Francis Mooresville is where I had my son (unfortunately couldn't get to IU downtown in time). Horrible horrible experience. And I mean that in the nicest way possible. Do. not. ever. go. here unless you have to. The nurses are horrible in assisting you, they tried to tell me my breastfed son wasn't eating enough because he wasn't nursing for 15 minute sessions (wtf, at less than a day old?!?!?) so they were drawing his blood for low blood sugar, and spazzing out. Seriously, you have better luck giving birth on the side of the road than going here. 

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