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Well, I'll be the sole dissenter. I went on a few roller coaster rides when pg with my first in month 3-4, but focused mostly on water slides and such. In my defense, I was young and my OB gave the trip the thumbs up. This was in 98 though.
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I went to Disney land when I was pregnant and there are a few rides that they do not recommend you go on because of the safety. But really there are a lot of rides that are perfectly okay. Read the signs in front of the lines and follow their advice.
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I had a blast at Disney World 2 yrs ago at 6 months pg. I skipped the roller coasters, but there were so many other things to see and do that it was fun.
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Just saying I feel your pain! Except i'll be 8 months preggo when we go...wahoo..lol. If all our TTC plans had went they way we "planned" i'd be bringing a four month old with me! But...since we can't always plan when babies want to be conceived....i will now be 8 months preggo.

I LOVE coasters and am totally bummed to miss out...but I will have my ds who will be 3.5 and it will be a blast seeing him soak it all in. He already talks about how he can't wait to see where cowboy woody lives (and we aren't going until January lol).
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We just went to Disney World and I avoided all of the big rides. Bummer but better to be safe than sorry. There were a lot of rides I could do that were fun and I didn't get any weird looks. Just gives us an excuse to go back when I'm not pg!!
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I went snowmobiling at 3 and 4 months with both my girls, and still go jogging when I have the energy. You can do some crazy stuff on a snowmobile, but I'm a pretty tame person anyway, so I just did the riding on normal paths...no hill jumping or anything. Some of the trails were REALLY bumpy and jolted me pretty good, but at 3/4 months, it's not a big deal. I would say the same for amusement rides...anything that doesn't drop you really fast, jolt you really bad, or try to mimic Mach 3 (or go backwards, since at 3/4 months you are still feeling pretty nauseous--at least for me) should be avoided. I would think you could still do the tamer coasters, though. If the sign says no preggos, I would tend to agree with it.

Personally, I feel it's a question of what you are used to, but you definitely have to take into consideration the affect that hormones have on your body/joints. (And at this stage, I really think that's what the concern is, unless you've had problems with keeping a baby to term.)
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wow thanks for all the responses everyone! I am definitely bummed out because I am a roller coaster junkie. there is no way I'll be going to the parks with roller coasters because I would probably cry! Instead what I'll do is post pone those parks with intent of taking a future vacation to Florida. Instead for this trip I've been looking into mostly things like sea world, dinner shows cirque due soleil and water parks. and will avoid those really fast plunging water slides which I wont mind since I don't like getting atomic wedgies and having my top fly off anyway.

and thanks laurata, you made me feel better.
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