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Do you cover up while breastfeeding?

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I live in England and am visiting my family in America. I'm surprised to see everyone covering up while nursing. They even sell special cover up cloths! Is it the done thing here? Or maybe these people have distractable babies?
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i cover up when I nurse, but I'm new to NIP and am trying to get comfortable with it. I also live in Texas, where people tend to be more conservative. I think in other parts of the country it would be no big deal at all, but here nursing is not that prolific.
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I never covered up while nursing and also never noticed anyone staring or anything. I guess I just never wanted to bother lugging around a cover with the other million baby things that were in my bag! It just always seemed unnecessary
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Nope. Never.
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at first yeah. Then I realized using those monster covers just attract more attention to what your doing. no one can even tell unless their really looking, but I also am an under the shirt lift rather than an over the shirt, so that I think makes a difference. Unless in a carrier...
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No, never have. I try to have my shirt cover the post-partum belly & rolls on my side, but I've never tried to cover my breast & nurslings.
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I've never used a cover, but I do have nursing shirts. Other than my sister, I've only ever seen mamas NIP with a cover around here, but that could just be because they are more noticeable.
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Never ever ever.
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Not so much to cover up because I think I need to cover what I'm doing but more 'cause I'm self-conscious about my weight so I try to keep my skin covered.
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I'm not longer breastfeeding (my youngest weaned last year), but I never covered up. My two sons would not have had any part of it (and I tried a few times with DS1, because he was a very distractable nurser and preferred to nurse with no one around - but he would just scream and rip it off). DD probably wouldn't have cared, but I never bothered to. I've actually seen very few people nursing covered up.
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I covered with my newborns because I was still getting the hang of things. then I just cover it would make me feel more comfortable (if I'm wearing a not-very-bfing-friendly shirt for example). That's about 10% of the time I suppose.
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no, never. no one even knows im nursing most the time and ill walk around and nurse while shopping
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when ds1 was a newborn (i was just 17yo myself) i covered up some, but after the first month or so i stopped covering. never covered with ds2.

i did make sure to keep my flabby gut covered, though, but the boob could hang out all it wanted for all i cared.
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I tried once when DD was very young, but it was such a PITA that I never did again. I needed extra hands to manage baby, boob, clothing and cover. Since the cover was the only optional part of that equation, it got ditched. I've only had one negative comment and I nursed everywhere all over the Southeast. (generally considered a pretty conservative area)

My personal theory is that the moms who NIP w/o covers are so matter of fact about it combines with the fact that almost no one expects to see a woman nursing (gasp) with out a cover (shock and horror) that the average person never sees the uncovered NIP-ing that's taking place right under their noses. Therefore people think covers are necessary, because surly NIP w/o one would cause a stir. They only see covered mamas nursing since a cover is a big sign shouting "NURSING HAPPENING HERE"
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yes, I live in a small city that is conservatie and most ppl have covers, ev en at the mom and baby groups. I am one of the few who do not and I feel like the oddball, I do get stares. In my pervioous town on the opposite coast it was much mroe accepted.
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I do not cover up....well I have with like the tail of my ring sling when I was nursing dd to sleep, but that was so she wasn't distracted and would go to sleep when she was much younger. Honestly most people here do, but I want to show moms that hey you can nurse discreetly without a giant cover thingy, and nursing is not something to be ashamed of!
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It depends.

I do have a cover. I use it if we're somewhere potentially distracting (a mall, a lively party, an outdoors event) because it's otherwise impossible to get DS to stay on task! But I don't normally wear it. Especially if it's hot outside!
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Nope. No way.
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I'm pretty conservative/modest and don't want anyone seeing my breast except my husband (or a lactation consultant lol)
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No, never. And I've never even gotten a look as far as I know.
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