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Originally Posted by bec View Post
So far, I've come up with is wellness coach, dietician/nutritionist (I'm still not entirely clear on the differences, but I believe that there is more schooling/certifications for a dietician). I would really appreciate any dingo input into this. It's been giving me a fair amount of anxiety!
Could you teach art lessons from your home? Get certified as a teacher in your state and do substitute teaching or tutoring?

Wellness coach sounds awesome, frankly.
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bec~Yes, what Jess said. Sure, I'm going crazy, but that's because I'm in an accelerated program, and not just that, but also a top-15-in-the-country program. It's not nearly as intense for the traditional program people, and I really think our program is kind of crazy-hard. Which is good, in a way, but just realize that most programs are not nearly as intense as mine. You should at least look into programs around you, maybe call and talk to an admissions counselor. You would definitely need to take some pre-reqs (and possibly some pre-reqs for your pre-reqs since you have a BFA and likely not much science background), but I think you would be a great nurse! From what I'm hearing, though, I would definitely pursue a BSN as opposed to an associates degree program. Sure, you end up with an RN at the end of both, but apparently things are moving towards a lot of hospitals wanting BSNs when they hire.

Well, today has been better. Of course, it couldn't have gotten much worse, could it? I got my run in this morning, on not much sleep, and very tired legs, but it's done. XH dropped DS (and the hamster! I KNEW I was going to end up with the darn thing at some point! ) and we had to go to the grocery store and do some baking. We're going to a party tonight, and when I asked DS yesterday what we should take, he said cake. Um, ok. Fine. I suggested lemon or something with berries. He says: lime. Um, ok. I found a recipe on smitten kitchen for lime yogurt with blackberry sauce, although DS vetoed the blackberries and insisted on strawberries instead. Hopefully, it's good! The batter was pretty tasty...

rr~I had 12 on the schedule for today. Rock star friend Sonja sent an email out to the group earlier in the week for a 90 minute "social" run. I promptly emailed her to ask exactly HOW social it was going to be. She said I'd be fine, so that was my plan. I got there early and ran 3 by myself, and then met up with Sonja for the 90 minute run. It ended up being just the two of us, and it was great to get to catch up with her. I haven't gotten to spend much time with her in MONTHS, and certainly not any one-on-one time. She was awesome, and even though my legs were shot and I was struggling just to try to go 10:30 pace, she never said boo and acted like it was just a normal run for her. Of course, we got back to the cars, and I still had .8ish to go to get my 12 in. I was soooo tempted to just bag it and go home, but I forced myself to go back out and finish it up. I'm calling it a semi-brick, with a 12 hour transition.

Oh, and she forbid me to run 14 next weekend like I was planning. I'm under strict orders to run no more than 8, or she's going to come beat me with a stick. She insisted I'll be fine to jump up to 16 two weeks after the 70.3, but that I really need to taper at least a little bit for the 70.3. Yes, ma'am.

Smilies from DS:
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It has been SOOOO long since I have done anything art related, I am doubtful as to my ability to do that. I also don't think my area would be particularly interested (mostly lower income, blue collar, working families that don't have a lot of disposable income to spend on private lessons of that sort). Getting a teaching certificate might be a viable idea, but given the current state of education funding in my state, I doubt I would be able to find work (I know a LOT of under/unemployed teachers, and there are more layoffs coming).

I feel like I have a chance at a big do-over right now, and I want to get it right! It's exciting, but stressful at the same time!
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Bec, good luck with the discernment.

RR: 6m, crappy, humid, gah. Then I spent the whole dang day gardening, which was actually fun... took out an icky old juniper, put in two black-eyed susans and some <something> around my mailbox garden to make it look livelier, and then put in two butterfly bushes and about six shasta daisies, and a couple of salvia, and transplanted a hydrangia and about 20 (!) false sunflower, and transplanted a euonymus from the backyard to the front, and weeded and mulched the heck out of it all.

I have a ton of weeding to do still, and some daylillies to put in, so that's tomorrow.

My neighbor came over and was really nasty to me about some work that we didn't finish up when repairing our fence... kept talking about how if we'd hired a *real* contractor, he'd have someone to call and yell at, and we'd damaged his property... he was a total jerk. I was really, really angry and asked dh to join us, then told dh later that dealing with said neighbor is his job. But dh won't do the work and neither of us wants to pay a contractor, so I'm probably going to spend my Wednesday watching the kids and fixing up the last of this guy's side of the fence. Sigh. But we can't afford to have it done, and the neighbor refuses to do any of it himself - he'd rather stick us with a bill. I'm seriously annoyed, mostly because he was such a pain about it. I need to talk with his wife, who is quite nice and reasonable, and find a time when she's home and he's not to do the work. Trying to be all Zen about it...
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bec, I need to go back and read more but I hear you n the whole workforce reentry.

penelope, you neighbor sounds like a real pia right now though your yard must be lovely about now.

I am hundreds of posts behind and popping in to say hello. My exam is Monday and while I have been running it has felt so hard. I hope it is the humidity. I have been so busy/gone/totally out of touch both irl and on-line. I am feeling lonely and kicking myself.
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NIMH log jam has been broken. I painted DD's toenails and started reading. She was trapped And she loves it. She was halfway through when I put her to bed, and it looked like she had no intention putting that book down anytime soon. She's already read the last chapter, just to know that it comes out OK in the end.

Still too hot to run. I spent 2 hours playing in the pool, including a few laps.
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sparkle: Did you get the MTB? I love mountain biking.

I am guess I'm not the only one with useless degrees. It is so hard to break back in! Today was the worst day I've had in a long time. DH said he never wanted me to stay home since before ds1 was born 5+ years ago. This really made me feel horrible since I thought it was a mutual decision and now I can't find a job. I have been vigorously applying for two years now. I did get one position last summer, but it wouldn't have covered childcare. I really wish I took it anyway now though. It was at a not-for-profit and I think I would have really liked it too. I can't believe I made the choices to leave me in such a weird place. I am trusting things start to come together soon.

We also sold our house a year ago and decided to travel. We came back and are in contract to buy a house, but never get a closing date. It is summer in the Hamptons and rentals are a fortune. The cheapest we can find is $6k for a tiny place for the month of August. We have no where to live as of the first unless we fork over tons of money.

I have also considered the nutritionist role. I LOVE reading about it and it is sort of a hobby. I am just so afraid to do something that leads no where again.

...I am running seven miles at 5 tomorrow morning and then taking the kids out for the day and letting dh do his thing.
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Bec and Sugar ~ I've always been enchanted with SLP and OT. Stable, will always be a demand, and a good balance between the holistic and clinical. Real salaries and benefits. Maybe in another life I'll do something like that.
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bec - what about a lactation consultant? Or...I don't know what they're called...but what about one of those people who are IEP consultants/advocates? You have the experience for that! Even though it's a tough spot to be in (esp. right now) it's an exciting time, too. I hope it all works out just perfectly for you.
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bec, I have a degree in business (operations management and computer information systems) and was working in systems design as a consultant and entering a masters program in library science when ds1 was born (in 1996). I am sitting for the IBCLC exam on Monday. Without a nursing degree the local hospital/ped scene is not very positive leaving WIC and private practice. I know the ladies at WIC and while there could be an opening I don't see it happening soon. Private practice isn't my goal as it would be too sporadic to count as income. I was sitting at goalkeeper camp closing ceremonies wondering why in the world I was doing all this in the d*** heat when I met a woman whose undergrad was in accounting, masters in exercise physiology, working on her phd in public health. I guess I am trying to say things change and evolve for us all. The process isn't always pretty but we will find our way. Now that Geo mentions it SLP is very related to lactation (at least anatomically) and it pays better and there is a shortage in this area if I listen to my running partner the SLP. Hmmm....
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Ok, someone clue me in and tell me what SLP stands for ...
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Speech language pathology. The OTs and SLPs I know get constant calls from head hunters. I know ones in both private practice and in school districts. And of course, E sees a SLP once a week, and he's got a major crush on her.
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Originally Posted by SugarAndSun View Post
sparkle: Did you get the MTB? I love mountain biking.
I actually have a mtn. bike. Bikes are kind of a joke around our house, because that's dh's thing, and he spends a lot of time and money studying just the right thing and getting it. The current joke is that he reeeaaalllly wants to get the two older kids (5 1/2 and near 8) mtn. bikes. They both have expensive BMX bikes that they ride/race, but he has started taking them mtn. biking this year and they are struggling on hills b/c they dont have gears, so now he's finding them the best kid mtn. bikes, and complaining that we need another garage to store all our bikes (Dh has 4 and says he would get two more if he had his way .... I have 2 and am about to maybe get a third, etc) and Im rolling my eyes at how much $ he is talking about (dd1 bday is coming up, so there's his opening ). I could probably just convert my mtn. bike to a road bike - it has slicks on it now - but I gear, so its hard to not want a new bike, and like I said, Dh is totally game. I actually think Ill get a used one; there are a LOT of cyclists here, so Im sure I could find a good one that someone is upgrading from.

As for your DH; OUCH. Wow, that had to feel bad. I have had misgivings about being unemployed all these (8) years while I followed Dh around the country to pursue his career passion, but I would be crushed if he ever said that to me I also have degrees in English/Language fields (B.A. English Lit/M.A. Education) and taught high school in my former life. I 'ed it, but it is such a hard field to get into now - so many budget cuts, hiring freezes, etc. What about ESL teaching - there is always need for that it seems, and with your linguistics background?... Nutrition would be very interesting too - its a hobby of mine as well - but seems kind of a lux that people are not pursuing right now. hmm... just
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sparkletruck ~ DS has a Gary Fisher Precaliber 24 MTB that ROCKS! He loves that thing and can grind up the steepest grades. DS and DH do a lot of mountain biking and even though he's only 8, DS can hang pretty well .
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SLP is definitely an option and so related to my linguistics and education backgrounds. There isn't a program nearby though. I would have to commute really far. I'm also hesitant to put more money into education. I think I would just go toward nutrition if I did anyway since I feel like it is truly a passion for me.

Meanwhile I think I am going to start a landscaping business. The area I live in lends itself to trades like that. DH is a builder, has a super flexible schedule, and make pretty good money. I could also work off of him and his customers.

Definitely a bummer about the bad feelings between us, but I think we are in a LONG transition... like year or more... and we should be more settled within a year.

BIKES: I just bought a Stumpjumper carbon 29er this past winter. I it! We are bike people too... I have two and DH has four! I actually drove dh's MTB into the bank overhang about a month ago. The woman was asking if the car was ok. I was like, "The bike is worth a lot more than my car!" lol

rr: I didn't run this morning since I was up all night and just fell asleep as my alarm went off at 4:45. There is a 5k tonight so I think I will run that with a warm-up and cool-down. I'll count it as my speed work for the week.

Meanwhile, I'm not on the preliminary list for the JFK 50. I should be since I ran a 50k in less than 4:30 so I emailed. The final list will be up by the end of the month.
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Thank you ladies for all the suggestions, and support! Thankfully, DH has always been on board with me staying home. I have a lot to think about.
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Well, o.k., then I'll share that the bikes Dh is choosing between - um, for the 5 1/2 and 8 year olds - are in the $1000+ range. I'm sorry, did you say $1000 SECOND bike for a 5 YEAR OLD!! That's right sistahs

The funny thing is that we live in a small house, most of our clothes are hand-me-downs or from thrift stores, same with the furniture (all of our dining room chairs were found on the side of the road, some while I was running that I raised over my head and ran home with, and then Dh put a bunch of screws in them, we refinished them, and 5, 7, 9 years later, here they still are). In short, we're kind of schlubs, but not when it comes to gear!

As for the job thing, dd2 (2 1/2) is starting preschool this Fall, and ds is starting kindy, so it will be the first time in 8 years that I havnt had a full time child with me ...... and I interviewed for a job last month that I think i might get (teaching writing at the community college) and now Im kind of dreading it. I think I SHOULD take it if they offer it, but lately Ive been feeling like it wouldnt be so bad to have a year of child-free freedom! Gah.

Meanwhile, my mom just left and woot, feel like I can breath again
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I love the subjects of nutrition and exercise and obviously there is a growing need for those areas of education. Maybe someday soon we'll begin to value that info as a society, too. SLP seems to be in great demand, too. Has it always been?

Blech, mamas I am not keeping up with any decent workout regimen. It is leaving me stressed and crummy feeling and generally dumpy and yucky. I am working all day on stuff, house stuff and barn stuff and garden stuff, and it is a lot of hard work, but no heart-thumping cardio. And the kids just don't seem to know when to stop with the annoying and aggravating...and I am tired of being bitchy mom.

A friend dropped off a big pile of perennials (as a favor, and yes, I appreciate it) so now I have to get them in the ground fast. The spot is not really ready for them and I have no creative vision these days...so I am thinking, just get them in the ground and keep them alive until they can be moved at a later date. Dh is driving me nuts with his phone calls, no one is available to take my kids for even a single day, and I am just feeling so done.

The simple solution, of course, is that mama needs a run.

A little good news, the forecast shows a week of sunny weather, so things should dry out soon. I will be pickling everything. I bought 84 canning lids at the farm store yesterday when I was picking up dewormer. Now I need to make a run for vinegar, pickling salt, sugar and spices. And clear space in the basement. And cook up the leftovers from last year. I'm making another batch of feta today, too. I figure, with tomatoes and cukes coming in now, feta is the cheese to have, right?

But I have also realized that it will essentially be October before life calms down again. New writer starts in 2 weeks, and I'll need to help get her started in the department. Then, Ramadan begins. Then, the last week of Ramadan, we plan to leave for Morocco for 3 weeks. (NOT a vacation. An IL visit.) Then, the kids get to start school 3 weeks late. Oh, and dh is scheduled for basically Oct, Nov and half of Dec abroad. This is insane. Or maybe it's just me.
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Originally Posted by sparkletruck View Post
all of our dining room chairs were found on the side of the road, some while I was running that I raised over my head and ran home with
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sparkletruk. you ran while holding a chair over your head????!!! WOW!!

RR: Started the Insanity with the fit test today. It was pretty darn hard. Yikes!! tomorrow is a full work out.
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