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I don't cover up in front of family (my parents, sis, bro-in-law) or my close friends, but I generally do in public or with people I don't know as well. Even though I live in a city where people are very open-minded and breastfeeding is widespread and very accepted, I still feel like it's my personal choice and I don't want to expose very private part of myself in front of people who may be uncomfortable.

I honestly don't think anyone would ever say anything, and I'd probably be really upset if they did, but I feel better keeping DD and my private moment private. That said, though, I'm never uncomfortable when DD wriggles around and pops a boob out for all to see now and then. So I guess it's not so much feeling shy as feeling the breastfeeding experience should be shared only with the people closest to me.
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No, absolutely never, under any circumstances.
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Nope! I feel comfortable nursing in public and received many positive comments over the past two and a half years. Only once did something odd happen - dp's dad handed a blanket to me when I was nursing dd at their house a couple of months ago...this is after he has seen me nursing in various locations for like, two years already, but I assumed he thought we were cold or something, and covered my legs with the blanket and thanked him for being thoughtful. I'm pretty discreet though anyway. I always wear a tanktop under my shirt, so my shirt goes up and the top of the tanktop goes down, and the exposed breast is covered by dd...it's really not a big deal and not much to see. I would feel awkward about having my giant stomach hang out, thus the tanktops!
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I use a cover unless I am with only close lady friends or my husband or mum, but I am also pretty modest in general. I feel strongly that breasts are private, no matter their use, and my lo likes to squirm and has actve hands while nursing, so just using my shirt for coverage doesn't work. My friends also use covers in public, though one decided to bottle feed in public, and nurse only at home.
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Nope. I'm VERY modest normally, but not at all when it comes to breastfeeding.
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i don't cover up, but i can't really NIP, as i do have a distracted little one.. covering up wouldn't help the distraction factor, either. the one time i tried that, the cover was pulled off and waved around in the air.
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Nope. I've never gotten bad comments, but some of my friends do seem embarrassed by it and don't stick around. Thats ok, b/c then I can play games with my LO while he nurses!
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Never have. I wear a tank under a shirt most of the time and so you don't see anything. but even when I dont have 2 layers i don't. The US is nuts with that stuff though. Not the people who cover due to their own modesty and comfort levels or squirmy lo ( I do not mean to offend anyone who covers) but the fact that other people actually think it is something that needs to be done if you dare to nurse in public.
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I never did unless I was in church ... and even then just used a Maya wrap to block side view but left the top open. Poor babe has to breathe!
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when I first moved to AZ there were 2 big local issues - a woman at a pool was asked to leave for nursing, and a woman was harrassed on a Phoenix-bound flight for the same thing. I swore that if I had kids, I would BF in public because people had to get used to it.

When I nurse, I am usually pretty discrete just from personal preference - I favor a nursing tank under a T shirt, so most of me is still covered. But I will not use a nursing cover. I have one and hate it. It feels so wrong.
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